Saturday, June 5, 2010

Psychic Handshake

Psychic Handshake Cover
There is a tantric secret used by masters of seduction to psychically seduce others through a mere handshake! Before you go out into the world, open your hand and stare at your palm. Rub your palm until it turns red. Now visualize the glowing ball of energy in your palm. This is your palm chakra.

Imagine it whirling counterclockwise and spewing out rivulets of light. You can wait for 2 minutes, then mentally TEAR it open. Feel a crackling and tearing sensation. You have activated your chakra.

Imagine red and pink ribbons of energy streaming into your chakra. Your hand will actually throb and turn very red. If it doesn't, something must be very wrong with you.

Allow energy to continuously surge into your hand. As you do so, imagine the energy to be very sexual, very virile. If you wish, you can imagine the energy streaming from hundreds of thousands of vaginas and penises around the world. Your hand transforms into a sexual magnet.

Eventually, the energy flow will ebb and your hand will refuse to absorb anymore. At that point, gaze intently at your hand and command it to draw desire from whomever it touches. In your mind, energize a picture of women (or men) falling in love with you the moment they shake your hand. When you feel that you have sufficiently created the thoughtform, raise your hand to the sky and picture blue cylinders of light flooding in and locking in your command and your energies in your palm. The blue light prevents extreme energy leaks and allows your hand to remain “seductive” for about six hours.

Take your hand to war. When you shake hands, feel and imagine your prospect writhing in sexual pleasure. You must KNOW inside that they feel great attraction towards you. Feel confident that desire ignites with even the slightest touch. Whenever you do this, your palm automatically recreates a sexual energy field and incites arousal within the other person.

Recommended books (free to download):

Dr William Fitzgerald - How To Give A Hand Massage
Anthony Berger - Chick Managament Mba
Ken Lingu - Shiatsu Massage

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