Friday, October 1, 2010

How To Impress A Woman

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One particular thing that is common amongst men is their effort to impress a woman. You would often hear women complain about how their boyfriends or their husbands have changed over time. It is because men tend to impress them on their first meeting, on their first date, or during the early stage of their relationship. Unlike Neil Strauss or any other pickup artists, average men try to “behave” during this stage because they want to attract a woman by creating a good impression to them.

In meeting women, or even just trying to catch their attention, men would do unusual things, be very generous, extra kind and sweet, etc. just to impress them: They would only say things that they think would impress her; they tend to get formal during a conversation, and; they avoid teasing her or do anything that they think would upset her.

These things actually make you become unnatural. Sometimes, in trying to avoid screwing things up on your first meeting, being unnatural can, in fact, screw it all up. We cannot really avoid it most of the times because we want to attract women. But haven’t you wondered why it does not usually work? Women may be impressed but they don’t get attracted to you.

You may have learned about the mystery method and other dating techniques from pickup artists. But the best way to impress a woman is by being natural. Forget about trying to impress her. Make her feel emotionally attracted to you. Do not memorize any scripts or pickup lines. Relax, be confident, and enjoy her company.

Make her feel comfortable when talking to you. Don’t be afraid to tease her but do it gently. Humor hasn’t backfired in attracting women yet, so keep it going. You may try the cocky & funny technique by David DeAngelo. But you need to be really good at it for it to work effectively.

Each man has their own unique qualities that will attract women. If you try to be someone you’re not, it won’t be too attractive for her. If you want to learn some dating skills, you need to practice first until it becomes natural in you. Remember, don’t try hard to look or sound cool in front of her. It’s usually obvious when men do that.

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