Sunday, April 10, 2011

Tony Romo Dating Natalie Smith

Tony Romo Dating Natalie Smith Cover

Tony Romo dumped Jessica Simpson for Natalie Smith

According to new reports, TONY ROMO is dating NATALIE SMITH, the daughter of the associate athletic director at Eastern Illinois University, TONY ROMO's alma mater, just 3 weeks after dumping JESSICA SIMPSON.

Rumors abound that TONY ROMO was cheating on JESSICA SIMPSON for months with NATALIE SMITH, at least emotionally.

And to add salt to the wound, TONY ROMO actually introduced NATALIE SMITH to JESSICA SIMPSON at one of Jessica's February concerts.

To be quite honest, I'm not seeing what these women see in TONY ROMO. I'm also guessing that TONY ROMO dumped JESSICA SIMPSON because she just wasn't good for his career. And he was no good for hers.

What makes this whole story even funnier is that now JESSICA SIMPSON is keen on losing weight. Why didn't she stay fit while she was with TONY ROMO? Why is it that now that she's single, she's focusing on her appearance?

It really boggles the mind.

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