Sunday, December 24, 2006

Be A Man And Take Control

Be A Man And Take Control Cover
A few weeks ago Michael Stoute and myself did a Podcast titled "The Lost Art of Being a Man." The podcast was all about going back to basics and being more of a man to not only help you in attracted women, but to help you in life. I got a lot of questions regarding more examples so I thougth this might help!

Its very interesting to see how much girls expect us to take initiative. Just watch them in clubs when they stand in circles with friends and pretend to have fun, waiting for something to happen.

In reality, they are there waiting for someone to approach them and sweep them off their feet. Its what they dream of. You need to change your beliefs,about girls playing an active role when it comes to seduction and sex. The less you expect from her, and the less she has to do in seduction process, the stronger your game will be. You will be much more successful when you take control. Girls adore guys who take control of the interaction and the relationship.

Let me explain exactly what you need to do to become like this:

1. Never ask for permission when you decide to do something, ie, Would you like to dance? Would you like to sit over there?, etc.
2. When you are in a situation with a girl where a decision needs to be made, take the lead and decide for her. Example: You are not sure if you want to go to dinner or movie. Pick one. Dont ask her which she wants to do or what restaurant she likes. She wants to follow your lead. She wants you to be the man in the relationship.
3. When she is uncomfortable in a situation, take control and make the changes required to make her feel comfortable. Example: You are making out with her, but you can feel that the people around are making her feel uncomfortable. Take the lead and move her to place where she feels more discreet.

Another example: You are picking her up in a bar and you stand and talk for 45 minutes. Everything is going good, but if you do a quick body scan and notice she is wearing high heels. Trust me, it hurts to stand for three hours in those shoes but you will rarely hear that from a girl. Say, Hey lets go sit down there... Itll be more comfortable. You will rarely hear a woman make that suggestion. Thats your job.

You need to pay attention to how she feels all the time. Dont ask her because you will get the wrong answers. Instead, keep checking her body language and try to sense how she feels. Get good at reading womens subcommunications. Watch, listen and be aware.

Every so often ask yourself, Does she feels okay right now with me? What I can do to make her feel even more relaxed and comfortable?" It will pay dividends.

When I say be a leader, thats exactly what I mean. Pay attention to the people around you, lead them and make them feel the best in every situation possible. If you see it hurts her to stand in high heels, dont ask " Would you like to sit down?" because she will p robably say no because her friends are over here, she doesnt want to seem like shes being picked up, or some other reason. Instead say, Lets go over there and sit down. She will follow because its simpler to follow than to decide and she REALLY wants to sit down. You havent forced her to make a decision and by taking a little initiative, youve isolated the girl from her group to a better seduction location.

Using the same principle Its 2 AM, and of course after clubbing everyone is hungry. All you need to say is, Hey, Im hungry, lets get some food. You can keep me a company, and you are halfway home. If you ask her, Would you like to get something to eat, she will think of a million reasons why she shouldnt. Take the lead!

If you develop emotional intelligence, recognize how she feels, and have the courage to be a man who takes initiative, you will become the man that that those girls are standing around waiting to meet. When you take control of all your interactions, your results will improve dramatically.

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Tuesday, December 12, 2006

A Great Idea For Improving Self Confidence

A Great Idea For Improving Self Confidence Cover
A great idea for improving self confidence is to learn how to celebrate your achievements in life. It’s often easier to dwell on the things you can’t do, or the mistakes you have made, but the reality is that there are things that you will be able to do better than most people, and even one or two things at which you will excel.

Have a think about the things you do well and give yourself credit for them. For instance, think about the skills you need to do your job- chances are you are able to complete tasks which others would feel unable to attempt. If you are a stay at home mom, think of all the skills needed to raise happy healthy children. Think about all the things others come to you for- are you able to fix cars better than any mechanic? Do you bake the best cakes? Are you the one your friends always turn to when they need relationship advice or a shoulder to cry on? These are all achievements and should be celebrated as such.

If you are finding it difficult to think of anything you are good at, try asking other people- you may be surprised at the answers! We often overlook our own strengths and fall into the trap of thinking we have nothing of value to offer. One good way to celebrate achievement is to write your own Achievement Inventory- get a good quality notebook and write down everything you have achieved so far during the course of your life. Chances are you have achieved far more than you realize. Don’t think you can only write major life successes- think of all the skills you use as a part of your job, or the little things you have done which have made a difference. These could be anything from helping a friend out in their hour of need to raising money for your favorite charity. Write down all the things you are proud of, no matter how small. Once you start writing, you should feel inspired- read through your Achievement Inventory regularly to give yourself a boost- and don’t forget to keep adding to it!

