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Coasters Cars And Icons On Date

Coasters Cars And Icons On Date Cover
Trade Shows

Trade shows are a great way to escape the everyday. Board a million-dollar yacht. Sit behind the wheel of a new Porsche. Check your local paper for car, boat, home and sex shows. The bigger and more lavish the better. Browsing the aisles should give you some great topics for conversation. Just don't go to an auto show if they hate cars or take someone conservative to the sex show. In fact, it's probably wise to leave the sex show until the third or fourth date.

Date Range: First date
Price level: Free to medium

Amusement park/County fair

You don't need Cirque du Soleil to have a great time. Any amusement park or fair will do. It's about doing crazy things, like strapping yourself into rickety, outdated machines that twist and turn your stomach into knots. It's about trying to laugh about it while struggling to hold down your lunch. So challenge your date to bumper car dominance or team up to bully someone else. Poke fun at how they look in the hall of mirrors. Have them try to win you a stuffed animal at one of the booths. Talk with them while waiting in line and scream with them inside the haunted house.

Date Range: First date
Price level: Medium to expensive

Local icon

Use what makes your city famous to your advantage. If you live in Seattle and know your date has never been up in the Space Needle - take them. If you live in New York and know your date has never been atop the Empire State Building - your date location should be obvious. Play tourist for a day. Be the person who makes them feel more at home in their home town. Singles seem forget how much people move around today, chasing career opportunities from city to city. Being their tour guide for the day makes you look adventurous, knowledgeable and a whole lot of fun.

Date Range: First date
Price level: Low to medium

Mini Golf

Miniature golf is always entertaining and it only takes 20 minutes to play 18-holes. Just because its mini doesn't mean it's short on fun. Nowhere else would you putt into a clown's mouth or through a winding windmill. If your golf buddy is struggling, it allows you to break the touch barrier by adjusting their grip or snuggling up beside them to guide their swing and follow-through.

Date Range: First date
Price level: Low

Ice Skating

Ice your date. Find a skating rink or arena that offers a sheet of ice and skate rentals. Ice skating is one of the trademark romance dates. The rink offers a quiet place for conversation and an easy way to break the touch barrier. Take their hand and skate around together or help teach them how to skate. Throw your arm around their shoulders to keep them warm. Just make sure to have them dress for the rink, so they aren't shivering seconds into the skate.

Date Range: First date
Price level: Low

Cool dive bar

Somewhere that mixes rowdy with homey. Not homely with scary. You want the bar to have varied clientele (with at least a handful of others in your age-range), a rough-and-tumble appearance, comfortable atmosphere and things to do (pool, darts, foosball). Ideally it should have just enough edge to ensure the evening will never be boring. The decibel level should also allow you to talk with relative ease.

Date Range: First date
Price level: Low to medium


There's nothing more timeless than a picnic in the park. The smell of freshly cut grass, the warmth of the sun, and the taste of delicious food, helps tease your senses. The oversized blanket draws up memories of fairy tales. The picnic is classy. It's relaxing. It's comfortable. It's a great location to win them over with your personality. To add some motion and energy to the picnic, toss around a Frisbee, throw the baseball around, or bring your bathing suits and go for a swim.

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