Monday, October 11, 2010

A Week In The Life Of A Pua Trainer And Ceo Part 1

A Week In The Life Of A Pua Trainer And Ceo Part 1 Image
I'm GAMBLER, CEO and Master Trainer at PUATraining, I will be writing a regular column on Attraction Chronicles. I will focus on various things, from theory and techniques to features like this where I'll give you guys an insight into what it's like to run a PUA company, train guys, do bootcamps, and try and find time to see some girls!


On Monday morning I was in Munich, Germany, I'd just spent the weekend with a beautiful girl. I'd met her a month ago in Regent St, London. It was a street PU, I spent 5 hours with her, and didn't sleep with her. She left the next day, we sent a few text messages and she invited me there for the weekend. I stayed with her in her 30 metres studio apartment with a single bed. So based on 5 hours, she is able to commit to trusting me and knowing me enough for me to stay in her little 30m studio with a single bed, with no easy way to get rid of me if things don't work out. This girl was beautiful, PHD at top university, curing cancer, who also likes dancing and being sexy. Was a great mix and a top quality girl all round.

Monday night I come home, and have 3 days of emails to catch up on. My emails are a mix of giving advice, dealing with enquiries about our courses, emails about the business, advertising, marketing of the company. I still answer all these personally just because I can't find anyone else to do it as well!

I'm encountering a lot of the problems that other company owners seem to have, I can find great trainers but they can't help much on the business side, so there are still plenty of things that only I can do. Because of this, my workload is too high, and things like finishing off my ebook or making DVD products get pushed. 4am, I finally get to bed.


Today I've got a meeting with Lycos. I'm working with their men's site with a regular column. They want an article for Valentines day, I'm doing two - one for guys single on valentines, and one for guys who are involved on relationship management. They want to do some video stuff with me, that's cool with me. My video ideas are body language, getting a number, going for the kiss. I want to get a girl and show how to smoothly go for a kiss! I wake up at midday, so the Thai lunch the guy buys me is actually my breakfast.


I get offers for business relationships like this from people who have read the website or see me pop up in some other place. Right now, PR is a focus and it is our weakness, I'd love a great PR person/company to work with us and put out our story (which is a very compelling one!)

At 4pm, my 1-on-1 customer arrives. He's come down from up North in England, he's a wealthy, classy guy, successful businessman etc. He makes a good first impression on me and it translates well to the women. He's able to open and hold in the day-game and doesn't get blown out. On Wednesday night I do 2 instant k-closes without even speaking to the girls.


There are a few different types of customer that I get and now is a good time to mention them. One is someone who is confident in business, or in general social settings and just needs to apply that to women and be given some content and structure and some tweaks. He will be good very quickly. The second type is someone who is like I used to be - introverted, shy, etc. This person needs to build the skills from scratch. Sometimes this can happen very quickly (in a few hours) and sometimes it will take longer.

One of the cool things we did on this training was to arrange some 2 on 1 time with Kezia who is a female instructor who works for us. I'm able to watch at close quarters and make micro-adjustments, and Kezia is able to give her feedback. Who has always wanted an honest appraisal from a woman? Kezia does this and she is very savvy so it's not the usual crap you read in advice columns. It is what the girl that dumped you told her friends about you behind your back!

Recommended books (downloadable pdfs):

Robert Cialdini - Harnessing The Science Of Persuasion
Gordon Ray Parker - Fox Hunting The Art Of Dating And Seduction
James Friesen - The Fine Art Of Attraction And Seduction

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