Friday, October 15, 2010

Use Math To Choose A Wife

Use Math To Choose A Wife Cover
It starts off about gambling, but soon into the article reveals how a man can use simple math to choose a wife. And here I thought mathematicians didn't think marriage was a priority.

The example given was that a man would get to interview 100 women, one of which would have to be his wife. If he dismissed a woman, she was gone for good.

So, by that logic, if a man dismisses 99 women because they're not his ideal, he would then be forced to marry the 100th woman, no matter what she turned out to be.

But the law of numbers says that what one should do is, during the interview process, pick the one who turns out to be the best after the best one before that. Mathematicians recommend dismissing the first 50 women and then choosing the next best one.

This method gives men a 25% chance of choosing the best candidate.

But JOHN GILBERT and FREDERICK MOSTELLER of Harvard University, who, mind you, are not married, came up with the magic number: 37. You should stop after 37 interviews and then pick the next best one. The reason why is because of all this mathematical jargon that involves the words "natural logarithms".

Apparently, this number is derived from taking the number 100 and dividing it by e (around 2.72) - this increases your best choice to 37%.

And here I thought that investing time and effort into a relationship was what it took. Stupid me.

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