Thursday, October 21, 2010

Man Rubs Burger In Wife Face

Man Rubs Burger In Wife Face Cover
A Florida man named DANIEL BOSS was arrested after he took his burger and rubbed it in his wife's face.

DANIEL BOSS and his wife were arguing over something and started calling each other names. She thought that it would be a great idea to take his soda and pour it over the hamburger that he was about to sit down and enjoy. He didn't agree.

He took the dripping hamburger and rubbed it in her face before leaving the apartment. But his wife wasn't happy and went straight to the police station to report what her husband did to her.

Three hours later, the police arrested DANIEL BOSS and charged him with wasting food. Just kidding, they arrested him on misdemeanor domestic battery charges. No word on whether she was arrested for ruining a perfectly good meal.

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