You could expand on this by writing another list- this time, write down all the things you would like to try, and make a commitment to yourself to go ahead and try them! Be as creative or adventurous as you like- write a novel, learn to paint, climb a mountain or read a book which has been recommended to you. If you prefer, start off with something relatively easy and move on to greater challenges, but make sure you enjoy each activity- if you find you are not enjoying it then move onto something else. Each new achievement will boost your confidence levels and should be added to your Achievement Inventory. As well as improving self confidence levels, you could find a whole new passion and talent in your life or even a new career!

Suggested reading (pdf e-books):

Dr Robert Antony - Total Self Confidence
Carlos Xuma - Supreme Self Confidence

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Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Find Out About Her Values And Give Her What She Wants

Find Out About Her Values And Give Her What She Wants Cover
This part can be put in practice during the whole seduction process from the beginningor later, depending on the situation. It is used as a method for collecting importantinformation about the woman with the purpose of getting to know better how to seduceher.As we have already seen, it can be also used as a way to feed her back her valuesand what is important to her and increase the effectiveness of your seduction.If used well and in the correct way, it helps seduction. If used in the wrong way, itacts against you.The correct way to use this technique is to use it so that the woman does not noticewhat you are doing.Another important thing is: if you use this technique but don’t behave in an Alphaway and don't create attraction, the seduction will not succeed regardless of what you do.In your company she will feel as though she is with a girlfriend. So don’t lean onthis technique as your only mean to seduce.This technique is extremely useful for detecting women in whom it is not worthinvesting your time. By using this technique you can understand in advance who thewomen with psychological problems are.You can in this way also discover which are the women who are likely to give youtrouble in some other way. This will enable you to remove them rapidly from your game.You use this also to collect information about:- Her past.- Her family environment.- Her father and mother.Information about her father is very important for knowing how to seduce her. Thiswill be covered in the upcoming books of the Encyclopedia of Pickup, Seduction andFemale Relationships for the modern man.- Her friends, relatives.- Her past relationships with men: very important information for knowing how toseduce her.Used together with the other techniques - so that the woman does not notice it -this is an extremely effective seduction technique.The technique consists of two phases:

1. Trying to understand the woman's values: Finding out about her values.

2. Making her feel that she is in the company of the man with whom she can realizethose values: Giving her what she wants.

Now let's see how it is done:

Finding out about her values: we will return to this subject in a different chapterbecause it is very important.Here I shall describe this technique only briefly.Practically speaking in both the small talk phase and in the rapport phase you talkwith her in a discrete way also for the purpose of collecting information about her: thepeople and the activities she likes and particularly the type of man she likes. Functional values are the things, the events and the people she likes and Innervalues are the sensations and feelings she feels when she is in the company of the things,the events and the people she likes.Practically speaking by using this technique you obtain information about themental state she likes to be in. It is very important to collect information about thesensations and the mental state she likes to have when she is in the company of a man.Finding out about her values is a technique directed first at knowing about thethings she likes (functional values) and then which are the sensations and the feelingsshe feels when she is in the company of the things, events and people she likes (innervalues.) This will be described in more detail in another chapter.

But now, let's have a lookat the following example:

He: “You have a dog, don’t you?”
She: “Yes, how did you know?”
He: “So you like animals”
She: “Yes I adore animals” (this is a functional value.
She likes animals.)
He: “What’s your dog’s name?”
She: “His name is Rolf.”
He: “Nice name. So you have fun with Rolf.”
She: “Yes. What a sensation of sweetness and warmth when I am with him!”

(Those are inner values: the sensations of sweetness and warmth she feels withRolf.) Attention! As I said, finding out about her values has to be done so that she doesnot understand what you are doing. If she understands that you are collecting information for the purpose of getting her into bed, you will get the opposite effect.If you ask too many direct questions, you come out as being pushy and get a verynegative reaction.

Even worse, if you give her the impression that you are asking abouther feelings and mental states in order to please her, you put yourself in the subservientframe; she classifies you as a beta and non-confident and treats you like a girlfriend.Giving her what she wants: after a while the seducer and the woman go on talkingabout other subjects. The seducer starts to use the information obtained when he foundout about her values for seductive purposes:

He: “Strange. This evening I feel different.”
She: “How do you feel this evening?”
He: “Maybe it is this sense of connection we feel here. There is a strange sense ofsweetness I have not felt for long time.”
She: “Yes. Tell me.”He: “I don't know. The sweetness of this evening in the town makes me feel good.There is so much passion and warmth in the way you live. It is like we are having anincredible connection.”

