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Traveling As A Couple Dangers

Traveling As A Couple Dangers Cover
A weekend getaway? Tickets for two to Cancun? New Year's Eve in New York? Maybe even backpacking through Europe for the young and trust-funded?

Sounds great doesn't it? Wait - how long have you been dating? Traveling as a couple isn't something you want to rush into; are you ready to be spending lots and lots of time together, without respite for days on end? This can be a make or break situation, so be sure you're ready to take the risk when traveling as a couple.

When you're traveling as a couple, you'll be seeing a side of her you haven't before. At home, you may spend hours or even days together on a regular basis, but on vacation there won't be anywhere to hide if she's in a bad mood. You'll have to deal with it. All of the little things that you can shrug off because it's for a short while will be totally unavoidable, and you'll be finding out whether or not you can stand them.



When you don't know the language, aren't familiar with the food (and what in the name of God is a bidet?), the little stresses can add up. You are going to be the only familiar face your girl will be seeing and vice versa.

You will be the one she complains to about the food. You'll be the one she wants to drag to all the boutique shops. You'll be the one she snarks to about the travel accommodations. Are you ready to see your lady love in a 3-day bitch fit?

BEST CASE SCENARIO: You talk out problems as they arise, and try to head off any you can foresee. The vacation is enjoyable for you both.

WORST CASE SCENARIO: You fight all the time, realize you can't stand each other and break things off soon after returning home.



You're going to be with your sweetie pretty much 24/7 for the length of your vacation, and sharing a hotel room means sharing a bathroom, probably a teeny tiny little bathroom with insufficient mirror space.

If you're on any kind of budget at all, chances are you've decided to minimize expenditure on your accommodation. And why not? You're so in love that it'll be awesome to spend 14 nights sharing a single bed.

BEST CASE SCENARIO: You actually enjoy all the up close and personal time you'll be getting with your girl. You even find her snoring and hogging the bathroom cute.

WORST CASE SCENARIO: You find out that the occasional post-coital snuggle isn't the same as getting swatted in the face with her errant arm every 2 hours. And then spending 12 hours with her on a tour bus.



If you're going on vacation, you've probably got a budget. So does your lady. Are they the same? Not likely. If one of you has a larger travel budget than the other, a few things can happen. You'll feel limited by them, they'll feel you're missing out, they'll be jealous of your extra options, you'll feel obligated to pay their way - there are so many ways unbalanced finances can lead to trouble on vacation.

This can mostly be avoided by having an honest discussion about what you want to do, where you'll stay, and what you'll be able to spend before you leave.

BEST CASE SCENARIO: You make a travel plan based on what you can both realistically afford, and have a great time bargain hunting. A low budget can really help you get to know an area by forcing you to seek out restaurants and hotels off the beaten track. And the exercise you'll get from walking around instead of cabbing it won't hurt!

WORST CASE SCENARIO: One or both of you will feel like they're missing out on fun they could be having. If you've got the extra cash, you might be tempted to just start paying for the extras which can make your girlfriend feel guilty and uncomfortable. Added to the stress of being together all the time, this could lead to a very unpleasant money fight.

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