Monday, December 31, 2007

How To Maintain A Good Relationship With Your Boyfriend

How To Maintain A Good Relationship With Your Boyfriend
Exaltation is in the air. You couldn't be happier. You've towards the end snagged a great boyfriend and you want it to manipulate. Despite the fact that your chemistry may be major and your conversations come naturally, your link could still use some maintenance Nearly are some tips on how to foundation a good relationship with your boyfriend.

DON'T Crusade HIM FOR Decided.

At first, all the prosperous gear peal just that: prosperous. You love the way he shows you he cares. But in time, you may fail to acceptable them, or lessen, barely grow to guess them. Bad plan! Respect tender gestures. All of 'em.

Maintain YOUR OWN Fabrication.

Tart relationships are normally borne out of two people who identifiable buzzing, idiosyncratic lives that are stupendously knotted. Taking into consideration you lose your irregularity, or try to make your boyfriend lose his, it's only a matter of time until your relationship goes sour. Maintain your own life in order to foundation a good relationship with your boyfriend.

Be alert YOUR Rites.

Perhaps you can feel the relevance less the same as you're young and new to the dating manifestation, but cremation impacts anybody. Thrilled relationships are normally financially happy relationships. Occupy your assets in order, and assemble your boyfriend to do the fantastically. And if money's tight? Take to economical and/or free dates until everything's sorted out!

Exact With ease, AND Habitually.

A good relationship is normally formed out of good communication. Don't let this maroon of your studio slip!

Entry Patronizing ON HOW TO Occupy YOUR Example TOGETHER: The 5 Exaltation Languages: The Shadowy to Exaltation That Lastsby Gary Chapman is an canny book on "love languages," and what it takes to make romance manipulate. (And others count -- it's rated 4.7 stars on Amazon, with over 1,500+ reviews).

Perpetuation relationships strong is above of an art than a science. That doesn't mean, still, communicate are no tips to result. If you want to foundation a good relationship with your boyfriend, assertion the time you bundle but vigorously rob steps to keep gear eloquent knock back pleasantly.
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Sunday, December 9, 2007

The Best Strategy To Pickup Girls

The Best Strategy To Pickup Girls Cover
Has it always been difficult for you to seduce girls? Ever wondered why none of the chicks you hit on ever looked at you twice? Don't worry, nothing is wrong with you. What you experienced is true to most guys, as impressing girls is not as easy at it seems.

Girls are used to being hit on, and are, more often than not, fed up with the same pick up lines that's been around as long as Gramps. It's not like they don't like the attention and the effort of the guys who exert them, they do actually. They are aware that being hit on is the first step with the whole dating process. The problem is, they hear the same thing over and over, like a song that you can't quite forget and has been running in your head for over two hours already. They want something interesting, something they never heard before. They want something that will impress them and not make them think that you are one of those wham-bam-thank-you-ma'am kind of guy.

So what is the best strategy to pickup girls? Firstly, you need to use indirect pickup lines. Indirect seduction lines are the things that guys use to make the girls think that you want to hear their opinion over something that's been on your mind for some time. It can be in the form of a question about anything. Choose topics that are current, something that just happened recently, say, about the latest movie or play. Stay away from topics that are too deep and too old, so as not to bore them and make them think that you're a Jimmy Neutron wannabe.

Once you get her attention, follow up with a series of smart and sensible questions (not too smart, though) that will make them feel like they are talking to someone with sense and not just wasting their time over a series of bluffs and no-brainers. A way to pickup girls is to ask the right questions at the right time. Make sure to follow it up with the right reply, or else they it will be too obvious that you just want their attention even if you could hardly keep up with the conversation. It may seem difficult at first, especially if you are not the conversant type, but once you get used to it you will realize how effective this seduction technique is if you want to pickup girls.

Once they are hooked, (and with the right questions, they will sure be) you can move to other topics until you reach your common ground. However, make sure to stay away from questions that are too personal, as girls do not often divulge information that are too personal, especially to guys that they just met. So make sure that your topics are safe and general. Avoid asking sensual questions as well, if you want to keep from pouring her martini in your head.

All in all, the only proven way to pickup girls is to learn the best pickup strategies that will enable you to date any girl of your choice, as long you know how.

Suggested reading (free books):

Derek Vitalio - 3 Master Keys To Pickup Lines
Cameron Teone - The Ones Pickup Guide

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Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Attracting Woman Using Status And Strength

Attracting Woman Using Status And Strength Cover
There are four major ways that men try to attract woman

1. Status
2. Strength
3. Smartness
4. Sincerity

In this article, we will talk about using Status and Strength to seduce woman.

Attracting woman using Status

Status: The "status" approach is based on the fact that the high-ranking males get the babes. Among non-human male apes, the alpha male gets all the females, period.

Men who rely solely on this approach are the high-status males in our society. Bill Clinton wasn't voted "most sexy" by American woman because of his good looks (though of course they played a part). His status and power are what got the woman interested in the first place. (When Henry Kissenger said, "Power is an aphrodisiac," he was talking about status.) One study showed woman pictures of men, and told them what those men did for a living. When a man was said to be a doctor, woman consistently rated him as more attractive than when that same man was said to be teacher or a janitor. Social status does attract woman.

The downside of seeking status to get laid is that not everybody can be the alpha male. It's a lot of work to become a "big man," and sometimes no amount of work will get you the status you seek, anyway.

You can use status to help in your seduction, though. All of our distinctions about being a "Level 5 Seducer" and Fundamental 8, "Be building a life you love, separate from woman" are about living the life you want, having self-respect, and having high status in your own life, even if you can't have it other places. In that way you can use status--the high status with which you treat yourself--to attract woman, even if it never works for you as well as it did for Bill Clinton.

Attracting woman using Strength

Strength: Strength--physical health, physical power, and physical beauty--is another way that male primates (such as us) attract woman. The big, powerful, fit animals get the babes.

Being physically fit and gorgeous does work with woman. We have a gorgeous male weightlifter friend who dyed his hair bright blue. We were walking down the street with him the other day, and a woman stopped making out with her boyfriend to yell to him, "I love your hair! You look great!" Another time we went into a bar with a gorgeous, athletic friend of ours, and the most beautiful woman in the place came right up to him and started talking to him. This is the power of strength and physical beauty with woman.

We believe that paying some attention to your physical appearance is a good idea, if you want to attract woman. The trap is in thinking that it's possible to change into one of those preternaturally beautiful men who hot woman automatically approach. They are the gifted (and hardworking) top .01% of men in terms of beauty. They have physical gifts, and they've worked to improve them. It is unlikely most of us will ever look the way they do, no matter what we do.

While it is unlikely you can become one of the top .01% of attractive men, it is likely that you can improve your chances by improving your appearance of health and beauty, and strength. We are always suggesting that our students spend some money to upgrade their wardrobes, and to get advice about updating their personal style from salesclerks, hair stylists, or stylish men and woman. The phrase "clothes makes the man" has some truth to it; your appearance sends a message about you to woman. At one end of the spectrum, that message may be "I'm attractive and together and desirable." At the other end, the message may be "I dress and look like a pig to tell you woman to go to hell!" The good news is, you get to chose.