He just gave her what she wanted: making her experience those feelings with him.Remember that NLP has demonstrated how words feed the brain with feelings andsensations. By describing a pink elephant or a panther we have people "seeing" and "feeling" a pink elephant or a panther.He has her feeling the feelings she considers as pleasurable for her!And has her link those feelings to his presence!Now that is for a woman a much more valuable experience than for a man!At this point the game is done. He lightly touches her hand and if she does notresist he takes her hand in his own. We are ready for the close.Of course, this is only a simple example. In reality it is not that simple, but withpractice you will become an artist and learn to perform all the infinite possible variationsof the above.

Suggested reading (free books):

Robert Anue - Forbidden Pattern The Shadow And The Rising Sun
Ken Lingu - How To Give Her A Head Massage

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Sunday, November 19, 2006

How Asian Singles And Personals Date Online

How Asian Singles And Personals Date Online Cover
Asia is the biggest continent of this planet in terms of population but still it is difficult to find right people to marry here. Men and women face difficulties in finding their life partners in their localities. Online dating sites are providing services to such men and women for many years now and there are free and paid dating sites. Asian singles are dating online through these sites and are getting their life partners. The number of people who join online singles dating services in Asia is increasing every month which indicates the popularity of online dating sites. The singles dating websites have an advantage, users are sure that anyone they will contact will be single and will be looking for a single as they are.

Free online dating sites are much more popular in Asia as these do not charge any fee to join but some functions on the sites are limited and require premium membership to have access to those functionalities. Some sites provide free access for sometime so that users take overview of the site and then these sites place membership for further use. The growing interest of Asian singles and personals in online dating services is amazing and the services are providing results in finding people of their perfect matches.

Life is so busy in 21st century and people do not find time to go out and date. Online dating sites are useful in this way and singles can talk via these sites 24 hours, even they are on job or travelling. Online dating websites have brought ease to people. Users just have to register their profile to have access to these sites. It is advised to users by site to upload pictures and some profiles do not get activated unless a picture is uploaded on them. This helps in attracting more people and in increasing profile views. The more people view your profile; more will be the chances of making a match.

The picture on display of your profile does wonders and it makes sense too. Only people liking your profile picture will contact you and you are rest assured that chances of rejection will be low. A lot of online dating sites in Asia provide access to members who have joined lately and their profile pictures are being displayed on the home page. You do not have to go through all the profiles to look for new ones.

There are so many websites available to date online and selecting one which is appropriate for you will not be easy. You should shortlist the things you want in a site and then try searching for Asian online dating services. You should ask for the latest pictures from the contact you are interested in. Only reveal your personal information to singles that you want to contact and they too should have an interest in you. There will be thousands of Asian single men and women waiting for you when you are in an online dating site and chances of finding your perfect partner are very bright.

For more information Meeting thousands Asian singles online at free Asian dating service Many single Asian personals waiting for you Please visit our dating service to seek single women and men for free Take action today to find your other half online.

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Monday, October 2, 2006

Art Of Flirting

Art Of Flirting Cover
Flirting is an important social skill. It can be used to display interest. It can be used to judge another person's level of interest. It can be used to attract interest from others. In many ways, everything you do or say in the dating and attraction process is a form of flirting.

Skilful flirters make it look effortless. They blur the line between social butterfly and sexual being. Their confidence makes them alluring, their bravery makes them intriguing and their sexuality makes them intoxicating. They're never afraid of attracting the type of attention they want.

Great flirts speak and act in ways that suggests greater intimacy than is generally considered appropriate to the amount of time they've know the person they're flirting with, without actually saying or doing anything that breaches any serious social norms. They walk a fine line, but land lots of dates by doing so.

The more attraction skills you master, the more effective flirt you'll be. Attraction All-Stars has included the most effective of those skills below. So stop waiting on the sidelines and start using your personality, body language and conversation skills to flirt with other singles.


The best flirts are risk-takers with unshakable confidence. They have an 'I don't care what you think of me because I know I'm awesome' attitude. They expect to win over everyone they meet. Because of this attitude, flirts have powerful body language, are able to break through people's touch barriers quicker and are able to show a larger range of their personality through conversation.

Flirting goals

Know the purpose of your flirting. Are you just trying to win over the crowd? Are you trying to gage the interest of the handsome doctor? Are you trying to show the stunning lawyer you're interested in her? If you're going to flirt, have a purpose in mind. Knowing your goal can help ensure you don't step over the line of appropriate social behavior.

Time and Place

There is a time and place for everything... and flirting is no different. Flirting is carefully balancing on the line of appropriate social behavior. A step over that line can quickly take you from flirt to floozy. It can turn respect to disrespect. It can turn a comfortable situation uncomfortable. Read verbal and non-verbal signals and understand your environment to ensure you don't step over the line.

