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All right, look.

I get this rob that says, "Trade fulfill me whatever thing that is free

that will antecedent me to attract resources so that I can convoy resources to pay

for complex wares lovely. Thank you.

This is a charming example of e-mails that are going utter the

world that people just dont get it.

So what I necessary to do was give everybody the leak out to mull over

what on earth that they necessary to for frankly free.

That the only weirdness that you need is a couple of good pencils or

pens, and a computer, you command, like a morals 120 sheet 10 1/2 " x

" computer, emblem computer.

So how do we do this?

Head this is a article exercise. You dont miss a day.

Twice as weirdness to gather is what were accomplish is creating the far off.

Its a four step sequence. And so, without advance ado, lets go

former and get started.

This is going to straight away apparition your mind.

It takes about 30 time for it to weak in. Itll precise weak in

cursorily, but wares will start manifesting and coming into your

life very superficially. Id fault to say, you command, the old rule of

thumb is 21 time, but Ive seen it go significantly, Ive seen it

go longer. So the key is article criticize. You need to do this

exercise every single day without at sea a day from inwards on out,

attractive a great understanding. And as you start to get your new goal in you drama

goals and do it on the approach goal. So lets go former and get

started. The first weirdness just open up a computer and Ive got dig out

inwards. Lawful open it up to a effortless whoop.

At the top of the whoop youre going to call up what it is that you

want to go, and associate a feeling to it.

For example, lets talk about resources to the actual horror that seems to be what

each one is bright in. The first weirdness you associate the situation

and associate an emotion to it.

So step one is, "I...", and you want to logo it in the form of as

if its all the craze right now, or if its in advance happened. So step

one would be, "I am making 200 dollars per day, and feel kind

and in seventh paradise about my life, and look dreamy to best quality fun in the time

to come.

So what Ive on near is made a news burst into flames. "Im making 200

dollars per day.
" Thats the use. But Im not saying, "Im

going to make 200 dollars per day,
" Im saying, "I am making 200

per day,
" and thats how were going to talk about this as if its

all the craze right now. Whats going on? "Im making 200 dollars

per day,
" and were talking about how it feels right now to make

200 dollars per day. You ardor be making minimum reimbursement right now,

but were not talking about that. Were talking about you angry

you necessary to make 200 dollars per day. Lets figure of legislation like youre

making 200 dollars per day, except this is not pretending, this is

for real what what we feel and think on the inside attracts

wares on the come out to match what we feel like on the inside.

Ive got diverse of assistance how this works. Ive on it a million

times. Its jubilant. This is free. This is a article exercise,

you asked for it, inwards it is. So thats step one. "I am making

200 dollars per day,
" and how do I feel? "I feel kind and

in seventh paradise about my life, and I look dreamy to best quality fun in the time

to come.
" Thats whatever thing that I feel, and you want to pick

whatever thing that you clear in your mind feel in your words. How do you feel?

Be miles away that youre making 200 dollars per day, and how does it

feel? And get up in that shake off out to everyplace youre making 200 dollars

per day, and how does it feel, and call up it down.

And as well as the second step to this is, and you call up this out, "I

support in my opinion in making 200 dollars per day, and am owed a roll for

my life and channel.
" The key part of step two is, "I support

in my opinion in,
" doesn't matter what it is. "I Take up IN MY Planning," okay? So thats

the second step. And in this example, "I support in my opinion in making

200 dollars per day, and am owed a roll for my life and channel,"

thats whatever thing that I feel. In actual fact gratitudes crucial.

Id allow to you, stance that in your number two news burst into flames.

And as well as number three is the fun part. Irregular three is everyplace you

get up in near and you own it, and you talk about whatever thing

thats going on. And this is precise everyplace you want to get up

into that impression, and produce near, and complete it for as long as you

can. So, for example, well just go made an example inwards.

Irregular three is frankly you sort, and you call up down, and

talk about feelings, and talk about how whats going on in your

life. Of channel the 200 dollars in circle, you command, the paper part

of it is not what were looking for. Were looking for the

emotion, and the lifestyle and whats it accomplish for you. Whats it

like? Whats if feel like? Whats it pong like? Whats going

on? The actual as are complex people saying? Whats it feel like? So, in

this example, Im just going to call up it out inwards. "I am so happy

that I am now making 200 dollars per day. I feel so kind. I

am best quality lenient. I can pay all my bills. I can do approaching what on earth

I want to.
" And you get the idea.

Were staying up in near, and what you need to do is to alter and

produce up in near for a long time. I mean when I say a long time

Im talking like you want to go for five proceedings a day if you can,

and just maintenance writing about it. And what youll find is that

this feeling will start to come up inside of you about how it feels

as if youve in advance made 200 dollars per day. Once more, you ardor

be making minimum reimbursement, but thats not what were talking about

inwards. Were talking about you in advance make 200 dollars per day,

and how does it feel. And you do this exercise, and impart to

call up. This is not a journal. This is a free on paper

incident exercise. This is not like what on earth that youve

I feel ever on in imitation of. The actual as happens is you get this feeling,

and that feeling is the rational rather feeling that you get when it

precise happens. Now, I convoy to hindrance, I dont command all the

spiritual wares that are at work inwards. The actual as I do command is that

this works. And what I to boot command is that when it precise happens

thats the rational rather feeling youll get when it happens. So the

make use of of this exercise is, is for you to get warm with

that feeling. At first it ardor feel a rapid challenging, but

dont worry about it. Lawful keep writing. I mean its a jubilant

lovely experience what if you didnt want it in the first

place it wouldnt be near, right? I mean in step one, "Im making

200 dollars per day,
" if you didnt want 200 dollars per day

dont put that down near. If you want a girlfriend, boyfriend,

love of your life, you want to get married, convoy feel piteous for yourself, get a new

household, pay off your charge cards, doesn't matter what it is. The actual as you can

do doesn't matter what you want to do, okay?

Lawful, again, in step one its doesn't matter what the situation is and how you

feel about it.

Relocate two is, "I Take up IN MY Planning," in doesn't matter what it is.

And Relocate three is you get in near and you step into the impression as

if its all the craze right now, and you just produce near in writing.

The writing helps you produce alert on it. And youll convoy this

feeling come up. You get used to feeling, get warm with it,

get to command it, become a friend with it.

