Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Girlfriend Seduced A Stripper

Girlfriend Seduced A Stripper Cover


I found out my girlfriend went to a bachelorette party recently and ended up fondling a male stripper and licking syrup off his body. When I confronted her, she said it was all in good fun and I shouldn't think any of it.

However, if I go to a strip joint with the boys, she loses her freakin' mind.

Am I crazy for being pissed or is there an actual difference?


No, Roy, there is no difference. Actually, men aren't usually allowed to touch strippers, so yeah, there is a difference. It sounds to me like your girlfriend is trying to get away with cheating.

Ask yourself this: Would she have done something like that in front of you? That is the barometer by which you must measure your conduct. If it's something you would not do in front of your significant other, then you probably shouldn't be doing it.

Your girlfriend is really playing up the double standard. Licking anything off another man is not cool and if you want to forgive her for it, more power to you. But if she's going to lecture you on going to strip joint while she has some syrup on her lip, then what does that make her.

I strongly suggest that you tell her what you do at strip joints if and when you go, or even take her with you so that she can understand what really goes on there. Maybe then she'll stop licking foodstuff off strangers.


I recently had a threesome with my girlfriend and another woman whom I had never met, and it was amazing. Now my girlfriend wants to have another threesome but with my best friend.

The thing is, my best friend sort of crushes on my girl and she knows it. Should I still go for it despite this, or do I have a right to worry?


Worry you should, Steve. Your friend is hot for your girlfriend and there's a good chance she's well aware of it. The fear is that if sex between them is great, they might go for it again, when you're not around.

It's great that you enjoyed a threesome with another woman and it didn't cause any awkwardness, but this woman is someone you didn't know. If she's keen on having a an MFM threesome, involved, find someone she doesn't know.

Getting your best friend involved will inevitably lead to complications afterwards.


Recommended books (downloadable pdfs):

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