Be a sexual being

We are all sexual creatures. It's important people see you as one. Flirting helps ensure you don't land in the 'let's just be friends zone' later. If you try to appear non-sexual to avoid being seen as a threat, you're not going to be seen as potential dating material either. Have singles see you in a sexy, playful and flirtatious way.

Build sexual tension

Talk to, tease and titillate their sexual inhibitions. It is important singles see you as a potential sexual partner without either of you talking about sex. Sexual tension is heightened through flirtatious touch, voice tone, eye contact, facial expressions and body language. Done properly, it can fill a non-sexual conversation with sexual overtones.


Proper Posture

Your posture will tell people if you're willing to be approached. It will inform them of your comfort level around them. It will show them which conversation topics to follow or abandon. All great flirts have powerful posture (chin up, shoulders pulled back, chest out, back straight, feet firmly planted on the ground). They also keep their posture open.

If someone is uncomfortable with another person they will close their posture. This is done by crossing their arms or holding a drink in front of their chest. To show comfort, flirts always keep their hands at their sides, tucked behind their back or on the person of interest. Flirts know by doing this, they send subliminal signals of interest. An open posture sends all the right signals without saying a single word.

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Monday, August 7, 2006

Get Past Breakups And Failed Relationships

Get Past Breakups And Failed Relationships Cover
Don't Think Twice,You Can Make It How to get past breakups and failed relationships.

Q: I am always asking myself what's wrong with me because most of my relationships have failed or lead to breakups. Could there be a problem with me?

A: It's easy to blame ourselves when relationships fail. Sometimes we push others away, and sometimes they push us away. Other times there is no one at fault because the feelings simply die and the relationship naturally ends. It's also easy to lose perspective when we're in pain – all losses, big or small, produce feelings of anger, sadness and even denial to some degree. What you are feeling is normal. Let's start thinking of breakups in another way – as learning experiences. You should feel proud that you were open and vulnerable enough to give another person your love and devotion. Such vulnerability is a sign of great faith and bravery. Vulnerable people are not weak, they're strong. Love is a risky proposition, but nothing in the world can compare to the payoffs. However, no amount of energy can transform relationships that are wrong for us into ones that are right for us. Remember, every one of your relationships helps you learn more about yourself and what you want and need in a partner. In this sense, relationships that don't last are not failures. They are opportunities for learning. You will find strength, perspective, and renewed hope and optimism if you view your past relationships this way. Remember that you're attractive inside and out. That is not an opinion; it's a fact. You know this, because you've had several romantic relationships. What you might not have had yet is a romantic relationship with a truly compatible person – and that makes all the difference in the world. Short-term compatibility is not the same as long-term compatibility. It takes a strong and persistent individual to find a truly compatible person, because it takes time and knowledge to recognize long-term compatibility when you encounter it. Finding love is first finding out what you want and need for yourself, and what you have inside to give to another. That is a process, rather than merely an outcome. You can find that compatible person! Use the TRUE Compatibility Test™ to help you cull the prospects and find someone with whom you will have lasting love. Our test will not tell you whether you are going to fall madly in love with another person on a physical level, just whether it is a good idea if you do.

Q: I don't have problems meeting ladies online, and they seem to enjoy writing back and forth. I'm not at a loss for words and can usually get a date. My problem: I have worked in law enforcement most of my life and was injured in the line of duty. I live an independent life, but I look like someone with a disability, like polio, MS or CP. From my experience this can be a very big turn-off for a lot of ladies looking for Mr. Right. How can I deal with this, even after telling them the truth? This can lead to hurt feelings all the way around! Can you help?

A: First and foremost, thank you for your lifelong service in the public safety and security sector. We're deeply and aggressively committed to making online dating safer, so we especially appreciate the sacrifices you've made and are sensitive to the issues you face on a daily basis. It's crucial for you to understand that women are much more forgiving about looks than men when it comes to romantic love. Women place greater emphasis on other characteristics – like an attractive personality, sense of humor and the ability of a man to provide emotional and financial security. Look at the loving relationship the actor Christopher Reeve continued to have with his wife after his paralyzing injury. It sounds to me like you have these positive characteristics, which often outweigh the influence of physical attributes. If you agree, then emphasize these traits more in your online profile and in your conversations. What's amazing in your case is that you have all of these things to offer a prospect despite your physical limitations. This fact will make you particularly attractive to the right woman. Only by being upfront and honest about yourself will you find that right woman – one who defines Mr. Right in terms that transcend physical ability.

Good luck, and please keep us posted on what happens!

