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Bad Dates Blind Date Disasters

Bad Dates Blind Date Disasters Cover

Crazy dating stories - Blind date disasters



I went on a blind date disaster set up by one of my colleagues a couple of years ago. She sold Peter to me like he was an exceptional man. And he wasn't half bad; he was good-looking, smart and well-put together. The only problem? He was ridiculously cheap.

To begin, we met at a sandwich place and I had a small salad with some mineral water, while he had a steak sandwich, a beer and nachos. He asked me to split the bill. Even though my meal was 1/4 the price of his, I didn't argue with him, but already knew that I would never see this man again.

And the blind date disaster got worse as the evening progressed. We moved to a caf'e for some coffee, dessert and more conversation. This time, he pulled out a 2 for 1 coupon and insisted that I order within the confines of it. The worst part? He still asked to split the freakin' bill!

As the evening came to an end, he asked me to give him a lift home. Being the smartass that I am, I told him I'd have to charge him for the gas. You can imagine how offended he was. I laughed all the way home.




I met Joe on the Internet; he was sweet, well-written and well-educated. I thought we had a lot in common, so when he suggested that we meet for a cup of coffee, I was all up for it. Little did I know what kind of blind date disaster I was heading into.

Well, he didn't lie about what he looked like; his picture was the spitting image of him. But what I didn't know was that Joe thought that only whores went on the Internet to meet men, and I, in turn, was one of those whores.

After our initial face-to-face meeting, Joe began asking me what my favorite sex position was and how good I was at going down on a guy.

My initial reaction was that he was testing me in some way, but after inquiring about what the hell he thought he was asking, he revealed his opinion of women he met over the Internet and how about 90% of them would meet up with him for sex.

And even though I insisted that I was not interested in him for sex, he kept going with his perverse conversation. It was when he began telling me how big his penis was that I finally stood up, told him he was a loser and split.

I mean, had I acted like a sex fiend on the Net, I would've been prepared for that behavior, but because I gave him no indication that I was even interested in sex, I couldn't understand why he was being so cocky about my being a sure thing.

"BRITISH COLUMBIA" feel free to submit your own crazy dating story; the crazier or weirder, the better. DateDaily thrives on the stuff.

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