Sunday, July 25, 2010

Having A Lovable Boyfriend

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I've been around with a lot of girls, and I have listened to a lot of stories from them about how they have dealt with each of their past boyfriend. Now, I have an article for girls who want to get a boyfriend and be with him for a long term relationship. It is not about just getting a guy who will be with you when you are having fun, but it is also about getting a guy who will be there in your downs. To help you get a boyfriend, you could take some of my general advices.

The first thing that you have to bear in mind is to set your goals to get a boyfriend. Determine the type of guy that you are looking for, such as his lifestyle, his preferences, his beliefs, and his ideals. Once you have set your perfect boyfriend, then things will be just as easy as pie for you.

Have fun conversations with everyone. Regardless of personalities, men like a girl who knows how to deal with people. They will always go for a girl who they think that they will have a good time taking with. You could develop this trait on virtually everywhere, such as in bars, stores and in other places where there are a lot of people. Try to be friendly and approachable, which is very important for you to get a boyfriend. Get used on having random and casual conversations with guys. Most guys will be happy to talk with girls who are happy to talk. Above all else, learn how to smile when talking. This will increase your chance of getting yourself a boyfriend.

You must learn how to assess a guy's personality. This is very important on getting a boyfriend, as this will let you single out the man that you are looking for out of millions. You could primarily judge his personality basing on the clothes the he is wearing, his hairdo, the items that he is bringing, his stance, and the way he talks.

If you are now talking with the guy that you are comfortable with, seize that opportunity of having him as your boyfriend. You have to keep in mind that some guys are just shy. So, to get a boyfriend, you must sometimes make the firs step. You could ask him some open ended questions that are not just answerable by a yes or a no. This will keep the conversation running, until you two arrived at the point where you can both have a casual talk with each other and shake off any signs of awkwardness.

Once you have gotten a firm base on talking to your future boyfriend casually, look for a chance when you could ask him for his mobile number or email address. However, do not get yourself seeming desperate upon asking for such information, as he might get turned off, thinking that you are just trying to get a boyfriend desperately. You could use some strategies on getting those, such as bringing the topic on mobile phones where you could ask him his contact number smoothly, as it is relevant to the topic. Once you have gotten more and more means of communication with each other, get to know about your future boyfriend some more. If you think that it is the right time, confess him your feelings. If he tells you that he likes you too, well done. You have managed to get a boyfriend by yourself!

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