Sunday, October 24, 2010

Taking Full Responsibility

Taking Full Responsibility Cover
The greatest trait a successful leader has is being able to take full responsibility for his choices. A great leader always thinks about what the situation needs, not just his own selfish needs.

Many times our choices not only affect ourselves, but the people around us. When that’s the case we can’t wait for everyone to agree before we act. The best way to create results in this situation is to take full responsibility for whatever happens - especially if it involves lots of risk.

It’s hard to find great leaders today because nobody ever wants to be the one to blame if something goes wrong. The way we were raised by our parents and in school conditioned us to fear making mistakes and being rejected.

During stormy times, you have to be willing to steer the ship when nobody else wants to, or else you all might die.

So many necessary things that need to get done in our homes, businesses, and the world we live in aren’t getting done because people aren’t willing to step up to the plate. It’s in our nature to want to feel safe and secure, but the only real security exists our ability to take action. One of the reasons why we’re the greatest species on earth is that we have no limit to what we can achieve. No matter what happens to us, we can do something to improve the situation.

It’s mostly the fear of failure that stops us in our track, but all of the most successful people I know have an unending list of “failures” under their belt. They wouldn’t be where they are, living their dream, if it wasn’t for all the “mistakes” and “failures” that happened along the way.

A great leader isn’t afraid to fail or make mistakes. And they don’t take what other people think of them too seriously either. They never act like a victim like most people do, blaming others or some outside condition when they are met with resistance.

They have confidence in the fact that if anything goes wrong - no matter what it is - they can quickly take action to improve the situation. This belief is what enables them to take full responsibility for what needs to get done. They lead themselves into action, take the load on their shoulders, and people inevitably follow.

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