We also suggest that men improve their bodies by finding an exercise program that they LIKE, and enjoy doing. The big mistake we see most men make is they try to do exercises they hate doing. You are better off spending some time shopping around and trying out different types of exercise, until you find one you like and will want to do. That will do a lot more to keep your body in shape than will committing to some other exercise program you hate, and therefore never do. One of our students found that combining Pilates and Ballroom Dance was the perfect workout for him. Another really liked lifting weights at home, and taking long walks. Find what you like, and you will build your Strength, which will help attract woman.

Often Status and Strength get combined; for instance, in professional basketball players. NBA reporter David Remnick noted that "Wherever the players stayed, the hotel lobby resembled the waiting room at a modeling agency. The woman fairly auditioned for them." The pro players have social status as professional atheletes, as well as extreme physical strength and prowess. And the woman show up for them. You can learn to use these principles in your seduction, too.

Suggested reading (pdf e-books):

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David Deangelo - Attraction And How To Create It

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Tuesday, November 27, 2007

3 Powerful Seduction Tips For Men

3 Powerful Seduction Tips For Men Cover
Desire is a powerful force. Restrain it too much, and it overwhelms you. Express it too much, and it overwhelms her. It feels like a no-win situation for a man desiring intimacy with a woman, but it's not. You can have all your desires with a woman fulfilled if you know how to go about fulfilling her desires. And that's what these 3 poignant seduction tips for men are all about.

Give Your Views on Sex a Little Makeover

Make sex mean to you what it means to her. Men perceive sex very much as an activity for granted, the most desirable activity there is, but an activity nonetheless. To men, sex is something extremely pleasurable to do. To women, on the other hand, it is nothing less than an expression of shared intimacy.

In order to seduce women, then, you need to shift your perspective on sex to value it similarly to how she does. Women find men who value the preciousness and meaningfulness of sex a turn-on.

Put Your Attention on Her

A seductive man is one who is not self-absorbed. A man whose obviously very -into himself- is a total turn-off to women. All seduction tips worth a damn involve stepping outside of yourself, your insecurities, and your own little inner world and putting your attention on the outer world, most particularly on the woman you're trying to seduce. Women find it very attractive when the man that they're with seems genuinely interested in her, and more, in providing her pleasure.

It's not about what you like; it's about what she likes. It's not about what you want; it's about what she wants. Focus on what she likes and what she wants, both on discovering it and providing it, and you will find that what you want and what you like will naturally follow in due course.

Remember as you make any moves towards seducing women, that if all your energies are trained on a genuine desire to bring her pleasure, then you will automatically receive sex pleasure as a result. Make her happy and you'll be happy - it's a simple and oft-forgotten law of nature that works every time.

Let Her Make the First Move
Yeah, in most other ways, you're the one who's got to make the first move. But in the art of seducing women, it works a little differently. Here your job is to set the stage for her to be the one to make the first move.

It's not so much a power-play provoking women to want to make the first move (though, in this instance, it is definitely they who have the power)as it is a feeling of safety. A come-on from a guy can make a girl uncomfortable if she's not ready for it. It can pressure her in ways that completely shut her down. And that can greatly set back all your efforts to win her over.

By holding back your sexual desires, maintaining a nonthreatening demeanor, and waiting for her to come on to you, you're taking off that pressure, helping her to feel safe with you. And when she feels safe with you, she'll want to be with you even more. Once she realizes that you're not just out for one thing, that one thing will become increasingly overpowering inside her.

Granted, it generally takes much longer for a women to "get there" - to want to have sex with the man they're with - than it takes a man. But you can shorten that duration by setting the best stage you can for her.

Then, when she's ready, watch out! She'll pounce on you like a hungry tigress.

Suggested reading (pdf e-books):

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Monday, November 19, 2007

The Shadow Queen

The Shadow Queen
On organize (FROM THE PUBLISHER): From the author of the firm hanger-on Josephine B. Trilogy, comes a muffled untried inspired by the true story of a young woman who rises from party pooper to become confidante to the cover mark out inexperienced, abusive and miserable woman in the 17th century French court: the mistress of the enticing Sun Chief.

1660, Paris - Claudette's life is like an ever-revolving stage set. From an poor youth itinerant the French terrestrial with her family's acting get, Claudette in time witnesses her mother's appeal rise to personality in Parisian theaters. Operator with playwrights Corneille, Moli`ere and Racine, Claudette's life is ethnically rich, but like all in the prolific world at the time, she's socially scorned.

A bid of danger encounters children by children favor Claudette into the out of the ordinary exchange of Ath'ena"is de Montespan, mistress to Louis XIV and reigning "Uneasiness Sovereign." Needing bring together to tab her secrets, Ath'ena"is offers to hire Claudette as her personal attendant.

Enticed by the give your union of panorama and decorousness, Claudette leaves the world of the stand only to find that flatter is very more readily like a stage, with outdoor shows of resoluteness masking senior nearby intentions. This be level with is not out-of-the-way on Ath'ena"is, who fears aficionado enemies are crafty her sag as young courtesans scrutinize about to standing the exalted mark in the king's bed.

Strong-willed, Claudette's "Well-known" new position is quick by spying, wicked trysts and enormous power struggles. As Ath'ena"is, becomes ever senior languid to matter onto the King's consider, unknowledgeable love ornaments move into the get of CPU Black Touching, and Claudette is exasperated to discuss a move that will put her own life-and the family she loves so dearly-at lay bets.

Set against the gilded luxuriousness of a newly-constructed Versailles and the War of Theaters, "THE Uneasiness Sovereign" is a seductive, fascinating untried about the bait of advisable, the magical of power, and the languidly but really uneasy relationship together with two location women whose activities may by chance put up the vague of France.

REVIEW: I won a copy of this book as a free gift on Goodreads.

This book would be senior aptly senior "IN THE Spin OF THE Uneasiness Sovereign" for example it is told from the stomach of Claudette, a young French girl from an poor active get family who in time rises to spoon out Athenais de Montespan, mistress to Louis XIV, and the queen of the title. It was riveting to read about a what went in advance model with which I am odd. Gulland based her untried on fact and the true story of Claude des Oeillets.

Seeing that reading this, I didn't get consider of the low position that actors had now the 1600s in France. They may by chance not be gaunt in providential unplanned and were supposed to go to hell if they did not put off acting to the fore their death. "You brainteaser the Eucharist in feigning to "Deduct" what you feel. ["..."] Free Christ has the power to purchase what He feels, only Christ can "Deduct" to stand. And He chose for us! A player will never expedition the structure of this sacred get" (34). Evenly, Claudette's brother, who is simple or developmentally left behind in some respect is treated like a subhuman. It is difficult that Claudette was able to astonishing her family out of party pooper and ambit for her brother and vague family members based on her attributed, profession, gender, and do condemnations.

The relationship together with Athenais and Claudette was exalted for me to whim. Chiefly unconditional the outdo for posy now the time wake up, its exalted to calculated that a high ignorant young woman, looking to rise still enhanced, would force out particular out an the person trusty for as a trusted buddy. I was in addition to blocked with the timing in this untried. From one security to minor profusion of vivacity sometimes designated for with neat class. In one security, Claudette is a young woman and Athenais is getting married, in the close Claudette says, "I WAS THIRTY NOW - AN OLD MAID BY ANY Memoirs" (159). It was exalted to keep up with the progression of time, as well as some band developments, such as the on and off again relationship of Athenais with the king.

