Tuesday, July 13, 2010

How To Relax During A Phone Conversation

How To Relax During A Phone Conversation Cover
Don’t you feel anxious towards a girl even just talking with her on the phone? If not entirely, there could be times when you get into an awkward topic, or that you may feel tensed or pressured in a certain moment. Some girls tend to be really dominant especially in a conversation, and this is just on the phone. That’s why some guys would get intimidated by them.

So this time I’m going to give you one of the most simple dating tips that will instantly pump up your phone game…

This technique is called: ‘Sit Like A Pimp’

Yeah, you read right, but bear with me for a minute.

Just before you call a lady you may be interested in (or perhaps she’s calling you), it is extremely helpful to sit down, and get into a comfortable ‘Pimp-like’ physical position. If you are not sure what that looks like go watch ‘Hustle n’ Flow’ or turn on BET.

The key to finding your own personal inner Pimp is one thing:

Comfort. Physical comfort is your gauge. If you like to sit in the couch with your legs crossed, then go ahead. I personally like to lean back, stretch my legs out, and take up as much space as I want.

Try to follow this dating advice now if you have a couch, a comfortable chair, or just anything where you can suit yourself. Maybe grab a rocks glass and try it with a drink in your hand if it helps. Practice it until you’ve got it.

Phase 2: Now call a girl you’ve been interested in, but make sure you are ‘Sittin’ like a Pimp.’ Stay in position throughout the phone call and notice if and when you begin to reflexively change into a less comfortable position.

What you will probably find in this dating advice is that this new ‘Pimp-like’ physical position is going to accomplish two things:

A) It will automatically put you into a more dominant and relaxed frame. This will give you a clearer mind that will make you think of some appropriate conversational skills to use towards her.
B) It will help to relieve any excess anxiety you may be experiencing over calling her.

Remember: If you are really physically relaxed, it is a lot harder to experience emotional distress.

WARNING: Do not take this too far! The exercise is ‘Sit like a Pimp’ NOT ‘Smack her in the face if she don’t got my loot!’

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