Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Thinking Vs Feeling In Dating

Thinking Vs Feeling In Dating Cover
Have you ever heard of the MBTI? Me neither. It's the MYERS-BRIGGS TYPE INDICATOR and can help stop and argument dead in its tracks because it helps couple figure out whether they are using their "Thinking" hat or "Feeling" hat to make a decision.

Some people [read: men] tend to make decisions based on logical thinking. That's why when a woman just wants to talk and the man is trying to solve her problem instead, she gets pissed.

Other people (yes, women) tend to use subjective data, or feelings, to make decisions.

Fittingly, 66% of men gravitate towards the logical thinking, and 66% of women gravitate towards the subjective data.

So rather than misunderstand each other constantly, MBTI offers up an assessment that helps couples figure out what each person is and how to respect that.

Of course, the other 34% of men and women who fall in the other category (women in the logic and men in the feeling) must content with being called bitches or effeminate, respectively.

So now that you are aware of what your partner might be thinking (or feeling), perhaps this will give you a better insight on how to avoid all those petty arguments. Or maybe not.

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