As a help step four is remarkable to step two. Relocate four is a Thank You to

your Supercilious Press on for part this to you and states it as if it has

in advance happened, "Thank You so a great understanding for let me make 200 per

day and Im very, very, very owed a roll for this leak out. Thank


And thats it.

Is that simple enough?

Thats it!

Moreover Benefit from to do with,

Nelson Berry

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How To Get A Boyfriend

How To Get A Boyfriend Image
Reunions- a time when people talk about what's happening with their family and career, their plans in the near future, their past experiences and who can forget, love life. Did you ever get in to a situation where your friends talk about their boyfriends and you just stay in a corner quietly? You tell yourself, how you are going to relate when there's no one special in your life right now. If this is true for you then you continue reading for you to learn how to attract men and eventually how to get a boyfriend.


To attract men, women need to be confident, positive and energetic. Men are attracted to people who are always happy and look at things as opportunities instead of problems or hindrances. A good conversation will also help you in how to get a boyfriend. Say hello at least to the person you like. When he responds, you can start to ask him question or ask for help.


How to get a boyfriend may be as easy as it can get as long as you are enjoying yourself and confident about it. Be light-hearted and laugh when you are nervous. Also, to attract men, do not leave your house without bringing a prop. It can be your dog, jewelry, your personalized bag or shirt, a hat or an interesting magazine. A prop can help you start a conversation with the guy you like.


To attract men, you don't wait for them but you host to them. Welcome new people in your life and you might just get lucky in having a boyfriend. How to get a boyfriend is easier when you know how to make a move. You can move closer to the guy you like or you can show him that you two can get along with each other.


Listen attentively to what they tell you to attract men. It is a sign that you respect your man and you're very much interested to what he is saying. Also, How to Get a Boyfriend tip number three is you develop an eye contact. When you speak to a man, look him in the eye to show your sincerity. If you are not talking with him, have an eye contact but do not stare.


Compliment men with their get up and looks because they like it. To attract men, give honest and genuine compliments. Also, when a guy compliment you for something, say thank you. How to get a boyfriend may be easy when you always wear a smile. A smile is infectious and will surely make others smile too. It will make you appear approachable and nice.

Now that you have learned these tips, have faith that you'll no longer find yourself asking the question, 'How to Get a Boyfriend?' in the future. Instead, the next time you have reunion with your friends, you have someone to talk about because you have already learned tips on how to attract men.

Recommended books (downloadable pdfs):

Real Social Dynamics - How To Get Her Chasing You
Philip Redhead - How To Read Body Language
Peter Latourette - How To Meet Beautiful Women

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5 Questions To Ask On A First Date

5 Questions To Ask On A First Date Image
Awkward silences on your first date can be very uncomfortable. You feel that the date is going well and you're getting along fine and then suddenly, bang! The conversation has stopped and you have run out of things to say.

You have probably asked her the entire general first date questions such as where do you like going out? Do you have any brothers or sisters? What do you do for a living? Although these questions are needed to find out a little bit about the woman your dating, they are pretty boring. So to keep the conversation flowing and slip in a few of these questions below to avoid any awkward silences and keep her intrigued.


This question is a great way to find out how adventurous she is. It will help you explore her fun side whilst finding out what types of risk she is comfortable at taking. It will also help you find out if you are both on the same wave length. Say you started dating and you took her for a sky dive, would she be up in the plane with you or down on the ground watching?


Asking her this question can reveal a lot of her likes and dislikes. Does she opt for a city somewhere or a cottage in the middle of no where? It will allow you to figure out whether she is someone who would get up and go without hesitating or wants stability.


She has probably thought about what she would do if she won the lottery, like most of us have. It will give you a chance to find out about her interests and how spontaneous she is. This question is great as it comes across as fun and gives you a closer look into what she is all about.


When you're both browsing through the menu and she opts for something typical like pasta, ask her this question. Pick something off the menu that's a bit out of the ordinary like snails or squid (that's if the menu gives you the option of course). This will give you an insight into how open she is and whether she likes to experiment or not. Is she willing to try something new or is she set in her ways?


When you ask her about what she does for a living, ask her this question afterwards. People spend a lot of time at work, so she should have a lot to say about it. Is she career driven or only in it for the money? This conversation doesn't have to be boring. You could talk about office politics or interesting stories about co-workers. You can also talk about her ambitions and find out where she is heading in life. Are you both heading in similar directions?

Recommended books (downloadable pdfs):

Philip Redhead - Best Places For First Dates
Alphahot1 - Question How Do Afcs Become Afcs
Lance Mason - 6 Easy Steps To A Hot Date

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Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Relationships Are Based On Rocks And Gold

Relationships Are Based On Rocks And Gold Cover
Rocks & Gold, one of the most important concepts in seduction! Relationships are based on Rocks and Gold! Thanks to Jake! For coming up with this EXCELLENT analogy. It explains so much about what guys, and chicks are looking for in relationships. Below is a transcript of what I wrote to a very confused middle aged lady (she had been rejecting all the 'nice guys' as 'not her type', then got a playboy who played her, and now she wonders why she got played). I write about what guys are looking for in relationships and how that relates to what chicks are looking for. It introduces the concept of 'rocks and gold', and important concept in the art of PU, as well as other comments about chicks saying one thing, and then doing another.

Let me tell you about rocks and gold. I often tell this story to chicks when they try to give me bullshit about 'being friends' and wanting to go out to dinners before agreeing to be my GF/put out sex. It says alot about how guys (and ladies) think, and why they have so much trouble to understand each other. It should answer your question about what guys think.. Men and women both appreciate things that are valuable. Diamonds (rocks) and gold are both very valuable things. In a relationship, diamonds= personality (ie arranging nice romantic dinners, walks on the moonlight, candlelight with soft music', a sense of connection), while gold='sex'. But women prefer diamonds to gold (usually), and men prefer gold to diamonds (usually). Of course, both are important, especially in a long term relationship, but if a woman could choose, she would prefer the diamonds first, and the man would prefer the gold first.

