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On Date Behavior

On Date Behavior Cover
Playful smile/smirk

Different smiles mean different things. Show your playful side with a flirtatious smirk. Or ramp it up to a seductive smile by narrowing your eyes and showing a little teeth or flashing a mischievous grin. These smiles say you're enjoying the interaction far better than any words can.

Arm around

Treat your date to some pressure-free physical contact. Putting your arm around someone is one of the first signs of affection. It shows comfort, not sexuality. Ladies slip your arm around his lower back. Guys softly place your arm over her shoulders. Early on, give them a quick squeeze and return your arms to your side.

Holding hands

Whether it's for just a second or minutes at a time, there's something sexy about holding hands. Holding hands is a show of public intimacy. It's a show of pride. Of confidence. Early in the dating stages, the length of time held is usually dependant on the comfort level each person has with one another.

Eyes off others

If you're out on a date with someone - keep your attention on them. Eyes off the hot waiter or waitress. It doesn't matter if you can see the top of their thong when they bend over to clear plates off the surrounding tables. Ogling others will make your date feel unattractive and make you look like a world-class jerk.

Turn off the cell phone

Nothing ruins a conversation faster than multiple interruptions from a cell phone. Talking on the phone for more than two minutes on a date is unforgivable. If you're expecting an important call, warn your date ahead of time or better yet, reschedule the date. If you're a doctor, you're allowed to wear a pager because lives depend on it. Otherwise, keep all your electronics turned off and tucked away.

Don't date drunk

Too many singles use alcohol to ease their nervousness. Drinking may make you feel more confident and outgoing, but in reality it makes you look unrefined and easy. Alcohol lowers your inhibitions and standards. You don't want to do either. Use your personality, not your alcohol tolerance, to impress your date.

Get in touch

To have a truly successful date, you have to get them used to your touch. So tease them with it. Place your hand on their shoulder or forearm for a second. Brush the outside of their thigh. Lightly place your hand in the small of their back as you lead them somewhere. Be sure to make some sort of physical connection. Otherwise, the hug or kiss at the end of the date is going to feel awkward.

Offer to pay for half - or all

Society expects men to pay on the first date, so it's important they're willing to do so. If she thinks you're cheap - you're not getting a second date. Woman on the other hand, can impress by offering splitting the tab. Odds are he'll turn you down, but the offer shows him you have your financial life together and aren't treating him like a meal ticket.

Cheapskates don't get second dates

If you're out for lunch or grabbing some take-out, remember to tip appropriately. The level of your tip plays into your personality. People value love generosity and dislike penny-pinchers. If you're confused on how much to tip, remember it's better to over-tip. Think of it as an investment in a positive first impression.


Skip the small talk

Small talk is boring - especially on a first date. So skip past the small talk and ask them about something exciting. Instead of asking them what they think about the weather, ask them what's the most exciting thing they've done lately. Leave the questions about their childhood, living situation and career highlights for the second date. Instead, entertain, excite and intrigue.

Open up your ears

Stop talking or focusing on what they look like naked and listen to what your date is saying. If you want to make a personal connection, you're going to have to learn more about them. Pulling out little details is going to allow you to ask better questions. Impress them with your listening skills. And store tidbits away for later use (favorite flowers/restaurant).

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