Saturday, April 9, 2011

Study Shows Women Want Kind Men

Study Shows Women Want Kind Men Cover
A Canadian research study, published in the British Journal of Psychology found that WOMEN PREFERRED MEN WHO APPEAR TO BE GENEROUS. No, that doesn't mean that they're big tippers, it means that they are volunteering their time and energy to help those less fortunate.

But for men, it was different. MEN DIDNT WANT ALTRUISTIC WOMEN WHEN IT CAME TO SHORT-TERM RELATIONSHIPS. Of course not, imagine how guilty they would feel using a woman for a booty call when she spends her days helping the poor.

Over 300 volunteers, both men and women, were shown dating profiles, including photos, and were asked to rate them for long-term relationships or short-term dates.

Women showed a strong preference for long-term relationships with altruistic men, and researchers believe that it's because women think that if a man is kind and generous with others, then he will certainly be a good generous father.

According to DR. DAVID LEWIS, the findings aren't surprising at all: "We know that women are often drawn to men who have masculine characteristics but with some femininity, such as soft hair on their forearm or longer than usual eyelashes." Essentially, the altruism serves as a softening of their masculinity.

As for why men don't care about altruism when seeking women for a quick fling?

"This could be because men fear that altruistic women will be too interested in other things and not enough in them," believes Dr Lewis, "men are very egotistical and see themselves as the sun in their own world."

So you read it here first: If you want to get more women to respond to YOUR DATING PROFILE, tell them that you enjoy helping others and volunteer at a shelter on weekends. Oh, but you may have to actually do it, because lying about it probably won't fare well.

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