Wednesday, April 6, 2011

The Friends With Benefits Dilemma

The Friends With Benefits Dilemma Cover
A girl writes in to asking Ask A Dude for some advice on a guy friend whom she wants to have something more with.

She says that the two hang out quite often and he even checks in on her when she's sick. She admits that the two have made out a few times, but she stops it before it goes any further because she doesn't want to be just friends with benefits.

So she wants to know if he's interested.

Now while I do agree that he does like her and perhaps even cares for her, that doesn't mean that he wants to date her.

ASK A DUDE thinks that because he keeps hanging around, even after she stops the make out sessions, that he wants something more, too. But that may not be the case.

Actually, he might be banging all kinds of chicks on the side and has a more "take it or leave it" attitude with this particular girl. If he gets her, great! If not, it's no big thing.

The best way to know where he stands is by asking him, like Ask A Dude told her to do. Problem is, I think he was giving her way too much to bank on.

I don't think he wants more than just sex and friendship. He doesn't want to be her "man."

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