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Psychology Best Of Our Blogs April 3 2012

Psychology Best Of Our Blogs April 3 2012 Image
Ever wonder why some people stay in the same place, the same situation, surrounded by the same people despite how unhappy they are? It's not that they don't want to change. In fact, it's often the opposite. They want so much to alleviate their depression and anxiety, change their unhealthy eating habits and transform their life. But a fear of change and the work involved can be paralyzing.

If that someone sounds like you, you'll reap a ton of benefits from this post.

If you've ever had a moment in your life when you knew you had to stop doing what's not good for you so you can start living your life, you know it's not easy. Maybe you've tried to change before, but a fearful thought scared you back to square one. It's okay. Change takes time. If you're on the fence or don't feel quite ready yet, this week's posts may just give you a subtle push in the right direction.

Depression? Anxiety? Seven Strategies to Naturally Boost Healing Processes in the Brain & Body, 3 of 3

(Neuroscience & Relationships) - There are a lot of things we don't have control of, but why not focus on the things we do? Here are seven ways to boost your mood, health and well-being by simply being proactive about taking care of you.

The Mindfulness Manifesto: It's Time to Transform Your Life and the World

(Adventures in Positive Psychology) - Feeling discouraged about the changes you hoped to make in 2012? Don't be. This intriguing interview with one of the authors of "The Mindful Manifesto" shares how mindfulness is helping individuals cope with stress, break old habits, and even help with addictions.

Cognitive Neuroscience Video Contest Winner

(Channel N) - Got 3 minutes? Learn about the history of cognitive neuroscience in this entertaining and award-winning student video from the Institute of Cognitive Neuroscience Brains on Film Competition 2012 at the University College London.

When Borderlines and Narcissists Collide

(Therapy Unplugged) - What happens when someone with Borderline Personality Disorder meets up with a Narcissist? This blogger describes the pain that conspires when they meet and personally reflects on how hard she's worked to not allow her emotions get the best of her. Inspiring? I think so.

Changing Habits: The Power of Believing

(The Emotionally Sensitive Person) - When you confront a bad habit, you might feel the need to escape. But don't feel discouraged about what you haven't changed yet. Read this and you'll feel both hopeful and motivated to begin the process of change, even it's just a tiny step in the right direction.

Recommended books (downloadable pdfs):

Kevin Hogan - The Psychology Of Persuasion
Tranceboy - The Psychology Of Social Engineering
Brian Tracy - Psychology Of Achievement Course Book

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