Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Controlling Emotions

Controlling Emotions Cover
Controlling emotions in yourself and others is perhaps the key to success and happiness inyour life. All persuasion is based on some form or another of eliciting emotions in others. Ifconsider what makes musicians so well loved is that their music elicits specific states that fansfind compelling. Their music is an auditory anchor that triggers memories, feelings, andemotions across the spectrum.

How to elicit an emotional state

1. Access the state inside yourself. Go into state.
2. Ask questions about the state. “Can you remember a time you absolutely had to havesomeone and you went for him/her? What did you feel like right at the instant that you madethe decision to do it?
3. Be congruent. If you want to elicit the state of happiness, put a smile on and BE HAPPY!
4. Have them associate into the experience. Have them see themselves through their own eyesand see, hear, and feel the things they saw, heard, and felt.

First, let‘s learn state elicitation. How can you elicit a state? There am some useful steps tofollow to’do this.Associated =Dissociated =

What are some useful states to elicit?

1. Excitement
5.2. wanton Desire
6.3. Curiosity
7.4. Inebriation
8.Two Primary Waves to Elicit Any State

1. Use emotionally evocative words in your speech or written communication.
2. Use the evocative tonality when describing the state.
3. Ask the person to tell you directly what it is like when you experience X. You can ask‘What’s it like to be completely XT (Aroused, intrigued, depressed, etc.)

Suggested reading (free books):

J Siverthorn - Focus Directing Questions
Pj Gaenir - Controlled Remote Viewing

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