Thursday, May 25, 2006

Dating Tips If You Can Not Dance Do Not

Dating Tips If You Can Not Dance Do Not Cover
So the moral of the story is...

If you can’t dance...Don't

Now on the surface, that seems like a nice little piece of dating advice. But it goes much deeper than that...

It is a powerful metaphor that MUST be applied to every aspect of your game.

You see, as pickup artists we all have our own individual strengths and our own individual weaknesses.

Having a good sense of humor is obviously a strength and one which can be exploited when related to dating and relationships in general.

But right now I want to focus on our weaknesses... because we all got em.

There are the kinds of weaknesses we can change and there are the kinds we can’t. And it is up to you to decide which of your weaknesses are worth devoting time to improving.

But what I’m asking you to do is to make a list of your weaknesses and then go down that list and check off whichever ones are HIDEABLE.

For example, as previously stated, I am a terrible dancer... But I have the option NOT to dance and therefore not reveal that weakness. I am also a very messy eater... But I have the option NOT to take my date out to eat. (Or at the very least, I can avoid ordering the spaghetti.)

Identifying our own weaknesses is crucial, but by identifying which of our weaknesses can be masked and then doing so, we are taking our game to the next level.

So just remember...If you can’t dance... Don't

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Tuesday, May 2, 2006

Anatomy Of A Seduction

Anatomy Of A Seduction Cover
I am going to give you the point-by-point breakdown of an actual seductionperformed with a target that was what most men consider a 9.5 on a scale of 1 to 10.This example is being given to ensure that you understand how these tactics work onreal live women, and that you believe that it does not require you to either wimp out(write her love poetry and lick her shoes) or that you have to be a GQ model with aFerrari or a lot of money.(Just for your knowledge, Mark, in this account, is not a GQ model, nor does hehave a fancy car – it’s a Jeep Cherokee.)Note: This is a true account, though, “Mark” and “Betty” are not their real names. Ihave transcribed the events from an interview with Mark, a close friend of mine.

I am also familiar with Betty, and verified the account with her over drinks.Mark’s Account:First some background on the target, Betty:Betty was a former co-worker who I had interacted with many times before. Sheand I had flirted, but at no time had I ever let on a sexual interest in her. Betty was fivefoot nine, blonde, and about 110 pounds. She was petite, and very intelligent. She hadthe body most of the stick-bug models would kill for, and she rarely exercised to keep itthat way. She was also extremely arrogant and defensive, which made for someinteresting arguments along the way. We would regularly get into contentiousdiscussions about how something should or shouldn’t be done at work, and there weretimes when she ended up storming out of my office, or lashing out in a public meeting.She was what you’d call the textbook definition of “bitch,” but it got her what shewanted from other people. In the end, she and I would always come back around totalking again, usually by the next day. She would even drop hints about not wanting to“dip her pen in the company ink” from time to time, as if to acknowledge that there wassome workplace sexual tension.

Betty had some mother issues (not unusual for women as a whole, but this casewas pretty obvious.) So I knew there were some pretty typical self-esteem issues atwork there. Betty also knew she was gorgeous, and flaunted her sexuality with everyman she came in contact with. We would often talk about her search for a boyfriend onthe Internet, and I saw first hand how every single guy she met screwed up with herfrom the start. Many of them would send her flowers on the first date, or even beforethe first date. Others appeared to bow to her every whim. It was entertaining to watchmost of the time.After a while, she was laid off from our company, and I felt a breath of relief. ButI also knew I’d miss seeing that perky butt of hers wiggle by my office window everymorning. We reconnected via email a few months later, and I told her we needed tohook up for some drinks. She agreed, and we set a time for it on that Friday.On the night of the seduction date, I knew I was ready for this situation. First ofall, I was seeing a couple other women, so I had my bets hedged. This meant that Icould go into this date without caring about whether or not I got anything. In fact, Ikept her negative qualities up on the front of my mind so that I even went into it withan obvious attitude of reluctance. I didn’t need sex or attention from her, and that keptme at a challenging distance.

I also had a sure-thing date lined up the next night, so Iknew I wouldn’t have any problems being satisfied that weekend. (Remember, keep aconsolation prize.) It was a lot more relaxing to know that, no matter what happened, Iwas taken care of. I was in charge of my own good time.We met at a cocktail bar in San Francisco, a trendy little place in the SOMA areaof the city. She was already talking with some other guys when I met up with her,which I made sure to let her know did not bother me one bit. We broke off andordered a couple drinks and started talking, catching up a bit on what had been goingon in our lives. I also made it clear that I wouldn’t indulge in a lot of negative gossip.One of Betty’s personality traits is that she likes to stir controversy whiledemonstrating at the same time that she’s superior because of her intelligence. I smiledwhen she would make catty comments and always questioned her back about herassumptions.“So, I hear that Mark isn’t going to get the region when they reorganize,” shesaid, knowing full well that Mark was a very good friend of mine that I worked with. Hehad turned Betty down for a dating relationship some time back. “That sort of figures,doesn’t it?”I took a sip of my drink and paused. “Really? Hmm. What makes you say that?”She scrambled to justify her observation. “Well, I mean, after all, he just doesn’thave what it takes to do it. He’s just not that smart. Those guys from New York will cuthim up.”I smiled and took another sip. I waited for the silence to become almost toomuch to bear. She finally broke it with her impatience. “Don’t you agree? You knowwhat I mean, right?”Now, in the complete Seduction Method e-book,

I take this situation (alongwith the rest of the evening) and break it down, going over what happened over theentire night (well, almost all of the night … some of it will have to remain private.)Then, I go into what the key principles were and how they worked, so that you can seehow seduction really works from the outside in. Here is some of that analysis:Confrontation – The willingness to take her on as an adversary – worked todemonstrate Mark’s willingness to confront Betty. She was always ready to get into anargument or fight, and she thrived on that kind of contention. Mark understood herpersonality from observing her enough that this wasn’t a bad thing. Most guys avoidconfrontation with a woman, and I’m sure Betty’s dates did, too. What she found mostattractive was someone who could fight with her and knew how to guide all her angryfeline attitude in the right direction.

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