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Nlp Modality

Nlp Modality Cover
One of the principles of NLP, or Neuro-Linguistic Programming, is the use of modality. At some point, you should find out what your seduction target’s modality oflearning is: auditory, kinesthetic, or visual. Most people have a sense that they prefer touse when it comes to their learning style. We all use our hearing, sight, or touch insome way to learn and understand new material. We use them all at one point oranother, but just about everyone has one they use most of the time.

You can figure outwhich modality it is by listening to how they describe things. Here are a few examples:


- “That just doesn’t feel right to me.”
- “Oh, that feels so coldand depressing.”
- “I can’t come to grips with that.”

This person is typically a kinesthetic learner. Recognize her by the tactilewords she uses. She learns by doing or touching. She probably likeshandholding and hugging to establish security. She will also like to fidgetby playing with things, like her straw, or toy with the buttons on herjacket. Her hobbies will probably revolve around her modality, too.


- “That just doesn’t click.”
- “That just doesn’t sound right.”
- “Ihear what you’re saying.”

These keywords tip you off that she is mostly auditory. The words thathighlight hearing are used most frequently. She learns by hearinginstructions. This type of woman is very suggestive and responds well to NLP techniques.


- “I see what you’re saying.”
- “That’s not the way I see it.”
- “Looksgood to me.”

This person is showing a disposition to visual modes of learning. Evenwhen referring to words or sounds, she will use the word “see” as in thefirst example. She learns by seeing, or reading instructions withdiagrams. She is probably very fashion conscious.Understanding a woman’s modality not only helps you communicate better withher about sex (finding out if talking dirty, watching porn, or dancing close will exciteher), but also how she will respond in conversation.o Use magic on the women that are visual.

Use your speech and charged words on the auditory ladies. And use your sense of touch – palm reading and kino – on the kinestheticwomen.(In the complete e-book, the next section covers kinaesthetics, since it is one of the most important NLPtechniques to utilize in your seduction.I recommend men learn how to use this particular method on all women.)

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6 Characteristics Of A Leader

6 Characteristics Of A Leader Cover
What kind of personality does a leader, someone who exudes charisma, have? It seems that leaders posses 6 fundamental characteristics.

1. Simplicity

You should first be aware that people with charisma are usually simple and modest. It's the people who fail continually who are arrogant towards others. In a group, charismatic persons never try to attract attention by boasting about their talents or qualities, or by making a display of their virtues.

2. The ability to listen to others

A few years ago a popular magazine organized a contest. Readers had to concoct bits of philosophical or spiritual wisdom, in 25 words or less. One reader submitted the following gem: "People who talk about themselves are bores, people who talk about others are gossips, but those who talk about you are brilliant conversationalists!" It's so true. If you want to acquire a magnetic personality, you have to learn to encourage other people to express themselves, and to talk about themselves to you. Ask questions about their work, their hobbies, their families and so on. Give them the opportunity to re- veal themselves to you.

3. Self confidence and assertiveness

Shyness, which we'll talk about in detail in the chapter devoted to it, is not necessarily a negative quality if it isn't exaggerated, in which case it's more like a healthy sense of propriety and reserve.
However if your shyness prevents you from communicating with others, from assuming your rightful position in society, from meeting people with whom you believe you have something in common, from doing well on oral exams or showing your best side during job inter- views, then you should do something about it. People with charisma are not overly shy, and if they were at one time, they have succeeded in overcoming it. We'll see how later on.

4. The ability to act decisively

This means not procrastinating - not putting off for tomorrow what you can do today. Charismatic people are neither negligent nor lazy. If procrastinating is one of your faults, you must absolutely get rid of it. An entire chapter of this book is devoted to the problem.
Be honest: do you admire people who can't make up their minds, who always seem to be dragging their feet, and who have a pile of things they were supposed to do last week which they still haven't gotten around to? No, of course not.

