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Best Movies For Couples

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Every time couples head to Blockbuster to rent a movie, they know they're in for a 2-hour long back and forth about why she hates the movies he picks and why he can't stand her ideal flick.

And while most couples agree that it's difficult to find a movie that they can both agree on, I've managed to quiz 100 couples and figured it out for you. So the next time you head to Blockbuster, you'll be in and out in 5 minutes flat. That way, you can get on to bigger and better things, if you know what I mean. Like popcorn


Jim Braddock (RUSSELLL CROWE), a light heavyweight boxer, is forced into retirement after many losses in the ring. But as the U.S. enters into the Great Depression and Braddock is fed up of accepting a bunch of dead end jobs, to support his wife Mae (RENEE ZELLWEGER) and their kids, he ends up returning to boxing with a fierce string of wins.

FOR HIM: You get to enjoy the thrill of watching two grown men beat the living crap out of each other in the ring.

FOR HER: At the heart of the matter is a man who loves his wife and children and will do anything for them. A love story of the ages.


Allie Hamilton (RACHEL MCADAMS) comes from a well to do family and ends up meeting and falling in love with Noah Calhoun (RYAN GOSLING), the boy from a blue collar family. Her family does what they can to keep them apart, but fate has other plans for them.

FOR HIM: Although" Notebook" a love story through and through, every guy who has seen it admitted to enjoying it very much. Perhaps Rachel McAdams has that affect on men.

FOR HER: Watching Ryan Gosling and Rachel McAdams get it on and seeing that long-lasting love is what most women's dreams are made of.


You can never see this movie often enough. TOM CRUISE is Jerry Maguire, a sports agent with a heart of gold but a brain of mush. After he gets fired from his agency, he starts his own with the help of Dorothy Boyd (RENEE ZELLWEGER), a single mother with a weird-looking son. Together, they take care of their one client, Rod Tidwell (CUBA GOODING JR.) until he strikes contract gold.

FOR HIM: KELLY PRESTON shows off her bitch skills and looks pretty hot, and yeah, the football stuff and sports talk will have you hypnotized.

FOR HER: A sweet sex scene and an honest-to-goodness love story that will always bring tears to your eyes, no matter how many times you see it.


Robbie Hart (ADAM SANDLER) is a wedding singer who has it all... until his fianc'e stands him up at the altar. Heartbroken and feeling like a failure, Robbie is comforted by Julia (DREW BARRYMORE), a sweet waitress who works with him. As he begins to fall for her and she for him, Julia must decide whether she wants to spend her life with her fianc'e Glenn Gulia (MATTHEW GLAVE), or follow her heart to be with Robbie.

FOR HIM: There's plenty of guy humor to satisfy your testosterone levels.

FOR HER: A budding romance between a young couple, complete with a serenade.


DENZEL WASHINGTON is Herman Boone, a black football coach in 1971, a time when racial tensions were high despite integration. As an interracial team comes to terms within, they end up winning in more ways than one.

FOR HIM: Football at its finest, as well as a look into football training camp.

FOR HER: KIP PARDUE and Denzel Washington, not to mention parts of the movie that will tug at your heart strings.

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