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How To Become A Pick Up Artist

How To Become A Pick Up Artist Cover
This will instruct one on the best ways to go about being a PUA [Pick Up Artist] and some of the fastest ways to get there. Being a PUA is about being a man who's successful with women, and confident and comfortable with who he is. I am hoping for this to be edited by other PUA's out there as time goes on. To be honest, if you're a woman reading this then you have no business editing this page.


1. Today, in the 21st century, Game has flourished into a major industry, helping many men to become successful with the women of their dreams. Game has grown into the Media, into books and shows like "The Pickup Artist". Of the most prominent PUA Gurus of today are David Deangelo, Neil Strauss [Style], Mystery, Tyler Durden [RSD], Ross Jeffries, Black Richards, and several others. These Gurus have often large followings, and each have their own distinct style of seduction.

2. Here's some steps to get you on your way to PUA-dom.

3. Select a style of seduction, or Method, to study under. Purchase the material they offer, and study it. Once you've become more skilled and feel that you at least have a firm grasp on that method, you may move onto another one. The idea of learning many.Methods originated from Neil Strauss, a famous PUA among the community and author of the bestseller "The Game".

4. Women who are aware of the Community [The Community being the combined world of men who are dedicated to learning seduction] will try to say things like "That would never work on me" and "That's so immature". Don't let these women fool you - if these Methods didn't work on them, then the Methods wouldn't be flourishing as they are today.

5. Your friends will also try to stop your learning by calling it "Stupid" and saying that "It'll never work". From here, you have two choices. You can either convince them to join in your studies [some are much more eager than others], or you can just keep them in the dark.

6. If you have the coin to dish out, attending a Method's "Bootcamp" is often beneficial to those just beginning. Bootcamps are taught by Instructors who have a very firm grasp on their Method and have had higher than average success with women. Some bootcamps can cost upwards of $3,000.

7. Set realistic goals, and always refer to your community's Forums for help. If you go out expecting to all of a sudden start dating supermodels, then you're going to be sorely disappointed.


1. Always remain positive. There is no use in being negative or giving up because you messed up your first set.
2. Have fun learning Game and sarging! Game should never be a chore.
3. Make friends within the Community, and go out sarging together. It's amazing what two friends helping each other can do.


1. First and foremost, there are NO shortcuts to becoming a PUA. No "magic bullets". You must learn the hard way, though Methods make the "hard way" considerably easier, ironically.
2. Some Gurus are fakes. Many Forums have Threads about these fakes, but always do your research before dedicating yourself to a Method.
3. Many Methods will say things like "Instant Success With Women!" or things like that. Some will make absurd claims [Some, amazingly, are true claims], but again it circles back to doing your research.

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