Tuesday, October 19, 2010

The Best Dating Tips For Men

The Best Dating Tips For Men Cover
Let me guess. You’re a guy who searched for dating tips that would help you in getting a date. Or maybe you like this girl and wants to date her but you don’t know how to ask her. A lot of guys have the same problem and they conveniently search for the answer sitting in front of their computers surfing the net. Then they would find a lot of dating tips that will tell them what to do, what to say, how to act, etc. I have to admit they can be quite effective.

You may have learned about the “cocky comedy” from David DeAngelo, the mystery method from Mystery, or the Inner Game From Neil Strauss. But I guess the best dating tip could be this:


You may have heard it from anybody so I wouldn’t take credit for it. The thing here is that all those tips and advices you got from David DeAngelo or other famous dating gurus will be nothing if you just spend your time reading all the theories and not taking action. Some guys would actually make those research an excuse in delaying the action.

After reading some tips, you don’t actually have to memorize all the steps on what you should do. You just need to have an idea on how things actually work in dating. Then you should go out and practice what you have learned. Don’t worry about failure or rejection because it happens to everyone. According to PUA, Julian Foxx, you have to know how to deal with rejection and you should not fear it.

I know its never easy. So taking action could mean that you may also have to really TAKE ACTION by going to the next level. Not by directly applying the theories you’ve learned but by attending trainings and bootcamps wherein you can be more exposed in the dating community and be trained by real experts.

Reading all those theories will be useless if you don’t take action. So go out and start having fun!

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