5. Respect your commitments

Does this seem obvious? Well, you may be surprised to learn how many people don't honor their commitments. "Are you talking about minor or major commitments?" you ask.
And that's exactly the point - that's where you're going wrong. Because there are no minor commitments! A commitment is always major, whether it's a promise to play tennis with someone, or to lend a substantial amount of money to a friend in need. You are judged just as severely on your punctuality to a dinner party as you are in repaying your debts. People with charisma are people you can count on. They are like rocks - steady fixed points in an unstable, changing universe.

6. Feeling good about yourself

Be careful! Feeling good about yourself doesn't mean you have to look like Robert Redford or Marilyn Monroe. Physical beauty has nothing to do with a person's magnetism. Never forget that.
President Roosevelt was an invalid; Cicero, according to historical descriptions, was afflicted with a repulsive physique; neither would Joan of Arc or Queen Elizabeth have won any beauty contests. Many of society's most influential personalities have nothing physically attractive about them.

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Tuesday, October 25, 2005

The Hollywood Romantic Love Myth

The Hollywood Romantic Love Myth Cover
One of the biggest road blocks for most guys when it comes to establishing long term relationships, is the misconception that relationships happen overnight. Hollywood has berated us since we were young with "romantic love", that guy and girl experience love at first site and everyone lives happily ever after. In the end, this Hollywood "love" myth has messed up many guys' minds. We're out looking for "true love" and instant relationship, but the fact is the quicker a relationship starts the sooner it ends.It's psychological - the longer a relationship takes to develop, the larger the subconcious investment that is made by both parties. As an analogy, look at the relationship process as something similar to weaving a thick rope out of string.

Let's say you impress a girl and she gives you her phone number: You've just laid the first string. You call her, and she's receptive to your call: You've just coiled a second string around the first string. A week goes by, and you're having friendly conversations on the phone: More strings are being coiled. You go on your first date and all goes well: More strings have been coiled. She introduces you to her parents: More strings. By now you should see the pattern going on - the longer the dating/relationship process continues, the more strings that are being added to this emerging "rope". Relationships tend to end before they start , which should be shining bright and clear for you right about now. They end before they start because there are no "strings" creating the psychological element known as "attachement". What's interesting is that if you keep this on your mind WHENEVER around women, you can then make it a point to act and behave in relation, making it a goal to be constantly establishing "strings" with all of them. This comes with it's pros and cons: A pro would be that you might find yourself eventually dating quite a few women simultaneously.

A con would be that you get so used used to establishing strings with numerous women, that you become a womanizer of sorts, because that's all you know. Womanizer's are what they are by habit. Womanizer (n): a man who likes many women and has short sexual relationships with them Strings of Attachement: It's all about the "Little Things" Ultimate success with women comes down to this: You can't attach to them - you have to let them attach to you. How do you do this? It's all about your demeanor and presentation. How you package yourself (the clothing you choose to wear), how you carry yourself (your attitude and posture), and what you choose to say or not say. Not all women attach to the same qualities in men, but most women attach to the qualities exerted by a Mr. Right. Here's some common qualities for creating strings of attachement: * Acting confident in her presence * Maintaining a positive attitude in the wake of negativity * An attitude of success - If you're not already a success, carrying yourself as if you know you one day will be(ambition) * Acting upbeat and lighthearted with other people around her. (This is a prime example of how to attract a woman without doing or saying anything to her.

In fact, a powerful method is to exert the qualities above with individuals around the woman in your sights, at the same not paying much attention to the woman. By not paying much attention to her, you take her presence for granted, becoming an instant "challenge". And the more beautiful a woman is, the more powerful is this effect. So, be confident and have fun with the people around the woman you're attracted to, at the same time not seeming to pay much attention to the woman. Be patient, knowing that all the while you're establishing subconscious strings of attachement with her... and days, weeks, or even months down the road, when you finally do position yourself in a way to start "getting to know" her better, she'll be excited for the opportunity.) With the woman in the paragraph above, you've been weaving strings of attachement left and right for days, weeks, maybe even months, and this is why she's "excited" to finally go out with you. Simply put: She thinks she's in love.