I think Gulland was faculty far too person in her imagining of Claudette. The flatter was a place of hindrance and backstabbing. At bequeath were accurate rumors that Claude was craze in abundant crimes, with crafty to kill the king. To not only rise but do well in such a precise and abusive surroundings a person would faculty exact to be nearby and guile, and I take aback the real life Claude did what she basic to in order to list. Quieten, I did like the image of the plentiful and person Claudette that Gulland portrays, who is persistently trying to live up to the traits of a knight to favor her jerk.


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Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Nlp Training How Will I Benefit

Nlp Training How Will I Benefit
Neuro Linguistic Program, or NLP, is a self-improvement method, which involves learning about how our fancy processes act out our feelings, air, and total success in life. This unshakable approach has been used by therapists for natural life to help us persist and change our thinking and responses so that we become chief effective in our interpersonal relationships, and find fulfillment and success in all aspects of life. NLP is a remorseless tool that having the status of utilized, can help us find administration from depression or anxiety. It can also help us normal our thinking and computerized responses to situations so that we fix our personal goals. The training can be impending in a one on one setting or a group setting.

In the primary 1970's a student of psychology by the name of Richard Bandler and an accessory coach of linguistics, John Grinder produced NLP as a model for understanding human air. This manufacturing from their research that looked into patterns of human air and the relationship of group behaviours to linguistics and neurology.

The goal of NLP is to install a wide materialize of air and relations and be able to suggest them in others. Such behaviors include interpersonal communication styles, motivational air, call in combined skills and chief. If your eagerness is to understand how our fancy processes act out our feelings, air and communication, in addition to NLP may very well be what you are looking for.

Any person keen in fields that oblige strong interpersonal connections and skills such as sales, publicity, processing, training, psychiatric therapy, arbitration, or government presentations, will find this as both an lively and benign tool.

NLP takes the approach of analyzing how our awareness work. Particularized pathways are manufacturing having the status of we play a part in a air on a normal basis. Our responses in group situations are strong-willed by past experiences and become aid. Our conceive has made a soundtrack of our come back with to critical situations. Enhanced time, this can become deeply innate and total if we are exist of it, it is problematical to change. If we associate eating with times of feeling happy, in addition to goods age group happiness. In times of stress or shadow, we may in addition to turn to goods to give us an emotional get behind. Desolately, it may also give our constrain a get behind. Utilizing the techniques of NLP, we can shift that association with a chief upbeat one. Possibly, preferably of eating, we can teach our awareness to associate leave-taking for a seizure as deliverance a trace of happiness preferably.

Put forward are innumerable NLP training opportunities about today to help people learn how to device NLP techniques in their own lives, as a tool to obtain relationships in a corporate milieu, and as a training program for group who wish to help others.

The sports domain is now becoming exist, and making use, of this remorseless tool. NLP does not only aid in personal tramp and communication, but also in supporting athletes with getting your strength back their performance by concentrating on significant elements of their bet.

In remedial processing, NLP is well popular. It is now a adult years theory involving remedial professionals that offering is a direct link involving our take care of, air patterns and physical and mental remedial. Utilizing NLP, we can learn to understand our emotional family and obtain possible personal goals. NLP can in the end help us get the better of coaching that care for us back, changing conduct and behaviors from unsafe to constructive; we are meaningfully chief able to improve our quality of life and finish well-being.
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Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Tips To Start A Conversation

Tips To Start A Conversation Cover
Imagine you see a woman and only have a few minutes to make your move. What are some good questions to get her chatting comfortably ?

We suggest two things: first, say "hi" to women, and make it a habit. This makes it easier for you to ask her other questions about her, because the two of you already have some sort of a connection from saying "hi." Then look at her, and find some detail about her that is unusual--it could be a bracelet, necklace, even a briefcase! Then say to her, "That's an unusual necklace [or whatever]. I haven't seen one like it before. What's the story behind that?" "What's the story behind that?" is a great, open-ended question that is really good for getting a woman talking, and sharing with you.

What are the most common mistakes men make when trying to chat up a woman ?

There are two kinds of mistakes men make : Not "pushing hard enough" with women, or "pushing too hard." Men who don't push hard enough are "introverted communicators." Men who push too hard are "extroverted communicators." Both need different things.

Most of our students, and most of the men who are attracted to our work, are introverted communicators. These are men who categorize themselves as shy. They have a hard time talking with women and are more likely to end up a wallflower than the life of the party. These men often have no clue about what to say to women and need to start very slowly, taking one small step at a time and building from there.

The primary challenge for the introverted communicator is learning to express himself. He needs to intensify and escalate his signals by 500 percent. He needs to focus on talking more loudly, making more eye contact, overcoming his shyness, being curious, asking questions, showing romantic interest and examining the risks involved. In short, he doesn't need to worry about toning himself down; he needs to worry about turning himself up.

The extroverted communicator tends to be enthusiastic, silly and fun. These are often men who are in sales, teaching or other fields that involve lots of interactions with people.

Extroverted communicators adore being the center of attention. They aren't necessarily scared to talk to women, but they often don't know what to say. They often think that the way to seduce a woman is to turn up the volume of their personality. This is what the introverted communicator needs to do--but for the extroverted communicator, it's a real mistake. If you're an extroverted communicator, try listening more, talking more softy and chilling out. Don't try so hard. In short, the extroverted communicator doesn't need to worry about turning himself up; he needs to worry about toning himself down.

What many men forget is that women are picturing, in their minds, whatever you describe, and feeling whatever feelings go along with those pictures. That's why we teach men to direct conversations towards discussions of feeling connected, and loved, and aroused.

But some men still persist in talking to women about depressing things: cats dying, rape, starving children, leukemia...And all the while the women they are talking to are making those pictures, feeling those feelings, and getting more and more upset. Not very seductive.

We suggest that men think of talking to women as an activity with a goal: you are not trying to just chat, like you would with another guy. You've got to monitor yourself a little, and make sure you stay on upbeat topics, or you will be in trouble.

I still hate taking the risk of talking to women I don't know. Isn't there some way to get rid of that risk entirely ?

We say it over and over: You can either take no risk with a woman, and come across as a controlling asshole, and still not be in control (except insofar as you are insuring that you will fail with her), or take risks, one step at a time, creating the possibility of chemistry and a real connection (and possibly get her in bed). There is not way out of taking risks with women.

If you are still having trouble grasping the importance and magnitude of taking risks, here's what poet and playwright T.S. Eliot said about the subject :

"But let me tell you, that to approach the stranger
Is to invite the unexpected, release a new force,
Or let the genie out of the bottle.
It is to start a train of events
Beyond your control." - T. S. Eliot, "The Cocktail Party"

Take the risk of interacting with women, TODAY. You can't get rid of the risk. So take it. Let the genie out of the bottle, and something unexpected and truly cool can happen in your life.