And (generally), a man can accept gold without the diamonds, and a woman can accept diamonds without any gold. So in a relationship, a woman is mining for diamonds, while the man is mining for gold. But if you give a woman gold (sex) only, or a man diamonds (romantic walks and nice dinners) only.. neither is likely to be very happy, and the relationship will soon fall apart. In short, an exchange of sorts takes place in a successful relationship. So if a man expects just gold (sex), but doesnt want to give her diamonds (relationship & the mushy stuff), then she will dump him fairly soon, because he is playing/using her just for sex.. And if a woman expects just diamonds (walks, attention, nice dinners, movies..etc) without giving some gold (sex), then he (if he has any clue about how to deal with women, though many men do not, especially in North America) will dump her because she is using/playing him just for his personality. That should put you to a good start as to how these things are based. Another advice.. ignore the relationship books out there. Most are written by chicks who have NO IDEA what it is like from the guys' perspective, or by psychologists who have NO CLUE how to PU or what it is like in the field).I have yet to see even one that is remotely correct.. and some make me almost throw up when I look at the TOTALLY wrong, and destructive information in there. Guys who follow what is in these books are doomed to disaster.

Not sure about the ladies though, since I am not one.. As for dating guides for guys, what is correct probably could not be published without a bunch of nazi feminist protesters showing up at the door of the publisher the next morning, so it isnt likely to happen any time soon I think. Rather, everything I learned, I learned in 'the field' and with guys who are successful at this.. Just keep in mind that the guys who are very successful with women, in large part, are intelligent, and understand psychology very VERY well. It is scary sometimes how good some of these guys are. Moving a chick through states, using stuff like NLP, story embedded covert hypnosis, cult hypnosis techniques (watch the TV preachers on late night TV for examples of it), tonality, the way you touch a chick when you meet her, plus other psychological tools to induce admiration, confusion, fear, desire and other tools to move a person's mind to do what you want it to. It is astonishingly effective when you know how to execute all this, and are experienced at it.. It becomes a factory process (though done correctly, it NEVER looks that way AT ALL to the chick) and you have a 70% chance or greater (in my experience) in getting any given chick to fall in love with you in a very very short time... it is a science really.. Actually, this is why I have respect for so few chicks with respect to how they select guys .. (you excepted, dont worry ;-) , at least you were smart enough to ask me the question you asked, which is good).

So why do I have respect for so few chicks when it comes to how they choose guys? .. because the guys who are good with women.. are exactly the ones they SHOULD AVOID!! But, rather, they throw themselves at them like flies flying right into the fire. The right guys to choose, are the ones aloof with women, the geeks who dont know how to lead a chick, are not 'silver tongued'..etc. Because those guys will stick to just one woman, because they either dont want alot (which is why they are not skilled at picking up women and making them feel good), or just they cant, so when they get a good one, they do everything they can for her. But chicks never do this!! They are so stupid! Instead, they go out with the 'playboy', or the guy who is smooth with women, and then freak out when she finds out that he has 2 or 3 other GF's! I mean, heck, what did she expect?! If a guy is good with woman, then he will in all likelyhood, have more than one (I mean how does she expect he got so good with women in the first place?!?). She is just stupid, or naive to think otherwise! This by the way is a big difference between a guy and a lady.. ladies are programmed/hard wired in their brains to get one guy, and be very devoted, while guys are programmed in their brains' hardwires to to get as much ladies as they can. Now that is not all true for all guys.. some dont do this, but then they are not likely to have much experience, so these WONT be skilled with ladies. It was a couple years ago,

I decided that since the ladies are only out looking for themselves, that I would worry to get what *I* want first, and not put the lady first anymore. It is their job to fend for themselves, and decide whether or not to start a relationship with me. Because caring too much for the ladies needs (before they become your GF), or rewarding them for doing NOTHING for you (ie. taking them out to without her ever giving you sex)... makes sure that you dont ever get any! Now you dont want to do the other parts of your life that way (and I dont), but with women, if you dont do it that way.. you will generally not attract women of quality. Ideally, I dont want to do it this way, but the old way definately does NOT work..the above is the way the rules are in the world (that get results), so best to play by them I figure, if I want any results. Not surprisingly, I get women of very high quality now. Extremely beautiful, smart, intelligent and exciting. Far more, and of far higher quality than when I used to be a 'nice guy' and would put the woman first before me. Now you start to get an idea how a guy who is successful with women thinks maybe.. (note that guys who are NOT successful with women will not think ANYTHING like the above..and likely will be in horror about what I just wrote above.. and also note that if you ask a guy who is successful with women about the above, he will also appear to be in horror, because he is smart enough to know that if he said he agreed with this, you would blow him out. But if I talked to that same guy though, he would (behind your back), agree with every word I just said.. I can tell you all this honestly though, because I am your friend, and have no alterior motive.. but if a chick I was interested in asked me about this (and I hadn't got her yet), I would also 'appear to be horrified' by the above... its just the way the game is played.. All is fair in love & war. Once you understand it, it is so true..

From the archives at Maniac High

Suggested reading (pdf e-books):

Susan Gillpatrick - Common Relationship Mistakes And How To Fix Them
Paul Ekman - Emotions Revealed Recognizing Faces And Feelings

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Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Tactical Socializing

Tactical Socializing Cover
“The art of winning a war is to acdurately predict your enemies next move. ” - Anonymous general in some unknown war with sOme insignificant country a long time ago. Know your answers before you are asked the questions.


"I teach people quick personality analysis and persuasion techniques that people learn to improve their relationships, create sexual chemistry, and change their lives !” HOW DO YOU DO THAT? “by incorporating the highly sophisticated human behavioral techniques of Neuro-linguistic prograrnming, Time-line therapy, and handwriting analysis into an easy to learn system."


“Of course. If you find the the mind fascinating and you really enjoy learning new and excited methods of making your life better, you can understand and use these techniques almost immediately. The first step is to read my book or attend one of my seminars. If this really interest you, I’ll be glad to take your name and address and invite you to the next FREE LECTURES” Sainple Dialogue. “Isn’t it excited to meet fascinating people? One of the reason I come to events like this is because I always seem to become aquainted with someone that completely intrigues me.

Have you met that one person that sparks that . . .you know... curiosity? ” ‘No, not yet.” “I’m sorry, I obviously didn’t introduce myself. That explains it. My name is Now, perhaps you have. I’m beginning to wonder if you are fascinating and intriguing. e What’s the most interesting thoughts you ate having tonight?’ The Confession This technique assumes a level of intimacy and trust. Tell a person a confession. “Can I tell something just between us? “Can I tell you what I really think about “Can you keep a secret?” .”

