Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Prenuptial Agreements Why Men Want One

Prenuptial Agreements Why Men Want One Cover
Prenuptial agreements are becoming more and more commonplace among couples, and with good reason.

Over half of marriages end in divorce and when they do, it seems that the women are getting the long end of the stick, along with the house, the kids, the car, alimony, and his testicles.

The justice system has yet to catch up to what is going on in marriages and divorces today, and the only way men can protect themselves, it seems, is via prenuptial agreements. It's that, or just chucking the whole marriage thing altogether.


Some couples have argued that signing prenuptial agreements is like planning for a divorce, but what a lot of us don't realize is that when love turns to hate, the person you thought you'd spend the rest of your life with ends up becoming someone you barely know.

Prenuptial agreements are contracts, much like marriage contracts, except that they separate the assets that each party is coming into the union with.

But it doesn't end there; prenuptial agreements can contain anything from cheating clauses to weight gain deals. The point of prenuptial agreements is to prevent further damage once the damage has already been done.


If you've ever lived in Los Angeles, you'd know that women seeking men based solely on their income is all too common. Suffice to say that not all parts of the world have women like this, but there are some almost everywhere men go.

These women plan to marry for money and prenuptial agreements become that "water that melts the witch away." The last thing a man wants to discover is that he's been had by a woman whom he thought loved him.

So the best way to ensure that his property remains his is via prenuptial agreements. Some women argue that if a man really loved his woman, he would trust her enough to do away with a prenuptial agreement, but like I mentioned before, a hateful woman is much different than a loving one.

I've also been told that prenuptial agreements give men free reign to be pricks and cheat on their wives without consequence, but with an argument like that, I can come back at you with this: Marriages without prenuptial agreements give women free reign to starve men of sex until they give them divorces, which leaves said women free to take their soon-to-be ex husbands for everything they have.

It can become a double-edged sword if no one is willing to see the other person's point of view. The last thing you want is a husband who thinks he has all the power because you signed a contract that would leave you with nothing should you leave; the last thing he wants is to have you quit the marriage in one fell swoop and leave him with nothing.

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