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Where To Take Your Date

Where To Take Your Date Cover
Where you take your date is almost as important as what you say or do on the date. The perfect dating location can turn a good date great or a great date unforgettable. So know where to go. Know how to match locations with personalities. Know what locations will keep them on the edge of their seat, begging for more.

People go on dates not only to meet someone new, but to add some excitement into their lives. Make sure your dates measure up. Keep your dates active and fun. Don't play it safe. Don't sit around. Give them a date they can brag to their friends about. Better yet, give them the best date they've ever had.

To do this you'll have to skip restaurants and movie theatres. Pick something energetic instead. Grab a coffee and walk through the park, glide gracefully across a frozen pond, or smash into their bumper car with reckless abandon. Use unique locations and activities to tease their senses and capture their imagination.

An engaging environment will make you look interesting. It will make you appear intriguing. It will increase the chances of having a good time. Most importantly, it will improve your chances at landing another date. Scroll through the All-Star suggestions below to find all the latest and greatest dating hot-spots.

Coffee on the go

Grabbing a coffee is a great idea, but sitting down with your date isn't. Grab your drink and go. Walk through a nearby park, mall or tourist attraction. By constantly changing your environment, it gives you more topics to talk about and the conversation seems more dynamic. If you want to sit down for a bit, find a bench with a great view for spotting swans or people-watching. Scout out the spot ahead of time and you'll be able to act as their tour guide.

Date Range: First date
Price level: Low

Window shopping

Take to the streets or the halls of malls for some serious window shopping. Walk your date through the book aisles of Barnes & Noble or the toy shelves of Toy's 'R' Us. You can try on clothing and have them critique. If your legs are getting tired, sit on a bench and people-watch. Guess how other long couples have been going out. Guess what type of underwear the people who pass by are wearing. Have some fun and get to know one another.

Date Range: First date
Price level: Free


Taunt the Tyrannosaurus Rex. Pick on paintings. Walk your date down the halls where ancient lands and artwork are enshrined for all to see. The displays should give you lots to talk about. Give a mock tour, full of funny misinformation. Point out that the caveman has barely evolved, while to cavewoman has evolved significantly. Learn and laugh. The subdued atmosphere makes should make it easy to talk, with a hint of naughtiness for being willing to talk at all.

Date Range: First date
Price level: Medium

Going on safari

Take a trip to the local zoo, wildlife sanctuary or petting zoo. Amaze your date with giraffes, elephants, lions and bears. Animals are fun to watch and usually bring out the best in people. Find a zoo that will let you feed the monkeys, pet baby lions or hold hedgehogs for extra adventure and great photos. If you do a little research before you go, you can amaze your date with your animalistic knowledge. Just be sure to inquire about potential allergies before you go.

Date Range: First date
Price level: Medium


Dive beneath the water into a rarely seen undersea world. The aquarium will allow you to walk your date through shark-filled waters, creep only inches from hungry crocodiles and laugh at silly sea lions. Walk through the darkened displays before you come up for air and scout out great seats for the dolphin and whale shows. Ask them what undersea animal they'd be and why. The aquarium is also a great place to challenge your date to a photo contest. Have the loser squeal like a dolphin or purchase the cheapest item in the gift shop.

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