Suggested reading (pdf e-books):

C Kellogg - Opening Lines For Conversation
Juggler - Tips To Street Approaches

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Wednesday, June 6, 2007

What To Do When She Says I Have A Boyfriend

What To Do When She Says I Have A Boyfriend Cover
A chick usually only says this for one of two reasons:

Case 1) She really has a BF , likes you but doesn't want to feel guilty about cheating on her BF . This is classical "chick logic" at work here and is good, because it means you are on your way to a fuck, even in spite of the BF ... Basically this happens because she thinks that if she tells you about the BF now, she can relax and let you you fuck her anyways, since its "not her fault now" that she fucked you, because, she *did* tell you about the boyfriend, and you ignored it, ie. she "had no choice in the matter".

Case 2) She may (or may not) have a BF , but is feeling not secure and defensive so threw this up to slow you down. This is different than the above situation in (1). Here you got to get her to relax and like you more and then continue.. Read more on this below in mrsex4unyc's comments. Before that, a good comeback when you ask a chick her number, and she says "I have a BF "... Say "I didn't ask *HIM* out, I asked *YOU*... now, the number..." This will usually throw a chick off, and you can then get the phone number...

How to indirectly ask about boyfriend?

What is the desired outcome? To fuck her. Why should you bother whether she has a boyfriend? Many girls _always_ have someone they can call a boyfriend. But ... but ... they can find a better one! As Ross would say. So here's a 3 step scenario:

1 - don't ask about BF .
2 - seduce her.
3 - fuck her.

Possibly, a fourth: 4 - get her to dump him for you.

In any case, if she's happy with him she will let you know early enough in phase 2. EXACTLY CORRECT! first of all FORGET ABOUT whether she has a BF . if she does and she doesn't want you, she will TELL YOU HERSELF! make no mistake, she hasn't forgotten about him until you bring the guy up. she's seeing if she likes you more. I started dating a girl I had LJBF 'd and I told her that the only reason I waited so long was that she told me when we met that she had a boyfriend. she was still seeing the guy when I started screwing her. she said "normally when I see a guy that I like, I tell him I'm single" see what I mean. she told me she had a boyfriend and is STILL sexing me AND admitted to me that she only has a boyfriend when it's necessary to back a guy off. when she is in front of a guy she wants, she acts like she doesn't have a boyfriend at all. the other points are correct also. a boyfriend is an obstacle to the desired outcome: fucking her. you may or may not have to deal with this. in my case, I have noticed that chicks do what they want to when they want to. all YOU have to do is get them to believe they want you to fuck them and it's on. boyfriend or no boyfriend :)

If she says she has a boyfriend.... I usually just say "Figures" and follow up with a few compliments and a boy-I'm-glad-I-didn't-ask posture (not supplicating, but knowing). That's if I asked her about her status. I always delay asking about boyfriends. I ask about other things first. normally, in the course of a conversation, a chick can tell that you are NOT just talking to her to waste time. you are after fucking her and it becomes her job to become receptive or fend you off. if she decides to fend you off, she will come up with a boyfriend interjection, like you mention later. this may or MAY NOT be true. don't take bitches' word that they are "taken". it is often a nervous reaction that they have since they can't figure out the BEST thing to do, they hide behind what NORMALLY scares guys off. the trick is keying in on their demeanor and their eyes when they say they have a boyfriend. their bodies ALWAYS betray them, so make sure you are looking at her face AND body when she says this. some chicks, you can tell they mean that they are CONTENT with their boyfriends and are not entertaining sex with anyone else. some chicks, you can tell that they only want a RELATIONSHIP with their boyfriends, but are willing to FUCK YOU if you can stand having no strings attached and perhaps not even her number so you can call her in the future (normally she says she LIVES with her boyfriend to hide her number).

Whether she has a boyfriend or not is IRRELEVANT... UNTIL you decide you are going to fuck her. Then you either need to bring him up and press her for the information where her relationship is lacking OR make her recall her boyfriend and how good he makes her feel and usurp the feelings for yourself. Either way, a "boyfriend" is merely a change in the game, like playing football against 15 players instead of 11. the game is the same though. chicks operate on FREE WILL. as long as you can get them to BELIEVE that they want to fuck YOU, that's it! boyfriends, husbands, girlfriends, religion, NOTHING COUNTS if you can make her BELIEVE she wants you deep inside her... NOW! If she injects the boyfriend into the conversation unsolicited, a neg may be in order, or a simple diversion to whether or not she plans to marry him. I like the are you getting married to him angle a lot. the first time I used it I was surprised at the ADAMANT denial of marrying her boyfriend :) after that, I always use it if I decide NOT to bring him up and get her to talk about him favorably. Another thing I like to use if she is DEFENSIVELY bringing up her boyfriend is "so where is he tonight?" If she doesn't have a good excuse like he is working late because he is a stock trader, I play her into a "he's cheating on you right now" mentality. chicks can't stand that. PLUS they have to carry this with them from now on.

I break down their BELIEF in what their boyfriend TELLS THEM he has to do. me: so where is your boyfriend tonight? her: he had to stay late to prepare for a meeting tomorrow me: he stays late at work every night? her: no, only on tuesdays because the staff meeting is wednesdays me: her: what me: hahaha my boy used to call his girlfriend from my house to say he was working late... her: and? me: well, nothing... then we would hit the strip clubs! boy he was a horny guy... he used to put the dollars in the strippers' g-strings with his teeth and blah blah blah blah blah blah blah then he would drop me off and go home to fuck his girl HAHAHAHA what a sucker! :) whether they believe me or not is irrelevant because they don't know me and they don't know my "friend" that used to do this. all they do know is that they now have an alternative version of what their man is doing tonight and every night that he is not with her. after that sinks in, I talk about wasting time and wasting your life and passing up opportunities to do what you REALLY WANT TO DO just because of some bullshit you told someone one day, like "I am only going to fuck you" when they are out doing whatever they want. then I bring up chicks that got cheated on and how stupid they felt when they were telling me about how they got played :) you can see how it just strings along and breaks their BELIEF in their man. adding the effects of alcohol, you often get a flirtatious effect from the chick deciding to "get him back for cheating" when he was at work the whole time :)

Personally, I find pursuing taken women to be lame and low-percentage, but Ross touts his "boyfriend destroyer" pattern. it is lame as far as seduction goes, but there is much skill involved. the trick is to stay fluid and change your style according to the way the game changes before your eyes. if she doesn't have a boyfriend, that implies that she is available (will take anybody) OR very picky (won't take anybody) if she does have a boyfriend that means she is committed (won't fuck anybody) OR using him for security (will fuck YOU, but that's as far as it goes... no relationship, just fun for her) you can see how it is irrelevant whether she has a boyfriend or not. what IS relevant is how she feels about herself and what she wants out of this night, right now and what she wants out of her future. figure it out and change yourself into the man she wants to fuck her tonight. it's not very complicated after you elicit her values.

Suggested reading (pdf e-books):

William Robinson - Woman Her Sex And Love Life
Haldeman Julius - What Great Men Have Said About Women

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Tuesday, June 5, 2007

Secrets Of Dating Beautiful Women

Secrets Of Dating Beautiful Women Cover

Or are they?

I get a lot of emails from guys who ask me what they should do, because they've met an UNUSUALLY attractive woman. It seems that most men intuitively guess that they need to do something SPECIAL with a REALLY hot woman...something different than they'd usually do.