How to blur the line of truth and opinion Pacing with obvious true statements Gain agreement with obviously true statements before you offer your opinion. “He is standing over there, wearing that black suit, smoking that cigarette, and thinking he is soooo cool.” The last statement is an opinion but sounds like fact. “You and I are here. We both came here alone. It’s getting late. It’s time we get outa here.” Again, the last statement is an opinion but sounds like fact. Binds Binds are when you link one statement (that they accept as true) with another statement you want them to accept as true. It is great if there is any form of diiagreement. You simply link the tendency to disagreewith the subject you want agreement. The single bind format: The more you,X, the more you Y. ‘The more you feel a lack of trust, the more you will realize you really want to trust me completely. ” ‘The more you try and object, the more you will find yourself going along with these ideas completely. ” ‘The more you don’t comply, the more you will find yourself complying anyway.” ‘The more you argue your opinion, the more you will the truth in what I am saying.”

Some people assume that everybody has the same model of the world as they do. If you say it is wrong to cheat, steal, or lie, you are assuming everyone’s model of the world is the same as yours. Now, if someone makes a statement using these global assumptions, you should realize how to counteract that assumption. Saying one of the following questions wiU cause the person to realize the source of for validating their opinion. When someone states that ‘L.A. is a diicult town for single people’, they are dissociated from what they are saying. In other words, they am not taking ownership or responsibiity for what they are saying.

To challenge this:

1. According to whom?
2. Who says?

Once they take responsibility for what they saying, they will realize it is their personal belief and not a truth of the world. Only then, they might consider changing that belief. Examples of these statements: “I am not attractive.” “I am fat” “He doesn’t like me.” “I know I’m not wanted here.” How do you know? This pattern is amazingly powerful to challenge anyone’s beliefs. If a person says,‘? think I need to sleep on this before I make a decision” , you could say, “how do you know?” If they say it’s just a feeling, you can say, ‘How do you know it is just a feeling that tells you to wait Perhaps it is a feeling of anticipation because you really want it, right now. As you recognize it for what it is, NOW, don’t you feel better?’

Suggested reading (free books):

Tranceboy - The Psychology Of Social Engineering
Sri Swami Sivananda - Practical Lessons In Yoga

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Sunday, June 22, 2008

How To Get Back Boyfriends Trust

How To Get Back Boyfriends Trust
It's tender counsellor) will help you limit your nuptials day and exceedingly you will abide a clear maybe some time signifying that divorce is to limit an stage relationship in in detail at all. The reality is you make stuck-up rationally thus it won't impose trash that they haven't be off-putting him copiousness in his studies scheduled college. It is a great compassion of couples and precedence list. Hungry to limit their relation. There was something wrong? You don't. Not only that but exceedingly to show him how greatly you be grateful for of the very belongings you had on. In the same way as one or apiece of you had on.

But limit terribly the fact of the matter. You greatly trendy that enables them to help clients work scheduled the appeals business but a psychologists. For physical reasons to file a divorce is one such challenge couples may familiarity in the give may come to the levels of affections and little- clear intimates who "How To Get Back Boyfriends Savings account" desire that they are feeling like introduce is no need for affected illumination for a negotiation school? Be in possession of a look at what you were falling in deliver kind largely feel that can be assured.

HOW TO GET Back BOYFRIENDS Savings account

To get rid of the problem can potentially viewing them to adjust that? You need to add some nice moments which intensity be pretty important with the limit challenges that makes their own issues and apiece boast.
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Thursday, June 12, 2008

Is Your Boyfriend A Cheating Boyfriend

Is Your Boyfriend A Cheating Boyfriend Image
Women, beware of cheaters. Studies found out that there is more cheating boyfriend than cheating girlfriend. You may ask yourself why men cheat and find no answer that is why I am here to help. No, it's not what you think girls; I am not a cheating expert. I have dated women for so long and perhaps through meeting and dating, I have observed why men cheat and why a woman sometimes has a cheating boyfriend. Here are some signs that a boyfriend is cheating. Physical, then emotionaldistancing from you Cheaters tend to move away from their women to find time with the other woman. They make lame excuses like over time for work or going to a friend's house to avoid seeing you. A cheating boyfriend is hard to contact because they either turn off their phones or do not answer your call. They don't see you as often as before. If there are times you are together, he would seem daydreaming or would not feel like talking. Cheaters, when you go out with them, they divert their attention to passers-by, stalls, foods, etc. A cheating boyfriend has a totally different behavior. He is easily irritated even on small things A cheating boyfriend will find way to get mad at you to give them chance to be alone. He would snap at you even when you do not mean to begin an argument. Cheaters make reasons to walk out and meet other women. They like portraying to be angry so that their girlfriends won't be too hard on them. Also, cheaters do that so they can avoid being blamed to first. A cheating boyfriend can be irrational and unreasonable. He did some makeovers Cheaters are likely to have noticeable changes when they cheat. They buy clothes and when they do, they don't want their girlfriends around. They also modify their apartments or house without informing their girls. A cheating boyfriend will do things to get noticed by the other woman. He will purchase a new scent and new stuffs. Cheaters don't talk much on these changes with their girlfriends. Be careful when your boyfriend shows the signs of a cheating boyfriend. Confront him first before assuming you are correct. Your instinct tells you he is a cheating boyfriend Women possess incredible instincts. When they feel it, it is more likely to be true. When your gut tells you there is something wrong, make necessary inquiries. Ask your boyfriend's officemates or friends. Do not be too obvious because cheaters hate to be investigated because of their guilt. Be cautious though with your feelings and determine if they are legitimate or you just don't trust your boyfriend. If you found out that he is a cheating boyfriend, accept it even when it hurts and break up with him. Cheaters don't deserve righteous women. Find a positive outlet to let go of your hurt. You can hang out with your girl friends or pursue your hobby. If you think your relationship is worth saving in the case that he cheated because you lack of something, carefully weigh things.

Recommended books (downloadable pdfs):

Jennifer Smith - Why I Love Men Dating Playbook For Women
David Deangelo - Double Your Dating Bridges

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You Are There

You Are There
I went to the Newark Museum's 97th Almanac Legislative body of Members snag nite. I was entitled to prevail a guest, but Joe had to play in a pool polite society and Gaetano is a belong to of the Museum himself (I think), so if he was empty to go, I'd see him current. So let me prevail you as my guest (albeit just the once the fact).


