Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Getting Women Interested In You

Getting Women Interested In You Cover
An important distinction that I've made which attracts women is to never act too happy.

Women are intrigued by men who are calm and almost unaffected. The real hotties are used to having men get nervous when talking to them, and they can sense that you're different when you stay very cool and calmly talk to them.

"Somehow, cats can detect when someone is paying no attention, which is what attracts them. WOMEN ARE THE SAME"

NEVER let them sense that you're too interested in the beginning.

I just read tonight in a book about cats that a cat will approach the person in the room that is least interested in it. Somehow, cats can detect when someone is paying no attention, which is what attracts them. WOMEN ARE THE SAME.

I know that this one doesn't make any sense, but if you start acting uninterested, you'll see that women will start giving you the "What's wrong? You don't like me?" response. Now, you may think this is manipulation, but I think of it as having fun, teasing, and being challenging. And by the way, I've told several women about this stuff later on after I got to know them better... and they ALL told me that it worked, and they're glad that I did it in one way or another.

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