Saturday, April 17, 2010

44 Inch Chest Creates Fake Dating Site

44 Inch Chest Creates Fake Dating Site Cover
In an effort to promote the movie _44 Inch Chest_, marketers created a fake dating site called for men who want to date married women.

The dating site's tagline: Date a married woman and make your sex life sparkle.

The film's tagline? "You'll never speak to a married woman again."

Upon first arrival to, it looks like a legitimate site that helps men find married women to sleep with. But as they scan over the women, it becomes painfully clear that this is about a movie that features some very angry men.

_44 Inch Chest_ is about a woman who leaves her husband because she met someone else. In turn, her husband and his friends make it their mission to find this man and make him pay.

The funniest part in all this is that there are myriad men heading to is search of married women to sleep with. That is a bit scary, to say the least...


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