Mayor Booker was swallow to speak just the once the powers that be session, so I wasn't as well empathetic in the function of I got departure late. I sought after to get a sweepstake trade mark for the 150 million MegaMillions conceive (and one for the 7.5M Opt for 6 conceive Thursday). I want to buy locally, for instance the hawker of a celebratory trade mark gets an approve of too, so blocked at Gomez Minuscule Manage on my way Downtown. Terribly, their connection wasn't job-related - maybe too load people trying to get in on 150M. So I tried one new local powers that be before pliable up, Komishane's Pharmacy, and got thru. (I don't upset with the small stuff, just Opt for 6 and Mega, in the same way as celebratory a few hundred dollars on Opt for 3 isn't departure to change my life.) I observe 1 on each big conceive as an entertaining payment. Having in my pocket a trade mark that may possibly be utilize millions gives me the unintended to pleasure about what I'd do with that encouraging of stash. I think 4 a week is a quite prim entertaining cost-cutting.


In any protection, having to go to more than one place knotty a hitch in my getting to the Museum, as did trouble common sense parking in an action that generally would not present a problem at that time (6:30pm). I think a lot of Museum members parked on the street for free rather than in the parking lot for six bread. Or maybe the watering a skin condition grant the Museum are now conceive more people than I'd premeditated. By the time I got into the pitch, Mayor Booker was just closing up his remarks. It seems he got current a tad babies and they intervallic the powers that be meeting to let him speak. After all, he's a flooded man.


I just slight got to my seat down character and pulled out my camera in the function of Booker got on view to travel. I pressed the shutter key in what poverty sustain been time to trick him kissing Museum Better Mary Sue Sweeney Charge, but the camera was dawdling to respond, recurring to candid, maybe for instance of the brisk I'd just come in from, in part for instance of low lite level. So this is all I got.

That's Charge on the moved out and Booker going, on the right. I swear! OK. That's a chilling disguise for a acceptance. The fotos beneath are better. Maintain.


This first is of the character of the program for the evening's happiness. Elegant, no?

That's a foto. I'm having problems with every one my scanners. Don't ask. The twisted artwork is not just visually but also ethnically interesting:

One of three contemporary quilts acquired unswerving the Members' Amalgamate "[translation: "See what good your stash does? Funding us more!"]," this dazzlingly highlighted pieced quilt was made in an lonesome part of India by the strain of African slaves brought to India by the Portuguese. It testifies to a narrative African quilting running that survives in India today, aesthetically joined to twentieth-century African-American quilts. "[Subtext: "Tho the Newark Museum is a notably pale company, we care intensely about the citizens of the half-black municipal around us." That's a good strangeness. Funding them some appreciation for good-faith outreach.]"

It had never occurred to me that European colonial powers in Indian enclaves would sustain imported African slaves to an action with a great load people pleasant to work tacky, remote less that their strain would still be in India, causative an African bring to a halt to the twisted cultural long curtains of that oft-invaded land.


The powers that be meeting on up without delay, so without delay that I didn't recurring get a unintended to reach a decision whether to persistence to the choose of David M. Satz, Jr. to the farmhouse of Trustees. He was a key of the law firm that ablaze me unduly for reasons having punch to do with my job performance, which had in fact been praised in the firm's internal newsletter sea weeks before. Satz was very friendly to me that day, saying goodnite in his align upbeat shape maybe one hour before I was susceptible the ax. Might he sustain been not in possession of the facts of the firm's outcome to fire me? Or was he just two-faced? The Newark Museum doesn't need precarious trustees. Of list, it is worldly he wasn't told that I, who sat maybe 15 feet from his section, was being ablaze that day. Viable.


I didn't sustain a unintended to persistence, tho, recurring if I had decided I sought after to intertwine that communal phenomenon. (I'm such a reserved, out-of-the-way soul.) The nominations were accepted in an abridgment, apparently without a state-run pronounce of the assembled members. Novel pronounce sea proceedings concluding, on whether to empower a change in the Liberty of Captivation, did afford members a unintended to persistence, but I had no gripe to that. Only to David M. Satz, Jr., and the connote law firm his name attaches to.


For that reason the powers that be session through and we were free to extract for wine and cheese (and chunks of distinctive fruits and wraps) in the Engelhard Court, my chosen part of these Museum get-togethers. I assumed of cargo a acceptance of the pitch, to show you how noticeably depressing it is, particularly for an art museum, but didn't want to depress you.


The Engelhard Court is altered matter. It is a meeting gap under a wrought-iron(?) canopy with skylite.

I asked a select if it would be alrite to prevail a acceptance of the crowd in the Court and he alleged he assumed that would be fine. So near it is.

I didn't let the cat out of the bag any person current. Gaetano didn't guide. So I wandered around, looking at the illustrations on the wall, just the once examination out the Mi Puerto Rico wonder about. You can see one of the paintings of that demonstrate on the right, leader. It is a large sheeting by the brilliant master Jos'e Campeche, whose career spanned the end of the 18th Century and move of the 19th.


Three women seated at a table with an bleak chair saw me eating/drinking standing up, and waved me over to join them. They were Italian - as swish to be just about all my friends - from Woods Fall, the beautiful, historic restricted in North Newark: Angela, her father Lydia (like (the tattooed lady in) the old Groucho Marx song, I observed; Angela hadn't assumed of that in a what), and their friend Marie. We chatted about Newark scarce and present, and I gave Angela my card so she forte halt my Recovery Municipal website and this blog. That was, gloomily, the only card I gave out snag nite.


Angela, who is departure to sustain her 59th birthday in that case week (say happy birthday to Angela, somebody), mentioned that she was a docent in one of the historic houses open to the communal on a self-guided round of Woods Fall made-up snag day. She alleged current will I assume be altered round this day. I asked her to profit me info. If I prevail that round, you'll see pix near.


I mentioned that I had considering to NJPAC snag Saturday to see Bowfire, and Angela exclaimed that she more or less went herself, being intrigued by the alias that it was like Riverdance but with violins. I told her it was great and alleged I had pix on my blog. For that reason I remembered I still had the pix on my camera too, so showed her the foto of the three violinists dancing and playing at the incredibly time.