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Sunday, August 6, 2006

Getting One Night Stand But Cant Perform

Getting One Night Stand But Cant Perform Cover
A lot more men have this going on than you think. They get a woman into bed, and find that their mind seems to want to go faster than their bodies do.
Often guys who have this also don't orgasm with women the first time they have sex with them--they need to go at it a few times before they relax enough to "let loose."

This is more normal than you think. Many men, especially shy men, or men who haven't had much success with women, think that they want to have a lot of one-night stands...but when they finally succeed in getting a stranger into bed, they find that they aren't interested after all.

This can be incredibly disconcerting. You do the work to be seductive, you actually succeed, you've got into bed some hot 19-year-old whose name you can't even remember and whose last name you've never even heard, and your manhood decides to take a vacation on you. This is the thanks you get? What the hell is going on here?

It turns out that while most men think they want to have one-night-stands, a great number of them only like the idea in theory, or in fantasy. They are stuck with these sad facts: Being sexual is really pretty intimate. Not surprisingly, being that intimate requires a good deal of trust. Trust takes time to build. Therefore, those men who are not good at one-night stands have to accept that they don't actually want the instant-sex that they think they want.

So what's a fellow to do? We suggest that you listen to you dick when you are being sexual. But how to do that? You can say to a woman you are getting to know, "I have to tell you--I need to go slow into sexuality. I can be kind of, well, shy, when I first get sexual." After giving that warning, just listen to what you want to do with a woman, and don't go any farther than your dick wants you to.

The weird thing is, this little speech (and following up on it) can have two almost paradoxical effects:

First, telling a woman you want to slow down the sexuality in your relationship is often such a turn-on to her that she will end up wanting to go faster, or at least as fast as you chose to go. Unexpectedly, telling her you want to slow down puts you in the driver's seat with a woman, putting YOU in charge of how fast sexuality goes. This makes you more of the "desired commodity" in the relationship.

Second, taking the pressure off yourself to have to perform with a woman can make it easier for you to, uh, perform. If you know that you don't have to 'get it up,' and she knows you aren't going to go nuts to push it, the freedom that knowledge gives you can make sex even more likely to have sex happen.

Third, practice often makes perfect. If you don't have to perform, and both you and her know it, in time you might get better at one-nighters. At two AM, after drinks and late-night pizza and who-knows-what-else on the way to your one-nighter, she may not notice if you fall asleep half-way to going the distance, anyway.

But the real point of all this is that accepting yourself as someone who actually isn't interested in one-nighters is a really good idea. Don't worry, you'll get used to it in time...and not trying to be something you are not will ultimately improve your sex life.

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Thursday, May 25, 2006

Dating Tips If You Can Not Dance Do Not

Dating Tips If You Can Not Dance Do Not Cover
So the moral of the story is...

If you can’t dance...Don't

Now on the surface, that seems like a nice little piece of dating advice. But it goes much deeper than that...

It is a powerful metaphor that MUST be applied to every aspect of your game.

You see, as pickup artists we all have our own individual strengths and our own individual weaknesses.

Having a good sense of humor is obviously a strength and one which can be exploited when related to dating and relationships in general.

But right now I want to focus on our weaknesses... because we all got em.

There are the kinds of weaknesses we can change and there are the kinds we can’t. And it is up to you to decide which of your weaknesses are worth devoting time to improving.

But what I’m asking you to do is to make a list of your weaknesses and then go down that list and check off whichever ones are HIDEABLE.

For example, as previously stated, I am a terrible dancer... But I have the option NOT to dance and therefore not reveal that weakness. I am also a very messy eater... But I have the option NOT to take my date out to eat. (Or at the very least, I can avoid ordering the spaghetti.)

Identifying our own weaknesses is crucial, but by identifying which of our weaknesses can be masked and then doing so, we are taking our game to the next level.

So just remember...If you can’t dance... Don't

Suggested reading (pdf e-books):

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Tuesday, May 2, 2006

Anatomy Of A Seduction

Anatomy Of A Seduction Cover
I am going to give you the point-by-point breakdown of an actual seductionperformed with a target that was what most men consider a 9.5 on a scale of 1 to 10.This example is being given to ensure that you understand how these tactics work onreal live women, and that you believe that it does not require you to either wimp out(write her love poetry and lick her shoes) or that you have to be a GQ model with aFerrari or a lot of money.(Just for your knowledge, Mark, in this account, is not a GQ model, nor does hehave a fancy car – it’s a Jeep Cherokee.)Note: This is a true account, though, “Mark” and “Betty” are not their real names. Ihave transcribed the events from an interview with Mark, a close friend of mine.

