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Verbal Flirting

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Playful teasing

Flirts aren't scared to take playful verbal jabs at those they're attracted too. This shows them they are a challenge, confident and probably someone they want to get to know. Just make sure the person can laugh at the teasing too. The goal is to build sexual tension - not anger them. So tease them on unimportant or silly things like their shoes, their laugh or overly dramatic gestures.

Out of context

Another great way of flirting is to take something they said out of context. Twist a simple sentence into something else. Make it embarrassing. Make it overly suggestive. Playfully accuse them of hitting on you. Shake your head in mock disappointment. Tell them, 'they're ruining their chance with you.' If you can be a worthy sparring partner, the two of you can flirt all night.

Dating game

Use reverse psychology while flirting by playing the dating game. Offer to help the person you're interested in find an acceptable date. Then, playfully suggest a handful of the people who walk by and add why they would match up well - a shared lust of studded leather, a passion for elevator music or a love of wearing high-heels. The goal of the game is to make them laugh and build sexual tension.


Too often used incorrectly by the non-flirt. A flirt knows the true value and power of a properly-used compliment. Compliments should be never given unless they are earned though actions or as a response to a complement received. Telling someone they're amazing seconds into the conversation makes you look like a suck-up. Telling someone they're amazing after a story about them going face-to-face with an angry elephant is valued because it's been earned.


Flirts love to challenge. Challenging someone to tell an embarrassing story, show off a unique skill or do a magic trick, shows interest and provides you both with some fun and entertainment. As long as you stay within each person's comfort zone, both of you should enjoy rising to the challenge. So keep your challenges fun and frivolous.

Us against the world

Flirting is more effective if you separate the two of you from everyone else. If you retreat into your own little world. The best way of doing this is though games. Guess what type of underwear other people are wearing. Create a couple of silly code-words that only the two of you understand the meaning of. The goal is to have a good time while creating a stronger connection.

Lots of laughter

Laughter is good for the soul and a great flirting tool. People love others who laugh at their jokes and silly stories. It makes the feel important. It makes them feel like an entertainer. Flirts know this and laugh at every opportunity.


Flirt vs Tease

When displaying sexual interest through flirting, a person is hoping to pique the other person's interest and improve their relationship. A tease uses flirting to attract singles they have no interest in, just to boost their own ego. A way to spot a tease is if they don't try to form a stronger connection and are satisfied with just trivial conversation.

Flirting is Fun

Make no mistake about it, flirting is fun. It lets you meet more people, attract more singles and land more dates. It allows you to show off your personality. It showcases your confidence. Flirting has gotten a bad name for no reason other than the jealousy of people with no flirting skills. So get your flirt on and have some fun.

Practise makes perfect

Don't be afraid to study others and then take action. Sit at the edge of a room and watch people flirt. Spot the signals. Watch how they play out. See what type of flirts are most effective. Least effective. Make mental notes of what works and what doesn't. Then try them out for yourself. Because the more you flirt, the better you'll be.

Recommended books (downloadable pdfs):

David Lieberman - Never Be Lied To Again
Keanu Jagger - Nonverbal Sexual Cuing
Kate Fox - Guide To Flirting

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