Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Natalie Woman Californi

Natalie Woman Californi
natalie shepard, born in 1988 is a nice woman from california US who wants to date single men with age surrounded by 0 and 0

I am very active lady with very positive views on life. Verve is fantastic and I cherish every subsequent of it. I just want to find a real man to join my positiveness with. I work with people and that's why I am very vivid and open-hearted person who shares her good mood with anyone. I am a good friend and that's why people trust me. I am a good listener and psychologist and that's why people join with me other posture. I vision that I can be a good group and blood relation and that's why I am display on this site.

I elect fascinating and exciting way of life. I used to accept something good life offers to me. I am attended in dancing, sport and nomadic. I like to see new places, accept care of in person and my home. I am a good house-keeper, like I like decor, coziness and immaculateness.

addy me on ya-whoo messenger: natalie shepard @ ya-whoo dutt cumm

You can contact shepardylove at this email: natalie shepard ~ AT ~


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