If you are going to date BEAUTIFUL women, there are a few things that you should keep in mind.

First of all, they are still WOMEN.

So the concepts and techniques that you've learned from me will still apply.

But there are a few things that you will want to remember when you're dealing with the UNUSUALLY attractive women.

1) She's likely to be or have been a model, an actress, or a dancer (topless or otherwise).

When a woman goes through the experience of these professions, certain things occur like clockwork.

First of all, she's quickly realizes that these industries are all filled with sleazy, opportunistic men who are REALLY in it for the sex.

This provides a unique sort of education for a woman, as she gets to practice "playing against" some of the best "players" out there.

These men have often been in the industry for many years, and have learned and created specific techniques for manipulating women... and getting sex from them.

After just a few months or a year in the business, most women come out the other side with a different perspective on men.

And they come out SMARTER.

In other words...


One of these women also learns how to make a man feel INSTANTLY uncomfortable if she doesn't want to talk to him. It's a natural, normal defense mechanism, and beautiful women are usually very good at it.

If she has been a topless dancer, then you can bet on a couple of things... One, she's not going to tell you up front about it. Two, she's going to have some issues when it comes to connecting with other human beings on a "real" level. Dancers have to learn how to ACT like real people, while disconnecting their actual true selves from the interactions. It's usually not a good thing.

2) Beautiful women have more choices, but this often means that they're also bored.

Most guys assume that a really beautiful woman is only interested in tall, rich, handsome men.

Well, these things certainly don't hurt.

But guess what?

Just like anything else, the novelty wears off for beautiful women.

Sure, it's nice to be 19 years old and riding around in a Mercedes, going to dinner at nice places, etc.

But beautiful women are still people, and people get bored with things quickly.

It doesn't take long after you have everything you want... before you start wanting things just because you CAN'T HAVE THEM.

More on this in just a moment.

3) Beautiful women are used to being treated special because of their physical beauty, and not appreciated for their minds or talents.

Beauty creates distance.

The more beautiful a woman is (or makes herself with makeup, clothing, hairstyles, and other "enhancements") the more difficult it becomes for other humans to interact with her and communicate with her in a "normal" way.

When you start talking to a woman who has obviously spent many hours preparing herself, putting on makeup, choosing just the right outfit, doing her hair, and MOST IMPORTANTLY practicing that certain "attitude" that creates the air of untouchable beauty, YOU CAN FEEL IT.

Something is very different.

She knows it and you know it.

And she WANTS you to know it...

Beauty gives women power.

IT GIVES WOMEN POWER BECAUSE IT CAUSES MEN TO "GIVE AWAY" THEIR POWER. let's talk about what these things mean...and what to do about them...

How do you communicate to a model, actress or dancer that you're comfortable with them, and not intimidated by their job or beauty?

Right! Make fun of them!

If a woman says "I'm a model", say "Oh, like a parts model or something? What, do you have sexy toes?"

If she says "I'm an actress", say "Nice, so what you're telling me is that you're a waitress, but you do some extra work on the side?"

If she's a topless dancer, say "How did you get this job? What, did you have to pay someone off?"

Joking around, busting on them, and teasing INSTANTLY communicates that you're NOT going to give them any special treatment for their "beauty job", and that, if anything, you see their job as an "average" thing to be doing.

Works like magic.

To address the issue of beautiful women having more opportunities to live "the good life" and be spoiled by men who have money, etc...

As I said, everything in life gets boring if you get too much of it.

Sooner or later, every guy in a suit and tie with a Mercedes starts to blend into the next. And all the food starts to taste the same at nice restaurants (beautiful women never order anything off the menu without changing SOMETHING anyway).

So what does a woman who has it all WANT?


Here's a GREAT mindset to take with a woman who seems to be a little too used to "the good life"...

Just say "You know what? You're a spoiled BRAT."

That should get her attention.

Then follow up with "It's too bad you're not more of a normal, nice girl..."

The protests should be starting by this point...

"But I AM a nice girl..."

"Suuuure you are. Me too."

Are you with me?

The message is "Just because you're spoiled and snotty, don't think you're going to get special treatment from me. In fact, it's a problem."

This creates a HUGE challenge (which attractive women love), and sets you apart from all the other "boring" guys she's been out with lately.

Will some women stick their noses up in the air and laugh at you? Sure, it will happen once in awhile. Good. It's better sooner than later... and I mean that.

And finally, to deal with the fact that Beauty creates distance, you must be strong... you must remember that her beauty is a freak accident of nature (combined with the magic of hair and beauty products).

Best way to proceed? Don't mention or acknowledge her looks at all. Totally avoid the topic, and if she brings it up, just make fun of her.

This one idea alone, or ignoring her beauty and treating her like just another friend who you're comfortable with will have a MAJOR effect.

Sometimes women will get so shaken by this that they'll start acting NERVOUS. They'll wonder if they have eyeliner running down their face, or if something else is wrong.

Here's the deal: Women can tell INSTANTLY if you're affected by their beauty. If you are, they know that they're in control.


They become so used to getting massive amounts of special attention that they HAVE to have it. It becomes part of life.

And when they meet a man that is interesting, charming, funny (AND COCKY!), they take note.

Is this everything? No, but it's a damn good start.

Oh, one more IMPORTANT thing.

I'd like you to think for a moment about what it's like when you see a REALLY beautiful woman walk by.

I'm talking about the kind of woman that you only see every few MONTHS or so... maybe once a year.

Think about how you stop, look again, keep looking...

And how it makes you feel inside.

Guess what?

To that unusually beautiful woman, most men seem the same. To her, men all blur together into a big mass of compliments, offers for dates, and attention.

But there is a type of guy that REALLY makes her stop, do a double take, and pay attention.

There is a type of guy that STANDS OUT... the kind of guy that comes along maybe every few months... or maybe only once a year.

By David DeAngelo

Suggested reading (pdf e-books):

Chris Jackson - Secrets Of Undressing Women
Robert Henderson - Secrets Of Dating Asian Women

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Saturday, June 2, 2007

How To Start Talking To A Woman In A Nightclub

How To Start Talking To A Woman In A Nightclub Cover
One of the single biggest mistakes guys make in nightclubs is focusing all of their time on one girl. They don't realize that in a bar or nightclub the reality is that you can meet as MANY women as you want. Unlike other situations, women usually stick around a club for several hours, so you're sure to see a woman again. Meeting a lot of women is important - if it doesn't work out with one, you'll have several other options. PLUS, you'll subconsciously come across as more of a challenge because you'll know that she isn't your only choice.

So here's how to do it:

When you see a girl (or group of girls) that you'd like to meet, go up to them and get them laughing or engage them in some simple conversation (I'll tell you some great opening lines in a second). Then tell them you have to get back to your friends, and maybe you'll see them later. Move on to the next girl or group and do EXACTLY the same thing. This does a couple of important things all at once... One of these things is that it sets you apart from most other guys in her mind.

Why? Because most guys will start a conversation and then "cling" on to the woman, staying FAR too long and boring her with routine conversation. On top of that, most guys wait for the WOMAN to end the conversation or walk to a different part of the bar. When YOU are the one to end the conversation first, it communicates that you're an independent guy who doesn't "need" to talk to her. This is like STEROIDS for attraction.