I am also familiar with Betty, and verified the account with her over drinks.Mark’s Account:First some background on the target, Betty:Betty was a former co-worker who I had interacted with many times before. Sheand I had flirted, but at no time had I ever let on a sexual interest in her. Betty was fivefoot nine, blonde, and about 110 pounds. She was petite, and very intelligent. She hadthe body most of the stick-bug models would kill for, and she rarely exercised to keep itthat way. She was also extremely arrogant and defensive, which made for someinteresting arguments along the way. We would regularly get into contentiousdiscussions about how something should or shouldn’t be done at work, and there weretimes when she ended up storming out of my office, or lashing out in a public meeting.She was what you’d call the textbook definition of “bitch,” but it got her what shewanted from other people. In the end, she and I would always come back around totalking again, usually by the next day. She would even drop hints about not wanting to“dip her pen in the company ink” from time to time, as if to acknowledge that there wassome workplace sexual tension.

Betty had some mother issues (not unusual for women as a whole, but this casewas pretty obvious.) So I knew there were some pretty typical self-esteem issues atwork there. Betty also knew she was gorgeous, and flaunted her sexuality with everyman she came in contact with. We would often talk about her search for a boyfriend onthe Internet, and I saw first hand how every single guy she met screwed up with herfrom the start. Many of them would send her flowers on the first date, or even beforethe first date. Others appeared to bow to her every whim. It was entertaining to watchmost of the time.After a while, she was laid off from our company, and I felt a breath of relief. ButI also knew I’d miss seeing that perky butt of hers wiggle by my office window everymorning. We reconnected via email a few months later, and I told her we needed tohook up for some drinks. She agreed, and we set a time for it on that Friday.On the night of the seduction date, I knew I was ready for this situation. First ofall, I was seeing a couple other women, so I had my bets hedged. This meant that Icould go into this date without caring about whether or not I got anything. In fact, Ikept her negative qualities up on the front of my mind so that I even went into it withan obvious attitude of reluctance. I didn’t need sex or attention from her, and that keptme at a challenging distance.

I also had a sure-thing date lined up the next night, so Iknew I wouldn’t have any problems being satisfied that weekend. (Remember, keep aconsolation prize.) It was a lot more relaxing to know that, no matter what happened, Iwas taken care of. I was in charge of my own good time.We met at a cocktail bar in San Francisco, a trendy little place in the SOMA areaof the city. She was already talking with some other guys when I met up with her,which I made sure to let her know did not bother me one bit. We broke off andordered a couple drinks and started talking, catching up a bit on what had been goingon in our lives. I also made it clear that I wouldn’t indulge in a lot of negative gossip.One of Betty’s personality traits is that she likes to stir controversy whiledemonstrating at the same time that she’s superior because of her intelligence. I smiledwhen she would make catty comments and always questioned her back about herassumptions.“So, I hear that Mark isn’t going to get the region when they reorganize,” shesaid, knowing full well that Mark was a very good friend of mine that I worked with. Hehad turned Betty down for a dating relationship some time back. “That sort of figures,doesn’t it?”I took a sip of my drink and paused. “Really? Hmm. What makes you say that?”She scrambled to justify her observation. “Well, I mean, after all, he just doesn’thave what it takes to do it. He’s just not that smart. Those guys from New York will cuthim up.”I smiled and took another sip. I waited for the silence to become almost toomuch to bear. She finally broke it with her impatience. “Don’t you agree? You knowwhat I mean, right?”Now, in the complete Seduction Method e-book,

I take this situation (alongwith the rest of the evening) and break it down, going over what happened over theentire night (well, almost all of the night … some of it will have to remain private.)Then, I go into what the key principles were and how they worked, so that you can seehow seduction really works from the outside in. Here is some of that analysis:Confrontation – The willingness to take her on as an adversary – worked todemonstrate Mark’s willingness to confront Betty. She was always ready to get into anargument or fight, and she thrived on that kind of contention. Mark understood herpersonality from observing her enough that this wasn’t a bad thing. Most guys avoidconfrontation with a woman, and I’m sure Betty’s dates did, too. What she found mostattractive was someone who could fight with her and knew how to guide all her angryfeline attitude in the right direction.

Suggested reading (free books):

Estus Romeo - Weapons Of Mass Seduction
Franco - Manual Of Seduction

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Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Approaching Women And Getting Physical

Approaching Women And Getting Physical Cover

Dave, your work has really changed my life. A buddy of mine introduced me to the whole C&F deal, signed me up for your newsletters, and I've recently purchased the books. I'm now currently passing on the ways of The Force to a complete wussbag friend who, like me, was brought up to treat women nicely and avoid talking about sexual things because it's “too forward”. Well, as you're covered a million times, we're programmed by our mothers to be total wussies from the day we're born.

