Saturday, October 30, 2010

5 Of The Worst Places To Pickup On Women

5 Of The Worst Places To Pickup On Women Cover
For some, meeting new women is difficult in public places, with some environments more favorable than others. If you don't have game, then there are areas you should avoid to increase your chances with the ladies. The following are 5 of the worst places to meet women unless you are asking to fail horribly or are ready to meet the challenge.


Although this seems like an obvious place to meet women, the fact is the environment is too loud for you to be talking to women. Unless you've been featured on America's Best Dance Crew, don't try to grind on chicks on the dance floor. You are asking to come off as a creep unless you're dancing with the desperate or the drunk. Don't get me wrong, if you've got game and have success in dance clubs, the more power to you, but for those who aren't rico suave, try your luck somewhere else like the patio of these clubs.


Much like the dance club, if you don't got game, try to avoid the movie theatre. You might even want to consider avoiding this place for dates unless you have other plans before or after. For the most part, people go to the movie theatres to watch movies, not meet people. You can try chatting up the ladies before or after the movie, but trying to be charming during the movie is an absolute no no. You don't want to be the creep that ruined the movie for the entire audience.


Come on guys, this is an absolute gimme. Unless you don't have morals or respect for the dead, a funeral ceremony is a ritual for the deceased, not an opportunity to pickup on women. Although women will be very vulnerable at these moments, if your goal is to meet women at a funeral, you've got some issues to tend to with your psychiatrist. When your intentions are compromised, your value here will be destroyed to not only women, but everyone. Don't be a douche and avoid the funerals for everyone's sake please!


For your safety and others, this is another obvious place to not meet women. You can go ahead and try to flirt with women while driving, but nothing will really come from it. Traffic and stop signs can only buy you so much time, and no one wants to see you buy anymore time when you're driving. We've got enough slow and stupid drivers on the road that we don't need a pickup artist exchanging phone numbers in the middle of traffic. For your information, picking up hookers on the street corner is not considered picking up on women.


This is probably the most challenging place yet! Strippers are there to make you feel like they've fallen in love with you from the get go. There's no way of judging how much you're progressing with a stripper. When it comes down to it, they're out for your money and nothing else. They've met plenty of smooth talkers throughout their lives and you're definitely not going to be their first. Unless you can find some female patrons that so happen to be there for a girl's night out, you're not going to have any luck with the employees, that's for sure.

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