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5 Awful First Date Conversation Topics

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So you have managed to get her out on a date with you. The good news is the hard part is out of the way. The bad news is that if you talk about these 5 awful first date conversation topics, it is more than likely you will ruin your chances of having a second date.

Take note of the below topics and avoid them like the plague. If you feel that the conversation is heading towards any of these topics quickly change the subject. Silence is almost as awkward as a bad conversation so make sure you are prepared with some good topics to talk about. You can find out what topics you should discuss on your first date by clicking on the post below.

=> 5 Great First Date Conversation Topics


Talking about past relationships is a definite no go area for any first date. Whether it's talking about how bad she was, how it took you ages to get over her, the past is the past so leave it there. She won't want to hear about your ex-girlfriends and she will probably find it a major turnoff.


It is way too early to start talking about sex on the first date. It will make her feel embarrassed and uncomfortable. She will also think that you have a one track mind and all you are after is a romp at the end of the date. If you talk about sex you wont be getting any.


Talking or complaining about people you don't like is never a good idea. It creates a negative atmosphere and shows the vulnerable and insecure side of your personality. You may even come over as jealous. Instead talk about things that are positive.


Most people find religion and politics a touchy topic to talk about. This is because a lot of people have different views and opinions and can be easily offended. With so much corruption, wars, murders, rapes, racism in this day and age, it is best to avoid this topic all together. It you want to talk about current affairs then keep it light hearted, like celebrities or something funny.


You may love or hate your job. However she won't want to listen to you going on about it. Keep it at work! You may also have a lot of money or very little. If you have money, don't brag about how much you have or how much you earn. The same goes for if you have very little money. Don't complain about how poor you are or how you never have any money. You will come across as being stingy.

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