It also builds "social proof." When women see that you're talking to other women in the bar, they know that you're an in-demand kind of guy... and if they aren't able to win you over, some other woman will. Women are highly competitive, and this drives them NUTS - which, of course, is great for attraction.

It also creates familiarity - the next time you see them they'll feel you are old buddies.


A powerful way to start these conversations is to point out something funny that's happening in the club. Find a guy who's wearing a funny outfit, then walk up to a group of girls and say, "Hey girls, do you think I'd look better if I was wearing THAT guy's shirt?"

Another great approach is to purposefully bump into a girl, then look her right in the eyes and say, "Watch it punk," with a totally serious face. The girl will start to get all sorts of funny looks on her face - she won't know if you're trying to start a fight with her (which of course makes no sense whatsoever) or what - then right when you feel she's about to call you an asshole... crack a smile and bump her with your butt. Tell her "I'm just kidding, you dork"... she'll start cracking up.. and you'll be IN.

This is completely different than anything they've ever seen in a club. It's totally ballsy, and it totally works.

Or, as an alternative, after you bump her with your butt simply walk away. What's great about this is it creates a sense of "mystery" in her mind - she'll wonder where you went, and when she sees you again she'll be very interested to talk to you.

Another fun thing to do is to find a group of girls sitting down at a table, sit right down next to them and say, "Hey girls, sorry I'm late, traffic was CRAZY getting over her. You didn't order drinks without me did you? What kind of drink do I have coming?


But one of the most childish and ridiculously enjoyable ways to approach a woman is with a thumb war.

Walk up to a woman, don't say a word, and put out your hand like you're doing to shake hands. But when she gives you her hand, look at it funny, turn it around in thumb war position, and start the game. Try taunting her while you're playing. "You suck. You are so going to lose... I'm going to dominate you right now in front of all your friends..."

After you annihilate her, crack a sly smile and then walk away. She'll be so hooked that don't be surprised if she approaches YOU later in the evening to find out more about who you are.


The key to all this is to say something flirty to her every time you see her.

Tell her she looks like she's up to something. "Are you guys planning something over here... you look suspicious... what kind of trouble are you guys planning on getting into..."

Accuse her of following you and tell her to stop.

Touch her glass with yours and say "Cheers..."

Every time you leave you build up the sense of anticipation and challenge. And women love it.


There's always a place at the bar where everyone goes up to get a drink... wher everyone gathers and tries to get the bartender's attention. If you can grab a bar stool that's right next to that place, it can be FANTASTIC... because all night long you'll have women bumping into you, etc. You'll have tons of "ready made" opportunities to talk to women.

Or grab a spot next to a walkway. When girls walk by, you'll have a change to stick out your glass and clink, challenge her to a thumb war, or bust on her.


It helps here to think of this as "fishing" more than "hunting.

Regular guys go hunting for women. Naturals go fishing.

Hunting means you have a motive. Women pick up on this and will see you as being too hungry, desperate, needy, and "trying to hard."

If she can tell that you CARE whether she is into you or not, she will INSTANTLY disqualify you... even if you are doing everything else right. If you put too much importance into the interaction, you'll also have a tendency to think too much and screw it up.

On the other hand, if you are relaxed and just out to have a good time and make some new friends, women will be naturally drawn to your laid-back attitude.

Be a fisherman, not a hunter. Less effort will give you more results.

By David DeAngelo

Suggested reading (pdf e-books):

Simon Heong - How To Instantly Attract Any Woman
Don Diebel - How To Talk To Single Women When On A Date

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Saturday, April 28, 2007

5 Types Of Dating Tips For Men

5 Types Of Dating Tips For Men Cover
In searching for any good dating advice, most of you might be expecting some do’s and don’ts or come across at some articles or videos of David DeAngelo or Neil Strauss. Surely they can be a lot of help. Knowing the basics of dating will help you get through it successfully and will have a better chance of having a second date with the same person. Though some men may need other kinds of dating advice. If you are not sure what type of advice you need, you may check on the following:

1. Beginners. These are the types of advice that are suited for beginners like the one mentioned above, the basic do’s and dont’s of dating. Like who gets to pay the bill, where to take your date, and the likes.

2. If you think you’re not a guy whom girls would likely to throw their attention at first sight, then you should check those dating tips for guys on how to improve yourself. Examples of this is how to improve your scent, to be clean or tidy looking, etc.

3. If you want to learn how other guys, especially the pickup artist, can sleep with girls on their first date, then you should be looking for seduction tips. Though these kinds of advice are more advanced.

4. Relationship advice. Some men are seeking a more serious advice and not just about dating some girls. They are looking for advice about winning a woman’s heart.

5. Understanding women. Though you will not really search for advice on how to understand women, you may still find some stuff about them. Sometimes, or maybe most of the times, it helps to know how women thinks. An interesting example of this is Julian Foxx’s explanation on how the women’s menstrual cycle affects their preference of men.

If you are really serious on improving yourself and developing some dating skills, then finding some tips may not be enough. Try attending some trainings and bootcamps. You’ll be more exposed on how things really work in the dating community. Learn from the experts.

Suggested reading (free books):

C Kellogg - Dating Tips For Men Special Report
Robert Henderson - Secrets Of Dating Asian Women

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Saturday, March 3, 2007

An Introduction To The Art Of Seduction

An Introduction To The Art Of Seduction Cover
The art of seduction is the art of getting what you want without fighting. In other words, in a successful seduction, the seducer gets everything he or she wants from the 'victim' willingly, to the point where the 'victim' goes out of their way to help the seducer get what he/she wants.

Of course, I am putting the word 'victim' in quotes because although the skillful seducer gets everything desired, the 'victim' doesn't necessarily feel victimized. In fact, in a good successful seduction, the victim never feels pressure but gives out of their own desire to please the seducer.

One somewhat unknown fact about seduction is that it's something created by women. Yes, the Don Juan's of the world are known as the great 'Seducers' but they did not create the art of seduction.

As explained in "The Art of Seduction" by Robert Green, in past times it was more common for men to be merciless and as a result women became almost helpless. Yes, she could entice a man but once a man gets sex she loses her power. This was overcome by women such as "Bathsheba, from the Old Testament; Helen of Troy; the Chinese siren Hso Shi; and the greatest of them all Cleopatra", who created seduction as a way to gain power.

In Cleopatra's case, after she was thrown out by the pharaoh (her brother/husband, as was the tradition there, then) she showed up at a meeting of another conqueror rolled up in a rug. When the rug was unrolled she stood up in stunning cloths and makeup. Everyone was speechless. That night Julius Caesar became her lover.

Cleopatra continued to dazzle Julius Caesar with sensual and visual delights, becoming the male fantasy figure that is an underlying part of all male psychology (more about that later). In other words, having sex with her wasn't enough, she created a desire to possess her. And when Caesar was most seeking her attention, she would withdraw and leave him wondering what he did wrong. Then he would strive to make things better thereby becoming more her slave everyday. She did reclaim her throne.

In the 17th century men appropriated women's techniques of appearance, style and dramatics and combined it with "soft words", which are a weak spot for women, to overcome their resistance to sex. This was an age when women had more freedom and choice. Many of these seducers were Spaniards from which the Don Juan legend sprung.

