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Online Dating

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What You Should Think About When Considering Online Dating

The best answer to the question, "should you consider an online romance?" is probably, "why not?" There are precautions and safety measures you need to take when you consider an Internet romance, but in many ways it's safer, more comfortable, more anonymous, and perhaps more successful in the long run, than any other way of starting a romance.

Many turn to online dating after tiring of the bar scene or at the end of a long term relationship. The first group might well think that there are nothing but losers or those interested in only one night stands out there looking for a woman or man. The latter might feel like it's been so many years since they dated that they simply don't know how to flirt or look for a mate.

There may even be those that, while they might welcome the bar scene, can't tolerate the smoke. It may be that all these folks should consider an internet romance.

Internet dating has been around for about a decade now, and there were those that, when they wondered, "Should I consider an online romance?" decided not to because of embarrassment. They thought that Internet dating was for losers and those who couldn't find a mate on their own. Internet dating simply wasn't accepted in many circles.

That is no longer the case, however. A national U.S. television broadcast company completed a recent study about Internet dating. They found that of those Americans that had Internet access (and most do) 15 percent had visited at least one Internet dating Web site. Surprisingly, 73 percent of these were 30 years old and over. Even one third of those who hadn't taken part in online dating said that they felt it was safe, although about the same number admitted they knew someone who'd realized a negative online dating experience.

Internet dating has clearly become accepted. The taboos are off. The question of "should you consider an Internet romance?" is no longer about any stigma involved.

British television got into the online dating reporting game as well, pointing out that women should consider online because it left them more control and more power in the early relationship, with the safety of Internet anonymity. Some professionals point out that internet dating enhances shy peoples' chances of finding their soul mate. Those who wouldn't go up to a new woman or man in a bar or other social situation can do so comfortably on the Web.

Of course, the drawback is there is no initial way to know if that person on the online dating site is being truthful. They could be married, incarcerated, abusive, and so forth. Their picture might not be their picture. When you consider if you should try an online romance you must know that you have to probe and get to the truth with phone calls, non-threatening initial public meetings, and, if necessary, private investigation.

The answer to "Should you consider an online romance?" is, then, "only if you're going to be wise, watchful, skeptical and willing to verify".

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