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Who Is Vin Dicarlo

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Vin DiCarlo is the world's premier dating coach and trainer of professional pick-up artists. His provocative, controversial and chillingly effective methods cut directly to the core of social interactions between men and women. He draws on his scientific and analytical background and combines it with his vast real-life experience with women in order to transform his clients, enriching and motivating men across the globe.

Vin's teachings are based in reality and observation rather than sugar coated theories that merely stroke the ego. Always developing and evolving, Vin is both a consummate professional and an eternal student of the game, drawing upon his infinite knowledge of learning theory, neurofeedback, motivational psychology and neuro-linguistic programming striving to produce easier, faster, more powerful results for every one of his clients.

Vin takes you by the hand and guides you along through all of your social endeavors, whether you are looking to meet many, many more women, find a highly compatible girlfriend or make a living as a full-time professional pick-up artist.

If you are looking for lines, gimmicks and simple routines, look elsewhere. Vin delivers hard-hitting ideas that integrate into your subconscious behaviors and personality, producing rapid and permanent change that manifests itself in all areas of your social life.

Vin also provides exclusive and confidential one-on-one training for affluent clients such as lawyers, doctors and high-profile business executives.
What are his teachings about?

Vin's main objective is to both endow you with the necessary skills for interacting with women but to also help you cultivate a magnetically attractive personality that touches others in a powerful, yet natural way:

1. Have supreme choice of beautiful, intelligent women. Spend your time with someone you truly enjoy and cherish.
2. Taking complete control of your relationships. Start meaningful relationships on your terms.
3. Use a completely natural approach, with absolutely no lying, manipulation, or cheesy routines that will get you accused of trying to "pick-up".
4. Express your inherent personality. You should NOT have to become someone else in order to make Vin's method work.
5. Powerful transformation can be EASY. The quickest way between two points is a straight line. You will not have to do magic tricks, memorize elaborate stories, go out with big groups of women or buy expensive bottle service, an average guy can use Vin's method using nothing more than just his words.
6. Cultivate valuable friendships and connections with people to foster refreshing new social circles.
7. Learn powerful and effective social techniques and abilities that will help you in business, networking and negotiations. Skills for LIFE.

Why Vin DiCarlo?

Vin DiCarlo is one of the highest paid, most in-demand dating consultants in America today. In the last few years, he has worked hands-on with clients from 32 different countries at fees starting at $12,000 for a one-on-one three day weekend.

Vin's methods transfer easily from one to another.

That simply means: Any man, young or old, rich or poor, no matter what skill level, benefits from Vin's teachings.

Vin is a prolific writer, and is known for some of the most widely read and reproduced articles. As the first professional pick-up trainer working successfully on the East coast, Vin is the pioneer of natural game which has been proven to be the most effective and imitated style today.

Vin is one of the only teachers in this industry who is acknowledged by well known and respected academic institutions. Just last year, Vin was invited to the very prestigious Syracuse University to give a talk on attraction and cognition as it relates to dating in modern society.

Most importantly: Vin is both a master pick-up artist and dating coach, who actively, currently lives what he teaches and practices what he preaches. Too many gurus rely on clever marketing or outlandish and flashy techniques. Vin is the real deal.

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