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The Action In Attraction 10 Things You Can Do Today

The Action In Attraction 10 Things You Can Do Today Cover
Have you ever wondered why some people seem to have it all—a happy family, supportive friends, fulfilling work, money in the bank, good health, a strong sense of self, etc? Were these people born under a lucky star or something? No, they do not have a better birthday than you and are not privy to any special “secrets.” They simply have access to and consistently use the laws of attraction. They make their own luck by taking consistent action on their dreams and goals.

What makes people successful comes down to two things: vision and action. As Joel Arthur Blake commented, “Vision without action is merely a dream, action without vision just passes the time. Vision with action can change the world.” Successful people have taken the time to clearly define their life vision and are willing to take action on fulfilling it every day. Action leads to movement, which leads to momentum, which naturally draws more of the “good stuff” to them.

The desire to meet a challenge and succeed has been a part of many cultures throughout history. The ancient Peruvians used to draw out their goals in symbols and paint them in primitive colors on the walls of caves. The Egyptians used to create elaborate rituals to move from one state of desire to actualization. They believed that writing out a dream in advance would assure a positive outcome. Likewise, we moderns have an innate need to live a fulfilling and meaningful life. However few of us seem to be able to attract more of what we really want. Writing can help immensely. A study at Harvard proved that people who wrote things down got 5 times more done than those who didn’t write things down. Writing (and drawing/imaging) about what you want is the first step to achieving it. The next step is to get up out of your comfy chair and do something productive.

The law of attraction states that like attracts like. Successful people attract success to them because of the things that they do, and as a result, become even more attractive and successful. They do the “hard thing,” the thing that others are not willing to do. Most importantly, they do it even when they don’t feel like it. They know if they wait until they get “inspired,” it probably won’t get done. So they first do the thing and then feel inspired! The salesperson makes the cold calls. The athlete trains at dusk. The aspiring speaker talks to the kids at school. Afterwards, they feel great and like they are making progress. Because they feel accomplished, they are more likely to do it again (and again)!

10 Things You Can Do Today:

1. Write out your life vision and purpose statements.
2. Organize your living/working space.
3. Write down your goals and to-do’s.
4. Set smart goals (specific, measureable, achievable, reality-based, time limited).
5. Practice self-care.
6. Evaluate your progress and adjust your course as needed.
7. Use visualizations/affirmations celebrate your successes.
8. Develop a support system.
9. Hire a life coach.

These are simple strategies you can use to start magnetizing success. I am sure you could come up with 100 more! The point is that by designing a system that pulls you forward, you enable the universe to send you want you really want. And your action shows commitment, and that is very attractive!

It is important to note that most success stories do not unfold overnight. In fact, most successful people have many trials and tribulations before they “get it just right.” Take Thomas Edison, who tried over 2000 different experiments before he discovered the correct combination for the light bulb. Amazingly, he never saw the 1999 tries as “failure” but rather saw them as opportunities to get closer to his goal. Attraction always begins in your mind. When you view yourself positively, you view the world positively, and you expect to get good results. Successful people are hopeful people. Hope is the human feeling that offers a belief in a better future state. Hope provides a sense of gratefulness. And as Aristotle said, “A grateful mind eventually attracts every great thing to it.” When you have a positive frame of mind combined with a vision of your ideal, then you will want to take action to make it happen!

Michelle L. Casto is a whole life coach, speaker, and author of Get Smart! About Modern Romantic Relationships, Get Smart! About Modern Career Development, and Get Smart! About Modern Stress Management. Her coaching practice is Brightlight Coaching, she helps people come up with bright ideas for their life and empowers them to freely shine their bright light to the world. Coaching is an empowering and enlightening experience. Michelle can work with you to build and brand your business.

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