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Do Women Enjoy Being Hit On

Do Women Enjoy Being Hit On Cover
Do women enjoy being hit on - or do they loathe it? If you know women love it, you're well on your way to experiencing massive success. If you've got the belief, though, that women find men hitting on them more annoying than nails against a chalk board you're in big trouble. But DON'T worry, my friend, because you're in the same position most men are.

Many a man believes women hate to be hit on - and rightfully so. If you, for example, frequent the bar or club scene you've probably overheard groups of women yapping away about how they fear and loath men hitting on them. But if this were so, women would wear shower curtains to bars and nightclubs. But they don't. They wear skimpy little outfits to maximize the amount of male attention they get.

I'm gonna return to this train of thought in a moment. But before I do, I want to shed some serious light on why believing women don't like to be hit on is akin to sentencing your penis to life in prison with no chance of parole. No hope of him ever vacationing in that warm, cuddly place he enjoys dancing into the wee hours of the morning to that old Digital Underground song "Do The Humpty Hump." The only love he's gonna get is from Bubba's nether regions.

Having this belief will cause a man to fear and loath hitting on women. He'll, for example, think to himself: "If I approach a woman she'll see me as an insidious little vermin she wants shunted from her reality."

If he does get up the gall to approach a woman, he's gonna have scrawled across his forehead in permanent red ink: "I'm so scared you'll reject me, I'm about to poop my pants." This will communicate to her, he's a consummate gimp. Women feel no attraction for gimps. They feel attraction toward men who are a Prize they've gotta win over. Okay. I think I've convinced you of how wretched this belief is. How it will pound any future opportunities with beautiful women into jelly.

But you might be having second thoughts. Maybe you're not fully convinced. So I'm gonna rewind and go back to my original train of thought: "The belief that women don't like to be hit on is crap." If this belief ever crossed paths with the Food & Drug Administration they'd stamp it with an official FDA seal saying: "100% Certified B.S."

Why do you think women spend so much time - sometimes hours - primping and preening themselves to go out to nightclubs and bars? Because they want to be hit on. There's a school of thought, though, that says: "Women don't dress up for men; they do it for other women." I think there's a grain of truth here but what this means is that women dress up to compete with other women for male attention. For male validation. In other words, one of the reasons women put time into primping and preening themselves is to compete for who gets hit on the most by men. Many a woman will never explicitly admit she enjoys men hitting on her. If she did, she'd risk other women perceiving her as being at the top of the Slut-O-Meter. Or, even worse, people thinking she's a power hungry rhymes-with-witch. Wanting to be hit on is one of women's dirty little secrets. Think of those stupid, gossip magazines - such as, Enquire and Star. Almost everyone talks about how stupid these publications are and claims to have never picked one up. This is B.S.

If most people didn't read them, their circulation wouldn't be so widespread.

The lurid reality is this: Most of us can't wait to get our dirty little paws all over these magazines while standing in line at the supermarket. A lot of us have too much pride to admit it. But almost all of us get picked up by our lapels and sucked into the contents of these papers. Same holds true with women. Most women claim, they hate when guys hit on them. But most women love it. They can't get enough of it. But they'll never admit it. It's their dirty little secret. When you make no apologies for hitting on a woman and convey the belief that by YOU hitting on her you're doing her a favor, it lets her know she's dealing with a real man who's a Prize she has to win over.If YOU believe women want and love to be hit on, you're half way to massive success with women. All you've gotta do is learn the right way to hit on women. You could go out and experiment. And if you're willing to put in a lot of work, you probably will become successful with women. But it's going to be a lot of work. Or you could take the shortcut by cracking open my brain and hijacking all of my secrets that took me years of hard work and experimenting to discover. In just a few minutes YOU could start mastering these secrets, allowing you to leap over years of hard work and start experiencing the success you want to have with women. You're still gonna have to put in some work. But truckloads less than if you didn't have these secrets. I wish I had access to this info when I was starting out. Click here to get your hands on the tools you need to start living your dream life with women.

By Swinggcat

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Saturday, October 8, 2005

Online Dating Made Simple

Online Dating Made Simple Cover
Finding love is no more a difficult job. With internet, like everything else, you can even find your love. Internet dating is becoming increasingly popular and many people have started preferring finding matching soul mate through internet as it seems to be very simple and easy for understanding each other and sharing opinions. Online dating websites have made things so simple that you need not roam around to find the right person.

