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10 Ways To Have A Romantic Night

10 Ways To Have A Romantic Night Cover
Romance is the essence of life. It is the corner-stone of a relationship. And though it is believed to be a women’s privilege, the truth is that men are romantic creatures too. Although the two sexes have a different understanding of romance, they both come with millions of ideas when they have to choose a romantic way to a spend night with their spouse. When it comes to a “way to have a romantic night”, what would a man choose to do with his girlfriend, being it his call, and what would a woman choose?

Well, you’ve got to eat. A way to have a romantic night is to take your life partner to dinner.

His call: The cozy Italian restaurant of your neighborhood where you both will feel comfortable to joke and talk about your life.
Her call: Expensive piano restaurants where waiters will make you feel like king and queen.
If you decide to stay indoors: It’s a good alternative with no money spent. There is a great possibility to have more fun that going out.

Her call: Cook dinner together so you will feel creative and connected. And if the flour ends up on your faces and not in your dessert, then you’ll have so much fun.
His call: Take a bath together. It’s a good opportunity for oil massage and under-water plays!

Let’s have an outdoor experience! A nice way to have the dinner-sex concept, but outdoors.

His call: Go to the forest for a picnic and experience love under the trees.
Her call: Go to the beach for some kissing and loving in front of the fire.

If you feel like dancing: Dance is a nice way to express your feelings and show your perfect mates how much you want them.

His call: Go for some sensual soul and R&B dancing – direct contact of bodies! Or, some classic 60’s to get a taste of that romantic era.
Her call: Go for the most passionate dance of all, tango.

Let’s go to the movies. Cinema is the number 1 option for couples to pass their Saturday night. Classic, but nevertheless romantic.

His call: Watch a horror movie. It may seem strange, but it’s a nice opportunity to make his girlfriend fall into his arms during the most terrifying scenes.
Her call: Watch a romantic movie. All this love in the air, all the tears before the happy ending will reinforce the romance in your relationship for sure.

Surprise your spouse by suggesting one of his calls to have a romantic night together. And don’t start grumbling about her choices when she decides to take you some place nice. She is just trying to be romantic.

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