Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Sample Of Pick Up In Dance

Sample Of Pick Up In Dance Cover
She is an exotic dancer - no, not the stripper type. She is the belly dancing type. You are sitting on cushions at the bellydance club. She approaches you. Her finger cymbals jangle seductively as she puts her arm around you. She smells really good. Her name is Sapphire. Belly dancers all name themselves after precious stones you know.

Sapphire: "Hi, want a belly dance?"
You: "Maybe later after I get to know you better."

If a woman wants something from you that you are reluctant to give such as a cigarette, money or whatever, don't say no straight off, just put them off.

Sapphire: "Where are you from?"

She wants to talk you into a dance. She is trying to force conversation by asking questions. That's okay. But just realize she doesn't really care about where you live.

You: "I'm from a little town in Utah. You have probably never heard of it. I would be surprised if you had."
Sapphire: "What is it?"
You: "My three sisters are still there and they belly dance."

You take the time to relate your answer before you give it Relating always trumps being interesting. I guess that's because deep down women (and most people) only care about themselves.

Sapphire: "Really?"
You: "Really, really."

You pause and take a puff off the hookah.

You: "Amateur of course. I mean our town cannot support more than a few belly dancers. But anyways, you have some competition to live up to."
Sapphire: "You are putting me on."
You: "Yes, of course."

...Not really. But always agree. She calls another girl over.

Sapphire: "This guy's funny."
Diamond: "Tell us a joke."
You: "I'd love to tell you a joke. But tell me one of yours first."

You just turn the entertainment request around.

Sapphire: "I got one. What kind of socks does a pirate wear?"
You: "What kind?"
Sapphire: "Arrrrrrgyle."
Diamond: "Oh god." She goes off to find a customer.
Sapphire: "Where does a pirate go on vacation?"
You: "I don't know."
Sapphire: "Arrrrrrgentina. What would a pirate be if he wasn't a pirate?"
You: "What?"
Sapphire: "An arrrrrrrchaeologist."

This is the sweet spot of picking up women. When they entertain you is when you are in. When she is involved like this both of you have more fun and you can use her efforts as a reason to step up your interest. It's balanced that way.

You: (smiling) "I like you Sapphire. You have a corny sense of humor just like me."
Sapphire: "I guess we are two of a kind."
You: "Yep. Can I confess something to you?"
Sapphire: "Sure."
You: "I'm lost. I actually came in here to ask directions. But meeting you seems like the best thing that has happened today. It would be fun to have a cup of coffee someplace after this."
Sapphire: "Sure. Actually it's slow. I can leave right now."

by Wayne Elise (Juggler)

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