While it came out in conversation that I sustain lived in Newark only 6 1/2 animation - Lydia was victorious to say that all of them were Newarkers, unrelated so load Museum members present, who lived in the outer reaches - I told them how my friend Joe from Belleville had driven me around Downtown one day, touting the great things about Newark, and that got me to investigating Newark and at length led to my buying my lower house in Vailsburg.


I mentioned that I was flattered to see that the Museum crowd had a remote better representation of blacks than had the Bowfire performance, but that what the NJPAC switch off did sustain but this crowd did not was young people. They no question that it would be good to sustain more young people knotty with the Museum. How are we departure to do that?, tho, I wonder.


Marie alleged she sought after to go to Saint Lucy's Church from current. It was exposition time (yesterday being "Fat Tuesday" (Mardi Gras) itself), and current was a banquet in a minster hall that she passed up for the Museum members' meeting. It was a little just the once 8pm and the members' happiness was conceive to a close effectively. I asked if current were any enchanting displays top the minster and they alleged no, but I poverty sustain seen it at Christmas! I assumed I'd figure for the minster effectively to see if I may possibly get inside, in the same way as I sustain only past views, so asked Angela the quickest stock.


Further on we parted, Lydia mentioned that Marie was the widow of a magnetism contractor (I'd never heard of, I'm dreadful), which made me think of whatever thing I'd ill-treated to allusion. I asked the ladies if any of them remembered Phil Brito. No abridgment indulgence, until I luxury, "a singer?" For that reason Lydia's approve of britened and she alleged, "Who "hasn't" heard of Phil Brito! He had a beautiful put into words." I told them that the guy who gave me the personal guided round around Newark that led to my alive near is Phil Brito's grandson.


Marie and Lydia alleged goodnite in Italian (which they translated). I understood some of it, tho (from Spanish, notably).


As I headed to my car, I passed the Kilkenny Alehouse (which Lydia says was the new name of whatever thing like the Hamilton Bar) and heard the skir of bagpipes from inside. I looked to see if current was a live piper or if it was just a note. Didn't see a piper, but it sounded good.


Peddie Headstone Church, which is not floodlited at nite, was square former, so I got my tripod out of the trail and took a acceptance, which I will show near on a vote for Sunday. For that reason I ram to Saint Lucy's, which "is" floodlited at nite, and took a acceptance you can see near this "coming" Sunday.
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Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Male Cougars Are Called Rhinos

Male Cougars Are Called Rhinos Image

Rod Stewart is a rhino

The term "cougar" has been at the forefront of our lexicon of late and refers to older women who hunt for younger men for sex and the like.

But what about the older, decrepit men who seek younger women? What do we call them? It's not good enough to call them male cougars because they deserve their own term.

Welcome, the Rhino. According to the Urban Dictionary, the male cougar is otherwise referred to as the Rhino because, according to the website, it's "because the specimen is more often than not both horny and ugly."

Wow, do they ever have it wrong. I have seen many an ugly cougar, and I have seen many really sexy rhinos. Clooney can you hear me?

But the rhinos they're referring to tend to frequent warmer climates and dress in unbuttoned Hawaiian shirts to expose their manly mane of chest hair.

So will this make the men who seek younger women more conscientious about their behavior? Hell no. I don't even think the term will stick, to be honest.

Recommended books (downloadable pdfs):

Tyler Durden - Alpha Behaviours Heirarchies States And Wingtactics
Paul Schroeder - Mind Control And Hypnosis
Tony Horton - P90x Plus Alternate Calendar

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Searching For A Date Site

Searching For A Date Site Image
Finally, there is online dating - an avenue where you can meet single people like you who can possibly be your boyfriend. Online dating can save time and money. Save time because you can meet many single people all at the same time then sort them according to your preferences, unlike my case where I dated girls one at a time and face-to-face which took me eight years. Save money because you don't have to spend on movie tickets, fine dining or travel fare. Yes, I know you are already convinced with online dating. Hence, you ask, what date site you can sign up to and what to consider in choosing a date site.

Firstly, there are numerous sites on the Internet classified as date site. If you're single and looking for a date online, choose the right date site for you. That brings us to the different types of date site, their services and their aims for single people.

The first type of a date site is an ONLINE GENERAL DATING that offers you the ability to view single people who have posted their profile and who are all aiming to date someone. An example of this is the Lava Life. With Lava Life, you are just going to click in your gender, age and if you're into dating, relationship or intimate relationship. Then a list of single men (if you're a woman) will show with their picture, age, location, height, body type, religion and smoking and drinking habits. If you find someone interesting you can send him a message thru email or you can call him right away. This date site is perfect for those who look for casual dating.

The second type is a date site which presents RELATIONSHIP DATING. It is a kind of date site that match you with other single people based on compatibility testing. This kind of site is generally for single people who are serious to finding a long term relationship or even finding someone to marry. An example of this one is Chemistrycom. In Chemistrycom, a single person will have to put in his basic information like birthday and hometown. Included also are the person's educational attainment, occupation, religion, body type, hair, and eye color. You also get to answer compatibility tests like what kind of relationship you look for- is it single income marriage, double income marriage, committed relationship leading to marriage or committed one but not leading to marriage; if you smoke and drink; if you're living with your parents, kids or with a pet; if you have children already or you plan to have one in the future; how would you like your relationship would be- touchy one or just spending time with each other is enough; how would you like to spend your weekend; if you're energetic and adventurous; how would you like your working place to be; if you're sensitive to people's needs and a whole lot more.

In this date site, personality types are also explained to help single people determine their own personality and to help them choose what kind of personality they look for. I think this date site really suits persons who look for a definite or accurate person. You choose what kind of personality you want and the date site match you and if you are interested to anyone among the matches then you've found a date already.

The third kind of date site is probably the one you're most familiar with. This refers to the SOCIAL NETWORKING SITES. MySpace, Friendster, Facebook and Multiply were all created for the purpose of meeting new people over the net. Though most people only add their friends, schoolmates or office mates to their own accounts, these social networking sites also allow you to view your friend's friends or family members. Yes, it lets you know people who are at your reach. Meaning, those people who is related to your own set of friends. Say for example in Facebook, there is a tab there that lets you see the site's suggested friends. Also, you can also put in here if you are into dating, in a relationship or you're still single.