One important thing that you should remember is that you should sign up only in reputed dating website. This is because only good online dating websites would retain your profile details safe and also, reputed online dating sites would have decent people in their network that would be helpful in finding the right person for you. Checking out with friends who have already been using online dating websites would be useful as they would personally be able to tell you which dating site works to be the best. However, if you wish to try it yourself, you could certainly do that but with little extra care.

To start with, you can use pseudo names and remember not to give your correct contact details in the profile information because it could be dangerous as we may not know on who is using it. However, other details like your likes and dislikes should be genuinely given as that would help you finding a perfect match. You too can check for others’ profile and try to find the right person who closely or exactly matches your taste and mentality.

Remember that in dating websites, like you, others might have also provided information that is inaccurate. So, be cautious and very taking a relationship to the next level, talk to them well and try to share your opinion on various things. A slow and steady discussion would help you in finding the right person rather than making any hasty decision. Dating sites also offer a number of other features that could be useful for you. They have online dating options, emailing option and even webcam sessions that can be used to make the discussion more personal and effective. Many people who are new to dating sites may not have any idea about these features that dating websites offer. So, before starting your search try to go through all the features that are available in the online dating website and make the best use of it.

Just by being cautious about few things that are mentioned above, you will be able to have some good experience using online dating websites. Once you start using online dating websites, you will certainly realize on how it is better than traditional dating in which many times you do not have options to select from.

Finding the right dating site is the most important part of successful online dating makes use of the free online dating website reviews here and enjoy your online dating experience.

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Thursday, September 29, 2005

Woman Marries World Renowned Pickup Artist We Think She Crazy

Woman Marries World Renowned Pickup Artist We Think She Crazy Cover
I’m still feeling unsettled about this story. Twenty-three-year-old Amanda was studying in London when she met Adam Lyons, a pickup artist famous for his manifesto, Principles of Attraction. Specifically, he was hooking up with her friend at a nightclub. But still, the two had a “love at first sight” moment. Adam ditched her friend and invited Amanda to one of his pickup artist classes and she gladly accepted. How romantic.

From there, Adam and Amanda spent every day together for the next two months. When she had to return to the States, they decided to do a long-distance relationship. Finally, Adam picked up and moved to Texas to be with her. Wha? And then he asked her to be his business partner and wife. Double wha? So now, these two are living happily-ever-after as pickup husband and wife.

How did this pickup artist fall in love? Well, he was tired of banging so many chicks. “I [no longer needed] the validation of banging some hot blonde to see if I still can. It gets to a point where you’ve slept with so many different girls that it’s not fun anymore ... you do two at once, three at once, four at once, and then you videotape it all, and then . . . Where’s the challenge? It isn’t there. And you realize that all of it’s hollow,” said Adam. He sounds like a gem.

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Thursday, July 7, 2005

Newbie Mission

Newbie Mission Cover
Christian Bones: I am a 35 year old RAFC. I have had two long-term relationships and got them the old fashioned AFC way. (don't know how, but when you're friends for a while, it kinda helps and you just ask them to be your girlfriend) I have always been a little shy (especially around women, not knowing what to say, carrying on a conversation, etc.) So I tried Svengali's Newbie Mission for a day and it worked wonders in helping me build my confidence. I'm learning quickly chicks are just that. CHICKS. Even just saying "Hi" to some of them is weird. Most are nice and say "Hi" back and some are just downright snobby. (maybe they're on "the rag", their cat died, whatever.) Anyways, the reason I am writing this is because I do want to get married (no sarcastic comments please :) That is my goal in using Fast Seduction)) and want to meet as many quality women as possible (from what I have learned here). No Lay Reports yet as I am still new at this (got some numbers) and am working on my next step (the Attract phase) and hopefully with my newfound knowledge I will get to the Close phase sooner rather than later. Anyways, thanks formhandle for a great site and even a Newbie at 35 can have success if you just TRY! TRY! TRY!

