Saturday, April 30, 2011

Which One Is Better Nlp Training Or Nlp Book

Which One Is Better Nlp Training Or Nlp Book Image
NLP is undoubtedly the next big thing after Edward De Bono’s Six Thinking Hats sent a euphoric wave to the public not too long ago. As more people educated with the concept of NLP, they spring out everywhere like fresh mushrooms sprouting after a heavy shower.

The benefits of knowing NLP are widely proven to improve interpersonal skills. And most people take up NLP skills to improve their sales tactics, rapport building, hypnotherapy and persuasion among others which are all applicable in sales. Business companies realize it and never hesitate to invest the money for their staff to gain more knowledge as long as it brings back profits to the company.

One can easily expect a bracket of between USD 2000 – USD 4000 per training. That is an amount that not many people can afford. Attending a formal training is of course the most effective way to master NLP.

But it can still achieve the same result even without attending such training – Reading Books. There are hundreds of NLP books written from some of the top NLP gurus like Anthony Robbins, Jerry Richardson, John Grinder, etc. Some are written in a very easy to understand and some are written in academic approach. You make the pick whichever writing style that suits you.

NLP training is not the only answer. There is a cheaper alternative that you can consider but will gain you the same result.

Recommended books (downloadable pdfs):

Wayne Ross - The Complete Guide To Handling Women
Carlos Xuma - The Dating Black Book
Anthony Robbins - Unleash The Power Within Workbook

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