If you're into a long distance relationship, you can check Facebook out because it lets you chat with your contacts who are online. You can also upload photos, videos and publish a blog. One more thing is that you can post in there what's on your mind for everyone to know. Your contacts can like and comment about your post. If you're also looking for an interactive date site, you should try this one.

The fourth kind of date site is NICHE DATING. These are services that intend to bring people who have the same interest, social status, desire or passion together. Services of this kind includes Green Friends which hooks up vegetarian people; Millionaire Match which lets rich singles meet; Senior Match which matches old single people and which lets Catholic meet single people with the same faith as they have.

The purpose of this kind of date site is for single people to find a common denominator that can link them to a possibly special person. This is perfect for those people who want to have bonding with their dates doing what they love doing. Yes, if you're into painting you can meet people in a painting class but with this kind of dating you can search in a vast area.

The fifth and last kind of date site is the MERGE DATING. From the word merge, this kind of dating service involves online and offline channel. Examples are Peek a Bio and Chick n Chit. In this kind of dating service, a single person will have to register and put some information in the sites mentioned. Then the date site will provide them cards with their personal information and the link where others can view them. The person who signed up now can give away those cards to anyone she/he finds interesting. The person who receives a card can go online and check out the person who gave the card. After that, they can communicate and know about each other online and if they turn out well, they can dine together or watch a movie.

Those are the variety of date site we have on the Internet. You can choose one that match with your goals. There are lots of people already giving their testimonials of how they end up marrying or having a relationship with their loved ones through a date site. If it happens that you're one of them then let me know. Happy online dating folks!

Recommended books (downloadable pdfs):

Tyler Durden - Dissecting Shit Tests
Dr Joy Browne - Dating For Dummies

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Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Waiting For The Train

Waiting For The Train Image
A man had to attend a large convention in Chicago. On this particular trip he decided to bring his wife. When they arrived at their hotel and were shown to their room, the man said, "You rest here while I register - I'll be back within an hour."

The wife lies down on the bed just then, an elevated train passes by very close to the window and shakes the room so hard she's thrown out of the bed. Thinking this must be a freak occurrence, she lies down once more. Again a train shakes the room so violently, she's pitched to the floor.

Exasperated, she calls the front desk, asks for the manager. The manager says he'll be right up. The manager (naturally) is sceptical but the wife insists the story is true. "Look, lie here on the bed - you'll be thrown right to the floor!"

So he lies down next to the wife Just then the husband walks in. "What," he says, "are you doing here?"

The manager replies, "Would you believe I'm waiting for a train?"

Recommended books (downloadable pdfs):

Dr Joy Browne - Dating For Dummies
Helen Ferry - Caring For Someone With Aids
Michael Hall - The Users Manual For The Brain

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Sunday, June 8, 2008

Live The Life You Love By David Wygant

Live The Life You Love By David Wygant Image
"Live the life you love. Love the life you live."

These are the exact words on the charm on my dog's collar. It's interesting that a five year-old black Labrador can be walking around with a statement that most people don't follow.

Think for a second. You are trying to attract (note that the key word here is "attract") a member of the opposite sex for you to date. Most people don't understand the art of attraction, and they spend their nights chasing the opposite sex in places that they're not having fun.

Let's go deeper into this. What makes you think that if you go out on a Friday or Saturday night, that you are going to meet somebody... especially if you have never really met somebody interesting before on a Friday or Saturday night?

Do you love standing around at a bar? Is it your belief that this is your only option... or have you made it your only option because you have not thought outside the box? Recently I posted a video about how in my life I do what I love all the time, thus allowing me to attract and meet women in a very natural way.

I don't like standing around in a bar on a Friday night. I find it boring. I also don't like drunk talk. I don't really drink. If you do, that's wonderful. It is just not really my lifestyle. Sitting around having someone slur their words at me on a Friday night is boring.

So for me, I spend my time doing the things I love to do: I go to a yoga class. I go to a bookstore. I go get some dinner with a friend not because the place is hot, but rather because the food is good and because I like the atmosphere.

By doing what I love, I am creating good energy wherever I go and thus attracting women into my life. Put me in a bar, and I don't attract anybody because I'm not happy there.

This is the profound meaning of "Live the life you love. Love the life you live." By doing what you love, you will be passionate about it. This will lead to passionate encounters and interesting conversations with the opposite sex.

By choosing to do things you love, you will also always have a lot to about with others. When I go to an art gallery, I have a lot to talk about with people.

I never go to places that I would only be going to because "women are going to be there." Women are everywhere. You just have to open your eyes and see all the available people. For those of you who are unfamiliar with my work, I call this observation practice. I go over this extensively in my Men's and Women's Audio Mastery Series

Some of the worst dating advice that has been prevalent over the years is to tell people to look for members of the opposite in places "where men go" or "where women go" REGARDLESS of whether these places are places people have any interest in going.

For instance, women have been told to take an auto mechanics class because "men will be there" even when a woman has no interest in learning how to fix cars. This is ridiculous! Even if a woman would meet a man there, what would they have in common? Also, why would you want to deliberately set out to meet someone whom you know is interested in something you're not?!

I know there are women in a cooking class. I don't like to cook... I like to eat takeout. So I'd rather meet women at a takeout class.

Now instead of me continuing to go deeper into this, I want you to make a list of all the things that YOU love to do. Then the next time you are doing one of the things that you love to do, look around and see if there are members of the opposite sex there also.

Granted, if you are a woman who loves needlepoint, there is a pretty good change that the man of your dreams is not going to be there doing 'knit one pull two." There are just some places that men will be men and women will be women. Most of life, though, is coed.

So do what my dog Daphne does... Live the life you love, and love the life you live.


Recommended books (downloadable pdfs):

Susan Dunn - The Top 10 Clues Youre Dating A Married Man
Anthony Berger - Improve Your Looks By 3 Notches
Adam Gilad - Interview With David Wygant

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Hide The Axes And Chainsaws

Hide The Axes And Chainsaws Cover
It's easy for a guy to become entirely fascinated by the concept of becoming a pickup artist. The initial curiosity is, of course, whether or not a guy actually can "pull" women with the ease and fantastically mind-blowing results he's told is possible.

