Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Bad Dates The Gorgeous One And More

Bad Dates The Gorgeous One And More Cover


I once went on a date I was setup on by a friend of mine. The guy was hot, she said, and I would fall in lust the moment I saw him. I figured, why not, I haven't had my lips kissed in a while, so let's do this!

Well, he was gorgeous, all right. And man, did he ever know it. Not only did he spend the first half of dinner talking about himself and rubbing his biceps; he even asked me how good-looking I though he was several times. "No, seriously, what would you rate me on looks, out of 10?" Oh. My. God. Was this guy serious?

Finally, after dinner and just before dessert, I excused myself to go to the bathroom and just left the restaurant. I'm sure he's still very gorgeous, but at least I gave his ego a little bruise.



I dated a chick because a friend of mine thought I needed to get laid, so, because I was pretty lonely, I decided to go ahead and take him up on his offer. Of course, it was up to me to keep this girl's interest - she wasn't a guaranteed bang. If only...

So on the first date, we hit it off. We hit it off so well that I ended up tapping that as*. On the second date, however, I began to realize how superficial she was. I guess once you drop a load, perspective seems clearer.

Anyhow, while we were driving down a main party street, she ducked down in my car. I asked if everything was okay and she quickly blurted out that her friends were out there and she didn't want to be seen in a Honda Civic (my car). So she asked if I could drop her off at the corner and then meet her at the door. "No problem," I said.

So she got out of the car. I went home.


Recommended books (downloadable pdfs):

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Alice Mabel Bacon - Japanese Girls And Women
Wings Of Success - How To Date The Hottest Women Online And Offline

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