Juggler: Since you are looking for a woman to marry try this next. Write down all the ideal qualities you are looking for in a mate. Maybe: a good listener, likes travel, wants 3 kids, likes sex in the morning, etc.. whatever you desire. Now think up some routines on each topic - a funny story, a pattern, a game or anything that explores the topics in a way that is interesting to girls. Now, when you are talking with a girl bring these subjects up. Example:

You: "Where have you traveled?"

Her: "Only a little around Europe." (Blah answer. But no problem. You are ready to warm the subject up.)

You: "I just got back from the Galapagos. have you been? No. Well, the penguins there have the most interesting mating ritual..."

Her: That is so funny. I was in Scotland last year and....

Get it? You are entertaining while at the same time testing her to see if she can qualify for wife material. Keep in mind Juggler's 90-10 rule. That is, you must be prepared to provide 90 percent of the conversation at the beginning of an interaction with a woman until she is warmed up. If you go in and give 50%, expecting she will give 50% - like most conversations in the non-PU world, you will be disappointed. She will give only 10%. That adds up to 60%. Not enough and the conversation will stall and collapse. So be big enough for the both of you and then taper back as she gets warmed up.

LoveDrop: You need to do MYSTERY's newbie drill. Make 3 approaches per hour, 4 hours per night, 4 nights per week. Assuming a 30 day month, this is about 200 approaches per month. For each approach, say something to open ("hi" is fine), spend 10-20 minutes talking/attracting, then, based on her indicators of interest, you either close or eject. In your case, I'd say close every time anyway, just for the practice. It doesn't matter if you don't exactly know what to will learn naturally. Plus this site has plenty of material on that topic for you to research. Don't worry, this drill will turn you into a machine.

>>What is the easiest approach? I've already gotten past the "hi" part. Do I compliment her on something she's wearing? or ask "How was your day today?" I have the F/M part down. The problem I have is attracting and carrying on the conversation after the initial "hi."

Style: Start a computer file. Make the following headings:

(5). *CLOSE
(6). #CLOSE

(You can also make subheadings of NEGS and PATTERNS/SS.)

Christian Bones: I have already created the folders in my computer and am working on filling them up now.
Grab your favorite stuff, test out some of your own tactics, figure out your most interesting stories, and put whatever can work for you under each heading. Now you know exactly what to do, and how to escalate. Work on proceeding one step at a time, and come back here and seek advice for each sticking point. The secret, as you see, is sometimes simply knowing WHAT TO SAY/DO and WHEN TO SAY/DO IT.

MrMorg: The best approach IMO is making a humorous observance of the environment. some goofballs clothes, the bird that just shit on a car, the awesome meal you just ate, and try to lead it into an open ended question, not a "yes"/"no" question, avoid those at all cost. Then practice working in techniques.

NGarwood: I'm a newbie so take this with a grain of salt... I've found that "Hi" and "How're you doing?" are both fantastic ways to go nowhere really fast (if you're a newbie). The PUAs can claim that it's all attitude (and it *is*) but your attitude will never surface unless you have something to say. Commenting on the environment is good; an open ended question asking for her opinion is also good. In my limited newbie experience, I've found that in order to get to the point where "Hi" is all you need,you have to start with a more concrete plan.

Juggler: Yes you are right. However, the phrase you need to learn is, "How are you?" not "How are you doing."

"How are you?" is a great opener. But it is the follow up which makes it great.

You: "How are you?"
Her: "Fine."
You: "You know, it's kind of rude not to ask how I am after I asked how you are."
Her: "Okay, how are you?"
You: "I am wonderful. You would not believe what I have been doing today. Have you ever been involved in something really dangerous and after it was over you had an incredible high, as if you just had the most intense sex? Well today I..."

You have to be ready to deliver 90% of the conversation. If you look for that magic subject that will get her opening up and sharing with you her innermost desires you are going to be disappointed. Realize, you can take almost any opening and with creativity turn it into gold. Just remember that she will not give you help until you warm her up. Until then you are all alone.

Suggested reading (free books):

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Tyler Durden - Ev Questions

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