I realized that in my past when I've not cared and was totally C&F and she got it, I ended up on dates. Unfortunately, I didn't know better back then and would morph into wuss mode because “it's what they want” and eventually I was just another friend. Anyway, it hasn't taken long for much of your teachings to make sense. The more I bust their balls the better things always seem, and when I can't find the ball busting material I pull the James Bond stance, cock the head to one side, and stand near them like I know they want it... and I'm just the man to give it to them! Believe me guys, exuding confidence is by far the biggest improvement you'll make to your game. Ok, on to the success story. First, I met this fairly hot chick (7.5) at the bar a couple weeks back. At first I was out of it, didn't know what to say (was a long day), and when my buddy was working her friend I just wandered off after just saying hi. I got my beer, wandered back after taking a time out to come up with a few lines and that's when things got interesting. I could tell that she was sorta confused that I just said hi and walked off and didn't just stay there while my buddy worked. Awesome. So I come back, busted on her a bunch, then wandered off... again. In the mean time my buddy was still struggling away with her chunky and not-so-hot friend. Sidenote: he's the “wuss” I refer to earlier that I'm currently trying to train. Things move on, I go talk to my other buddies who are with us, see her on the dance floor (buddy still in tow with “The Friend”), and now I'm getting warmed up with the C&F. I see this dude with the ugliest sweater ever created, point it out to her, and I asked her if she thought he had skinned his couch to make that thing. She loved it, got the e-mail, and the rest is history in progress. Dropped her quite a few cocky e-mails, she sent the phone number... To close this up, two comments and a question.

First, it's strange but true that when you ignore them they pay more attention to you. Second, had she not played the “we're drunk, lets not have sex” card I would have surely closed the deal... on our first time out after the bar meeting.

Dave, your teachings are truly amazing. I do have one question for you. I KNOW you're not supposed to buy everything because it's wussy (and expensive), but what do you do when you're out, you get round one because you lost a bet to this chick, and when round two comes she just sits there expecting you to buy? Fortunately, she's a cheap drunk, but unfortunately I bought all the booze that night. I went as far as looking at her and saying “well I guess I've got this round too, huh?” when she sat there. Like I said, round one was on me because of a bet and that's all I wanted to pay for. I want to go out with her again, but I don't want to get stuck with a $50 dinner tab. Thanks for any advice.

JMS Detroit


Well, I'd first like to comment on your story of how you met this particular girl.

You've really provided a great example of how to be very DIFFERENT than most guys, and how to integrate a lot of my ideas together and successfully apply them.

The idea of walking up to a woman, saying “hi”, and then WALKING AWAY is great (only if you're reasonably sure that you're going to see her again... like in a typical bar scenario).

What do MOST guys do?

They start talking to a woman, KEEP talking to her, try to get a “normal” conversation going, try to buy her a drink, etc.

In your case, you TEASED her mind by doing something unexpected... you said hi, then walked away.

This leaves her to wonder things like:

“Why did he leave?”

“Maybe he thought I was attractive, but then when I opened my mouth he didn't like my personality.”

“Why didn't he offer to buy me a drink or come on to me like the other guys here?”

...etc. etc. etc.

The point is that when you start talking, then walk away, then start talking again, then walk away it demonstrates that you're VERY different from the other guys in the bar who are all acting the same.

It shows that you have self control, that you have things to do, that you could take her or leave her...

And when you ADD to this the Cocky & Funny attitude and humor, it creates a VERY unusual experience for the woman... she's now talking to a guy who seems TOTALLY in control of himself... a guy who is not only unpredictable, but is also interesting and funny to talk to (good things, by the way).

Next, your idea of making a bet to see who buys the drinks is GREAT. I really like it.

If I were you, I'd just keep betting for each round of drinks... hey, if it worked once, why stop? It keeps things fun as well.

And if you're going to KEEP paying for drinks, you need to say “So what am I going to get out of this deal? Don't think just because I'm buying you a drink that I'm going to take you home with me.”

Tell her that she owes you a two hour full-body massage in return. Tell her that you can BUY a woman in other parts of the world for the price of her bar tab.

OK, one of the things you mentioned was that she said: “We're drunk, let's not have sex”.

If I were you, I'd get out the bonus booklet that you got when you downloaded Double Your Dating... the one called “Sex Secrets”. The problem you were most likely dealing with is that you made some type of sexual advance before she was EMOTIONALLY and PHYSICALLY turned on enough.

When you really pay attention to what I teach in Sex Secrets, you'll begin to understand how to really AMPLIFY and accelerate her arousal, and how to get her to the point where SHE is the one that's telling YOU that she wants to move to the next step (and she'll be telling you with her body most likely, not her words).

Go read it again.

And to address your question about paying for drinks and dates...