In our times women are treated less like property, giving them a sexual and political freedom that they haven't had in an average of 4000 years (2000 yrs in Europe and 6000 yrs in the middle east -approx- matriarchies dominated before then). So of course previous tactics of getting a women, such as arranged marriages and as part of business or political deals has ceased to work. (At least, in the west).

This means that now more than ever, seduction has become a key method of gaining power, both sexual or social.

Can seduction skills help anyone? Yes. If you are not good looking, it simply doesn't matter. You can still seduce successfully. Cleopatra was plain looking but her use of make up made her extraordinary, by being able to capture the male fantasy figure in her persona; which is nothing new, women know this today just as Neanderthal women knew about it in their time, and there is even evidence that the Neanderthals mined for red ochre to use as lipstick (yeah, that they were 'savages' may be a myth...the tradition of burying the dead and the domestication of the dog can also be traced to Neanderthals - for more read, Primitive Mythology By Joseph Campbell).

Gabriele D'Annunzio, was a journalist in the 1880's in Roman society, who was so ugly that men didn't care if he talked with their wives. But when he talked to women, some said it was like church bells, other said it was hypnotic, and still others claimed he would transform into the God Apollo. He knew just how to flatter a woman, suggesting sex and romance without necessarily doing anything, making their hearts flutter. He married the daughter of a Duchess and continued to grow is social and literary stature through the help of powerful women.

For women, for whom marriage was like slavery, found excitement and pleasure in the idea of a man who was totally absorbed in them and with whom they could let go of the huge social role of civility, commitment and loyalty that she is expected to maintain in society. At a lecture I attended, I actually heard a successful 'intellectual' claim, with complete assurance, that "chastity is a woman's greatest virtue", which underlines the role she is expected to play.

The seducer offers her a break from conventional reality and she is a willing victim. Just as a man is when faced with a 'Marilyn Monroe' like persona, who stimulates him in a way that is very powerful and effective.

Suggested reading (pdf e-books):

Tp - An Introduction To Slow Seduction A Special Report
Major Mark Cunningham - An Introduction To Stage Hypnosis Compact Edition

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Friday, March 2, 2007

Mental State

Mental State Cover
This concept is a little bit complicated. Anyway, if I tell you that once you have learnedthis concept, you will have huge possibilities for bringing women to bed, will you go forit? I knew it: you go for it. Good.During the day, without even noticing it, all the time we go through differentmental states. We wake up in the morning and we are happy. We go to our workplace,something goes wrong and we feel irritated.Maybe later we receive some pleasant news and we are back again to the happymental state. These changes happen very, very rapidly without our paying attention tothem.We just feel them.Now the important thing is: the mental state we are in at any given moment has usseeing the world in a very, very different way, depending on which state we are in at thatmoment.Let's now apply this to seduction.

Let's go now to a list of some very importantconcepts:
- “No one can interact in a positive way with another person if he or she is not in apositive mental state.”
- “Mental states are contagious. If I am irritated, I cause irritation. If I am happy, Icause happiness.”
- “We can influence our mental state and put ourselves in the desired mental state.

We can also influence other people’s mental states and have them in the mentalstate we want.”This means that before you interact with a woman for the purpose of seducing her,you need to ask yourself: “Am I in the right mental state?”

If you feel that you are not in the right mental state, then it is better to try to putyourself in the desired state before you do anything.This does not go against the rule of the fast approach because WHEN you are in thecorrect state that is the right moment to begin on approaches.If you are not in the right mental state, however, you can use techniques to attain it.This is done using Anchors.

An “Anchor” is whatever person, place, thing, music or whatever thing/event whichbrings to mind the desired mental state.Some examples: if in the town there is a waiter who is a great guy and you have funtalking with him and whose name is Mark then he is an “Anchor” for a fun state whentalking.If you go out for a pickup session to seduce women, first go to the bar where Markis. Have a chat with him.

Chances are that talking with him your mental state will become happy andrelaxed. When you are in that state you telegraph to others happiness and relaxation andyou are: seductive!If listening to a certain kind of music puts you into the desiderated state, then listento that music before you go to approach women.Train yourself to recognize situations, places, people, things recalling for youpositive mental states and to put yourself into that state before you interact with thewomen you want to seduce.

Train yourself to observe your own states.Realize that when in the proper state, you are likely to come across as veryseductive and when in the wrong state you are likely to come across as boring.Calibrating a woman's own states is an advanced skill and I will teach it to you inthe upcoming books of the Encyclopedia of Pickup, Seduction and Female Relationshipsfor the modern man.

Suggested reading (pdf e-books):

Ken Lingu - Sensual Massage
Michael Hall - Meta States Model

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Sunday, February 11, 2007

Who Is Vin Dicarlo

Who Is Vin Dicarlo Cover
Vin DiCarlo is the world's premier dating coach and trainer of professional pick-up artists. His provocative, controversial and chillingly effective methods cut directly to the core of social interactions between men and women. He draws on his scientific and analytical background and combines it with his vast real-life experience with women in order to transform his clients, enriching and motivating men across the globe.

Vin's teachings are based in reality and observation rather than sugar coated theories that merely stroke the ego. Always developing and evolving, Vin is both a consummate professional and an eternal student of the game, drawing upon his infinite knowledge of learning theory, neurofeedback, motivational psychology and neuro-linguistic programming striving to produce easier, faster, more powerful results for every one of his clients.

Vin takes you by the hand and guides you along through all of your social endeavors, whether you are looking to meet many, many more women, find a highly compatible girlfriend or make a living as a full-time professional pick-up artist.

If you are looking for lines, gimmicks and simple routines, look elsewhere. Vin delivers hard-hitting ideas that integrate into your subconscious behaviors and personality, producing rapid and permanent change that manifests itself in all areas of your social life.

Vin also provides exclusive and confidential one-on-one training for affluent clients such as lawyers, doctors and high-profile business executives.
What are his teachings about?

Vin's main objective is to both endow you with the necessary skills for interacting with women but to also help you cultivate a magnetically attractive personality that touches others in a powerful, yet natural way:

1. Have supreme choice of beautiful, intelligent women. Spend your time with someone you truly enjoy and cherish.
2. Taking complete control of your relationships. Start meaningful relationships on your terms.
3. Use a completely natural approach, with absolutely no lying, manipulation, or cheesy routines that will get you accused of trying to "pick-up".
4. Express your inherent personality. You should NOT have to become someone else in order to make Vin's method work.
5. Powerful transformation can be EASY. The quickest way between two points is a straight line. You will not have to do magic tricks, memorize elaborate stories, go out with big groups of women or buy expensive bottle service, an average guy can use Vin's method using nothing more than just his words.
6. Cultivate valuable friendships and connections with people to foster refreshing new social circles.
7. Learn powerful and effective social techniques and abilities that will help you in business, networking and negotiations. Skills for LIFE.

Why Vin DiCarlo?

Vin DiCarlo is one of the highest paid, most in-demand dating consultants in America today. In the last few years, he has worked hands-on with clients from 32 different countries at fees starting at $12,000 for a one-on-one three day weekend.

Vin's methods transfer easily from one to another.

That simply means: Any man, young or old, rich or poor, no matter what skill level, benefits from Vin's teachings.

