Sunday, April 3, 2011

By Tony

By Tony Image
Has anyone read DavidX's "Be Relentless?" It's rings pretty true to how the best naturals I've seen in the real world act. He keeps saying that you should tell a woman what you really think. That's probably something like what most naturals mean when tell their befuddled friends to "just be yourself. What you really think" meaning letting the girl know you have a sexual agenda and being very comfortable with that and calling her on all bullshit.

There are two kinds of guys who are good with women but who have never studied game: guys who learned game on their own, and guys who always had it. The first group use mystery method like tactics such as negging, making her validate herself, etc. in the context of funny, teasing type of conversation. The other kind, who tend to be hyper masculine, are very aggressive and blunt and sometimes even act like they are intimidating girls into sex.

Recommended books (downloadable pdfs):

Tyler Durden - Ev Questions
C Kellogg - Facts By A Woman

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