Monday, October 4, 2010

Janis Spindel Daughter Will Test Dating Advice

Janis Spindel Daughter Will Test Dating Advice Cover
In an effort to find herself a good man to marry, Janis Spindel's very attractive daughter Carly Spindel has decided to adhere to her mother's dating advice and see if she can find success in love and marriage.

Janis Spindel is one of America's top matchmakers and is a two-time national bestselling author, and she claims to "own the minds of men". Her daughter has yet to find the man of her dreams and is planning on taking her mom's 6-week dating lesson, in which her mom will coach her on her dating skills.

Carly will then blog about her adventures and allow women all over the world to get involved in the process. Once Carly completes the 6-week dating program, she will begin her search for 12 women across different countries who also want to get involved in Janis Spindel's program.

The problem with this scenario is that Carly is Janis' daughter, so any guy who dates her will know that she's working him. Also, Janis is pretty well-to-do and once some guys find that out, Carly may easily become that much more attractive.

I think this may have worked better had they done this without a press release and had they used an unknown woman to undergo the "transformation".

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