Friday, October 22, 2010

5 Ways To Be An Excellent Wingman

5 Ways To Be An Excellent Wingman Cover
When you and the boys hit the night on the town, you need to be ready when there's a group of girls bored and waiting to have a good time. As a wingman, you can't leave a buddy hanging. Sometimes the success of a pickup rides on the help of a wingman. Follow these tips and hopefully your friend will return you the favor when the time comes for you.


Nothing comes worse than when your buddy has opened a set of girls and you come storming in with a comment that is irrelevant or outright embarrassing. If you want to be a good wingman, you need to have at least some understanding of the topic at hand, or come to an agreement that your buddy will introduce you into the conversation when the timing is right. If you know your buddy is failing with these girls, you can always come in saying "Sorry girls, is this guy bothering you?" and hopefully pick up where he left off. If you are going to do this, at least try to increase your buddy's value after that terrible neg, or else you're not a wingman at all.


Being a good wingman requires that you show some respect to your friend in front of the girls. Nothing's more devaluing to you than to shoot down a close friend. Your friend doesn't want to have to brag about himself in front of the girls, so whenever there's an opportunity to boost up his value, do it, and he'll be sure to return the favor. Try lines like "This guy is an AMAZING CHEF! You should have him cook you his famous Chicken Parmesan. It's exquisite!"


Your goal as a wingman is to isolate the two possible lovebirds from the get go. Sticking around only creates opportunity for friendship. Your buddy definitely wants more than just friendship. Find excuses to leave the conversation if it helps him become isolated with the girl. If the target has a friend, find an excuse to take her somewhere else. If anything, don't be a cock block and stay in the conversation with the target. Act as if you weren't even there.


No matter how fat, ugly, or uninteresting your buddy's target's girl friend (the obstacle) is, be a good wingman and keep her entertained. You're not doing your job when she wants to see what her girl friend is up to. Do whatever it takes, including flirting, to keep her mind off her girl friend and onto you. We aren't asking you to sleep with the obstacle. We just want you to keep her mind occupied. Who knows, the fat one might have hot girl friends she wants to introduce to you.


To not be there for a friend at all is not being a good wingman at all. Whether your friend wants to meet up with a girl who has a friend, it's important that you be there to entertain the friend. If your friend is low on money for drinks, spot him the money. If your friend is running really late for a double date, take the fall and say you were the cause of the holdup. Being a good wingman requires being a good friend. When the time comes when you need a wingman, you know who to turn to for the return in favors.

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