The reality of the situation is that most women EXPECT a man to pay for a date.

I've had this conversation with MANY, MANY women, and when I challenge them and explain that it sets up an imbalance when a man starts paying for things in the beginning, most women start saying things like:

- “I don't like cheap men.”
- “A gentleman will always pay for a lady.”
- “I don't want a guy who can't afford to take me out.”
- “I don't want a guy that I have to support.”
- “A guy is lucky to be with me, and he should pay.”

I can feel the hair standing up on the backs of the necks of men and women all over the world who are reading this right now. To be fair, I have met SEVERAL women who disagree with this kind of thinking... women who are independent, self sufficient, and who aren't interested in finding a guy who will pay their way. But in GENERAL, this is what you're going to run into. Many women actually don't think of it as a man “paying” for them. They don't even think about the money itself.

They actually believe that a “gentleman” is supposed to always be the one who pays... that it was HIM who offered to take HER out... and that just because she's female that she deserves to be treated to free food and entertainment.


(I think it's funny now, but I wish she would have told me what was REALLY going on about 20 years ago, instead of making me figure it all out myself.)

Am I starting to rant?

OK, random thought:

If a woman says, “Just because a guy takes me out and buys me a nice dinner doesn't mean I'm going to sleep with him”. Does that mean what she's really saying is that SOMETIMES when a man takes her out and buys her dinner that it means she IS going to sleep with him?


Now that we've talked psychology, let's talk action.

- In my humble, personal opinion, the best way to avoid having to pay for a woman's dinner is to NOT TAKE HER OUT TO DINNER IN THE FIRST PLACE.
- I know that it seems obvious, and you've heard me say this in 100 different ways, but you REALLY CAN avoid paying for things by just avoiding the SITUATIONS.
- If you don't want to pay for drinks, don't go to bars.
- If you don't want to pay for dinner, don't go out to restaurants.
- If you don't want to pay for diamonds, avoid jewelry stores.

There are a MILLION other great ideas out there, and a MILLION other MORE INTERESTING things to do.

And remember the most IMPORTANT reason why you don't want to start by paying for things:

IT SETS YOU UP AS A PROVIDER IN HER MIND. Don't worry about PAYING for things, only be concerned with creating the emotion called ATTRACTION inside of her. That's it. If she feels a powerful emotional ATTRACTION for you, then nothing else matters.

Look around.

There are beautiful, intelligent, successful women that you probably know RIGHT NOW who are with guys who mistreat them... guys who the women even have to support entirely in many cases...


Well, it all started with ATTRACTION.

Do three things:

1) Avoid traditional situations that automatically set you up to pay for things.
2) Think through and plan interesting experiences for women. Go places and do things that naturally create an interesting, fun time... and avoid places that naturally create a tense, uncomfortable atmosphere.
3) Invest in my Advanced Dating Techniques program. You are ready for the next step, and this is it.

by David deAngelo

Suggested reading (pdf e-books):

Kate Ludeman - Coaching The Alpha Male
Thundercat - The Art Of Approaching 2nd Edition

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Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Mystery And Matador Pimp Dental Floss

Mystery And Matador Pimp Dental Floss Cover
When they are not pimping Venusian Arts Revelation or the new season of The Pick Up Artist on VH1, Mystery and Matador are pimping DenTek dental floss picks.

Screw Floss Picks, Acquire The Combined Knowledge of the Worlds’ TWO Greatest PUA’s *RIGHT NOW*...

The two joined a long list of washed up actors and reality stars in having their picture taken holding a bag of picks at an event seemingly corresponding with the recent Emmys.

Mystery Matador DenTek flossFinally one situation where using the “flossing opener” actually makes sense!

Mystery is even quoted in the DenTek press release...

“You can be the best pick-up artist in the world, but if you have bad breath you will lose! Gingivitis is the #1 cause of having smelly breath, and this takes care of it,” said Mystery (host of VH1’s ‘The Pickup Artist’) holding a bag of DenTek Floss Picks.

Watch Videos Of These Two PUA’s REVEALING Their Greatest PUA Secrets...

It appears like Mystery is a hardcore flosser and favors the DenTek Triple Clean Floss Picks with Fluoride while Matador demands luxury and comfort when cleaning food particles from between his teeth so he prefers the DenTek Easy Angle Silk Floss Picks.

I don’t know about you but I’m going to make a bee line to Walgreens after work to get me some amazing DenTek products so my “game” can be amplified to epic proportions!

What’s next... Mystery pimping Covergirl mascara?

Suggested reading (pdf e-books):

Mario Uchard - French And Oriental Love In A Harem
Derek Vitalio - 3 Master Keys To Pickup Lines

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