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Date A Woman In Prison

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More often first dates happen when you are still young and inexperienced; hence first date tips and FIRST DATE QUESTIONS are quite important to keep your date interested in you. During first dates, it is normal to feel butterflies inside the stomach and to have sweaty palms. It is an awkward situation that you have the tendency to ask questions the wrong way.

Going out on a date does not necessarily mean that you have to be really in love with the person. Most especially for the not-so-young people; first date happen when you one to get to know a person. This is actually the main purpose of first dates; it gives an opportunity for you and your date to get to know each other better. Thus, the right questions to ask on first date is very important to attain your goal.

Some people are very much comfortable to talk about themselves. But this is not how it should be during your first date. In fact, your questions should focus about your date. You can just wait for your date to ask questions about you. You have to make sure that you do not tell her more than what she asked you about. It is important to know what interests her or what makes her happy. Nonetheless, do not ask questions which are too serious. It is much better to ask fun and relaxing questions such as:


This question is a good conversation starter. It will also give your date a chance to talk more about her and your attention is focused on her too. You can also gauge the real personality based on what she had done for today and the manner she talks about it. For instance, she kept on complaining that it was a bad day for her then you can easily tell that she is probably a pessimistic person. On the other hand, if she is quite happy on how her day went and tells you that she had a fun day; then it could be that she has a pleasant perspective about life.


Most people have pets and they love to talk about them simply because they love them so much. Asking your date about her pet will surely lead to a lively conversation between the two of you. This question is so relaxed and she may even have endless of stories about her pet and you will surely have fun time the rest of your date. In case she answered that she does not have a pet; then you can simply ask her "why not?" You still end up with a good topic for your first date conversation whether or not she has a pet.


This is one of the FIRST DATE QUESTIONS for women that will allow you to check whether or not you have something in common in terms of hobbies and interests. In case she shares your love for a particular sport activity, then it could lead to a fun and exciting conversation.

You can share your own list of reasons why you love this sport and you can even ask her for some advices too. Knowing what interests her will give you an idea on the type of personality that she has.

At this stage, you can gauge whether or not you are compatible with her; and if there is a possibility of future relationship with her.

First date could actually become your first step to a happy relationship with her. It could also be a door that will lead to an end of a relationship even before it begins. It will be quite difficult to keep the conversation flowing during your first date. So you need to prepare good FIRST DATE QUESTIONS to avoid awkward silence during your date.


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