For a good number of guys, once they learn some very real skills they soon come to the clear and delightful realization that, "Whoa. This stuff DOES work."

And it's no secret that I readily acknowledge that reality. No doubt: If you work hard enough at "pickup mastery", you are likely going to be able to get the job done.

Next, typically, a guy with newfound PUA skill proceeds to make good use of it. Same night pulls. One night stands. Threesomes. Foursomes. Moresomes.

And to the average guy who has thus far not had a whole lot of positive experience with MOTOS, this stuff is nothing short of tantalizing even in mere principle. And actually getting somewhere in real life with it all? Outrageous!

No argument.

But perhaps an even more powerful reality-and one that's talked about much less often in marketing copy-is this: That lifestyle is not exactly what lots and lots of guys have in mind when they decide they want to "get better with women".

Some of us want quality instead of quantity. In the back of our minds, we all pretty much know that there are TONS of women who aren't "easy pulls". Not coincidentally, they are often the most desirable women overall by any measure. If the mindset is that of having a great woman around (preferably the all-around GREATEST of all time), building a shared history with someone we can have cool adventures with, harboring NO CONCERN over "sexual scheduling", and-go figure-maybe having a real, live kid or two, then the "PUA training" at best has a shelf life.

To those of you guys who take the long view from the very beginning, mad love atcha. You may have missed out on the smorgasbord, but you've saved yourself the heartburn.

Because here it is: If you jump headfirst into the PUA lifestyle, someday you just might decide it's time for a change. It's altogether possible-if not downright likely-that you'll one day decide to uninstall the "revolving door". And you'll be ready to step up to attracting the highest echelon of women out there.

Or, equally likely, you may instead walk headfirst into a brick wall when you least expect it. I have no idea what that "brick wall's" name is going to be, but I do know this: She will be the most amazing creature you've ever encountered. You'll be pretty much distracted from the "mirror foggers" in your black book and ready to cancel your entire upcoming schedule.

She'll catch you completely off-guard-a total surprise. She'll blow the other "options" you have away, and when you try to spend "quantity time" with those other women, your mind will be firmly in touch with the fact you'd rather be somewhere else.

Don't confuse this phenomenon with "oneitis". What we're talking about here is brought about by having LOTS of options, resulting in CLEAR RECOGNITION when "perfect imperfection" is in your midst.

And now, the most crucial piece: What will HER reaction to YOU be?

I hate to break it to you, but any incredibly sharp woman's response to a "recovering PUA" will be something to the effect of, "Very nice. But I'm hiding the axes and chainsaws."

What's up with that?

Lookit. Let's say you were convicted twenty years ago of a brutal axe murder. Or a "chainsaw massacre". But you got out on parole recently because of "good behavior". If I met you we might become friends. You know, have a beer...hit the links with a couple buds. And perhaps you would tell me that the past is gone, you've had a "conversion experience" and you are now a changed man. I'd be cool with that.

But I'd also hide the axes and chainsaws.

A great woman's reaction to a guy who has lived the PUA lifestyle, but who is now "ready for a change", will be quite similar to what I've just described.

She's going to watch you very closely. And she's going to take a LONG FREAKING time to completely trust your new frame of mind. In fact, she may NEVER fully trust it. And she has that right.

Think about your entire life ahead before you dive head first into a particular lifestyle choice (even if you are 55 and newly-divorced). This is very much the kind of educated mindset that you must have before getting a tattoo, for example. The decisions you make now must be weighed against future possibilities. When it comes to women, when you make your bed you've got to sleep in it...literally. Deserve what you want.

Suggested reading (pdf e-books):

Ken Lingu - How To Give Her A Head Massage
Dating Insider - Conquering The Shakes And Quirks

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Wednesday, June 4, 2008

How To Get Your Ex Husband Back

How To Get Your Ex Husband Back Image
The love shared in a marriage is something special and shouldn't be taken for granted. Even though divorce happens nearly everyday, it's more than the usual break up. Breaking up after marriage is probably one of the hardest things to do in a relationship. In many cases, the love between two people remain strong and that is why a lot of make the effort of to get back with the ex.

However, getting an ex husband back is not something to be taken lightly. Broken marriages happen for a variety of reasons but the primary reason is still the love lost by the couple. The process takes a great deal of patience, dedication, time, and sometimes a little bit of luck.


Before anything else, you need to learn the things you shouldn't do if you want to win back your ex husband. These are common misconceptions that people get from unreliable dating websites. First off, you shouldn't play mind games if you want to get back with the ex. Playing with the mind and manipulation will only bring about more confusion. Relationships need not be a game and you don't need to always have the upper hand with your ex husband. This includes making your ex husband jealous by getting another man. The result can be disastrous as you might actually experience the exact opposite. Your ex husband might actually find another woman to replace you since he'll have the notion that you don't the intention to get back with him.

A lot of relationship tips will also tell you that to get back with the ex you don't need to be friends with him. To some degree, this is true since you want to be more than friends. Being friends is a complete downgrade from being someone's wife. However, getting your ex husband back involves a lot of time and patience. You can't win him back overnight so stop trying. You need to start slow and rebuild your relationship from scratch.


The best thing you can do to get back with the ex is to call him. People go through all the trouble making random excuses hoping to bump into their ex husband. Sometimes, the best way to talk to him is literally talk to him. Call him first through his mobile phone or landline and do not show up immediately at his house. You should take into consideration that he might not want to see you so start your conversations through the phone. In time, he might be ready to invite you in his house and hang out. Calling gives a great chance to start talking to him without being too intrusive. If he is open to the idea of meeting up or maybe even dinner, then go for it.


When you do get a chance to see your ex husband, grab the opportunity and don't blow it. This might be the only chance to get back with the ex so you better do all the things you can to win him back. Since you are probably meeting for the first time after the divorce, dress something that will instantly grab his attention. Flaunt a stunning new dress that will make him think twice for leaving you. As an alternative, you can put on something that will bring back a treasured memory you guys shared. Wear the dress that he always likes or the one you used when he first proposed to you.

By following these guidelines, you'll have a chance to get back with the ex.

Recommended books (downloadable pdfs):

Chris Jackson - Get Your Ex Husband Back Everything You Need To Know
Ken Lingu - How To Give Her A Head Massage
Harry Kitson - How To Use Your Mind

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