Friday, October 15, 2010

First Date Dos And Donts

First Date Dos And Donts Cover
OK, you are nervous, for the first date with him. hm what should do, what shouldn't do? confused? Let's check it out the Secrets for dating:

* DONT PSYCHE YOURSELF OUT. You will undoubtedly be pumped and excited, but stay grounded. This doesn't mean to throw your expectations out the window - it merely means to give some window for error. The pressure associated with perfection is enough to turn a perfectly awesome date into a date feeling awkward by trying to appear perfect.
* ALLOW SPONTANEITY. Let yourself be open to unorthodox or unexpected date ideas. Guys all harbor romantic and sentimental feelings and often will do silly things whilst believing it to be charming. If he has been holding out on an amazing surprise date and it turns out you are guys are just making each other peanut butter marshmallow sandwiches, let it happen! Have fun and take delight in the fact that he is doing it to try to please you. Plus, wouldn't you much rather enjoy a cozy night at home than spend a night out in this economy?
* CONQUERING FIRST-DATE JITTERS. Often, you will become so overcome with nervousness that it's very helpful to have an outlet to let it all out. Call up a friend for a pre-date pep talk. Let his or her words of encouragements reignite you to your normally fun self. We can't help but be biased by our first impressions so help yourself show him the best first impression you can AKA you are at your MOST natural.
* DONT QUESTION HIS PRIDE. Does he think he is amazing at Chemistry or is the next Michael Jordan? Don't take the teasing too far. He is trying to appear presentable for you and is just nervous. Make light of it and steer the conversation in a direction you want it to take.
* YOUR DATE IS NOT THE STORY OF YOUR LIFE. The process of dating is course of many dates - NOT just one. Rather than tell him every single detail about you, reveal it slowly. Let it be a cliff-hanger with him always wanting more. Similarly, if you had a bad day, it is not your chance to unleash everything. You might feel that if he wants to be your boyfriend, that he should be genuinely interested in all the problems in your life and how he might alleviate them. However that is simply not how the human psyche operates. He will care, but only so much as he has his own problems. Let the date be a chance for a happy and relaxing hang-out, not a chance to exchange problems and drown each other in pessimism. Emotion is easily conveyed so rather than transfer negativity, transfer positivity and let that happiness overcome whatever troubles you may be experiencing.

Recommended books (downloadable pdfs):

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James Friesen - The Fine Art Of Attraction And Seduction
Glad - Marriage Tips And Traps

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