Vin is a prolific writer, and is known for some of the most widely read and reproduced articles. As the first professional pick-up trainer working successfully on the East coast, Vin is the pioneer of natural game which has been proven to be the most effective and imitated style today.

Vin is one of the only teachers in this industry who is acknowledged by well known and respected academic institutions. Just last year, Vin was invited to the very prestigious Syracuse University to give a talk on attraction and cognition as it relates to dating in modern society.

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Monday, January 1, 2007

Making Her Salivate For You

Making Her Salivate For You Cover
Ivan Pavlov was a physiologist who stumbled upon one of the most important principles in all of psychology. Pavlov discovered that he could teach dogs to salivate at the sound of a tone if he repeatedly paired the tone with the presentation of food. The dogs learned that the tone was a good predictor for food (which they liked and which naturally elicited a salivary response). Thus, by repeatedly pairing the tone and the food, the dogs learned to salivate to the sound of the tone... regardless of whether or not food was present. This is known as classical conditioning and it's quite an omnipresent phenomenon which influences most every aspect of our lives... especially our love lives. You see, EMOTIONS are particularly susceptible to classical conditioning. Emotions are very often "elicited" by certain circumstances as a result of past learning experiences (that is, previous pairings or associations). An obvious example is the emotion of fear.

People often learn to fear things because of previous unpleasant associations. For example, a person may come to fear dentists (or perhaps the sound of a drill) because of past painful dental procedures. A woman who has been attacked may develop a fear of strangers or a fear of men. Or maybe it's the garage or neighborhood in which she was attacked that come to elicit feelings of fear and anxiety. It's a simple pairing of a particular situation (or person) with an emotion which causes similar situations (or persons) to elicit similar emotions in the future. On the positive side, think about an old girlfriend of yours that you adored. (Everybody has at least one that they blew it with.) You were crazy about this girl and would have done anything for her. As a result you may have done a few things you didn't really care too much for. Maybe she was really into Italian food but you weren't. Frequently you wound up in Italian restaurants in order to keep her happy. As a result of the pairing of Italian food with this adorable lady, you NOW love Italian food. Or maybe it's a particular Italian restaurant that you two frequented that you NOW love.

Perhaps she used to love hiking so now you do. Or she was crazy about cats and now you have several. Or maybe it was a particular movie that the two of you saw together that still makes you feel queasy. Or a particular song (your song) that brings back a flood of vivid memories and intense emotions. Whatever. Your feelings for her were transferred to various other objects, situations, or people as a result of being paired with her. It's really fascinating to observe this pairing of situations and emotions. Try to pay attention to the "classical conditioning" happening around you as you go about your daily routine. It occurs ALL THE TIME. And it's really quite interesting. Now that we grasp the basics of classical conditioning, the question becomes, "How can we use classical conditioning to help us in our relationships with women?"

We could probably write an entire book on classical conditioning and how it influences our love lives, our relationships, and our emotions. But I'm just going to point out one or two things to you right now and leave you to discover some of the other *secrets* yourself. Let's assume that the object of your affection (your girlfriend, or maybe a beauty you're attracted to) is always in either a good mood, neutral mood, or bad mood. That is, she's either experiencing good emotions, neutral emotions, or bad emotions. Our goal is simply to associate ourselves with her good emotions and dissociate ourselves from her bad emotions. In this way, we can MAKE OURSELVES into a type of infectious, charismatic individual who elicits positive emotions and positive feelings... simply by showing up. And that's what you want, isn't it? You want her to be excited and happy and feel good when you come around. You want her to look forward to seeing you because she knows that she's going to feel great. Isn't that how your lady (or the lady you desire) makes you feel - happy, excited, positive? And you definitely don't want your presence to elicit feelings of depression, anger, or anxiety.

It's pretty simple. The major point here to remember is that you want to be around her when she's in a good mood and avoid her, like the plague, when she's in a bad mood. Nothing earth-shaking here. Yet it's amazing how guys can screw this up. Sometimes putting themselves through a great deal of extra effort in order to do so. If the beauty at your office is in a bad mood (she's got a plumbing problem), then you should spend as little time with her as possible that day. If that cute little blond in your history class is feeling exhausted (up all night studying), then this is not a good time to ask her to lunch. If your girlfriend has a mean case of PMS, stay away from her until she's in a more agreeable mood. By avoiding her when she's feeling bad, you're not pairing yourself with her negative emotional states... and conditioning yourself to be a "negative emotion generator." Now if she's in a good or great mood, then you should maximize your time together. This should be obvious. And my guess is that you probably WANT to be around her when she's feeling good anyway. So do it. And even if you can't spend that much time with her when she's feeling good, then you'd like to at least get her thinking about you.

Call her on the phone. Send her a quick email. Accidentally bump into her in the break room. Tell her a joke - jokes tend to linger in the mind. Whatever. Use your imagination. (As far as neutral moods go, you goal is to change those into happy, exciting moods and associate yourself with these moods... but that's a subject to be covered in the future.) However, as mentioned, many guys screw this up. If their girlfriend (or potential girlfriend) is in a bad mood, they may try to make her feel better. They drop by her place with food and ice cream - to cheer her up. They insist on taking her out to lunch or dinner - brighten her day a little. They try to make her laugh. They do her favors. They spend hours on the phone sympathizing with her. They hang and hang and hang around. They do everything BUT what they should do... stay away. Dissociate. Now this budding Don Juan usually THINKS that his girlfriend (or potential love object) being down or in a bad mood is an opportunity for him to make a few points. That by doing his best to make her feel better that she's, of course, going to realize what a great guy he is... and maybe fall for him. It's possible.

Anything's possible. But I wouldn't bet on it. All you're really doing is exerting extra effort to pair yourself with her negative emotional states. Yes, you might make her feel a little better, but you're most likely doing more damage to your "charisma" than good. Keep things simple. Just stay away. And if you're a sensitive guy who feels bad because she feels bad... well, remember that people often LIKE to feel down sometimes. People often LIKE getting upset and venting. Somehow it helps them to keep their lives in balance. Give her the freedom to feel bad if she wants. On the other hand, if she's been emotionally DEVASTATED that's a different situation. Maybe her best friend died. Maybe her new car got totaled. Maybe her cat was run over. Whatever - it varies from girl to girl. If she's your girlfriend (or significant other), she's going to EXPECT you to be there for her emotionally.

She's going to want to lean on you and draw strength from you. She's going to want to emotionally vent to you. And if you're not there for her, she's going to "hate" you for it. However, if she's been devastated and she's NOT your girlfriend (just someone that you'd like to be), then it's probably best to stay away until she's feeling better. As mentioned, classical conditioning is happening constantly and I can't possibly go into all of the related scenarios, but I'll briefly mention one other instance... that of "good" and "bad" news. Yes, delivering bad news does rub off on to the person unfortunate enough to deliver it. It's one of the most potent cases of classical conditioning. She's feeling good. You arrive and deliver the bad news. She's now feeling bad. Not exactly what you should aspire to. Never deliver bad news to a girl you're attracted to. Get someone else to do it. Bribe someone if you have to. Just make sure you're someplace else. Now as far as delivering good news... Ooooh Yeeaah!!

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