Saturday, October 30, 2010

What Makes A Pick Up Artist Good

What Makes A Pick Up Artist Good Image
This is a question i get asked often and however Im not so sure to have the right answer, i mean, what could qualify to me as a good pickup artist may not be enough for someone else or maybe my standards are too high, whatever, first we had to define what?s good in general.

But why i start this topic? as you can see im switching languages, first this blog was written in spanish and now it turns to english this is because Seductor Alfa, the brother website of this blog is packed with info for the latinamerican community, and im sure there is quite a lot to learn from the english speaking comunity, after all that?s where all started right?

But not get me wrong, being latin have their advantages, first we already have the "pre-qualification" of being "exotic", and even when i think this is more a lie than ever before (I mean, just look how many latin guys there is in the united states and all over the world, exotic? i don?t think so...) another thing is that i had pulled my game out in a lot of places, Europe, United states, Latin America, Mexico, you name it, and i should say that adds a level of difficulty to play a latin girl, they seem to have their "values" more rooted, or at least their bitch shields and shit tests, that?s why i say the game in latin America might be good.

In the Other hand, American Players have this tendency of experimenting and take risks, something i must say i find kinda dissapointing about the Latin community, they seem to be overwhelmed by the Americans, granted i respect all the celebrity-pick up artists gurus and stuff, but we are all humans and we were all in some point AFC?s well, at least most of us, so i think that being a good pick up artist is much more than just the place you were born, is about developing your own skills, about growing as a person and about having the guts to change your life, to improve it, this are some points i think should be taken in consideration when calling "good" to a pick up artist.

- Quality (not hb6 and 7?s, just really good looking girls, that?s why we are here right?)
- Creativity
- Original
- Wide skill set
- Domain of one or several styles
- Accuracy
- Being able to play most of the time, let?s say stay in the right mind frame
- Blend all his habilities well
- Show himself as an Alpha male
- Leader

Among others...

But let?s hear it from you!

Recommended books (downloadable pdfs):

Juggler - How To Be A Pickup Artist A Practical Guide
Juggler - How To Be A Pickup Artist

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