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Interview With Sinn

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DONOVAN: Hey Sinn, We're hearing a lot of buzz about your Game Acceleration Doctrine, can you tell us a little bit about it?

SINN: Sure. The Game Acceleration Doctrine was something that was born out of frustration. This last year I've done a lot of big conferences and lair talks. Subsequently I've met a lot of guys who have been in the community for a long time. The problem was, most of them haven't made any improvement. We're talking guys who have been in the community for 6 months to 2 years and still aren't having any success with women whatsoever. That's when it hit me that there's never been a document out there that teaches guys how to learn game the right way. So I sat down to write it. Then I decided that I wanted to give it away for free, to get it out there to as many guys as I possibly could. And Game Acceleration was born.

DONOVAN: What are some problems people run into with learning pickup?

SINN: There are a couple of things. The biggest one is becoming a normal socially adjusted guy with a decent fashion sense and an absence of anxiety. What I do in The Game Acceleration Doctrine is break down why various systems work for some guys and don't for others. The conclusion was that if you can become a normal socially adjusted guy, you can make any method work. That sounds fairly simple, but you'd be amazed at how many guys can spit routines and theory out, but not have a normal conversation or dress in a socially appropriate way. The Game Acceleration Doctrine is basically a primer on how to become normal. In it I break down everything from basic fashion rules, to dealing with social and sexual anxiety. I think the most important thing I provide in the doctrine is a system for identifying and working on your sticking points step by step. This is invaluable as most guys either don't understand how to figure out what their sticking points are or how to work on them consistently. A major problem I saw over and over with these guys across the country was that they were practicing the wrong way. They weren't specifically looking for situations to work on their weak areas, instead they were going out and doing the EXACT same things every time and wondering why they weren't getting any different results. That's the thing about learning game, it' not enough to work hard, you've got to work smart as well.

DONOVAN: What do you mean by working smart?

SINN: I mean that guys need to have a specific game plan for improving their skills with women. In fact I'd even go so far as to say they need three different game plans. One for developing a skill set, one for developing an attractive lifestyle and one for working on your inner psychology. The most important skill in getting better at any of this stuff, is the ability to look at yourself HONESTLY and decide what parts of you need to change in order to get what you want from your dating life. Once you've figured out what you want, you need to backwards engineer how you're going to get it. A lot of guys get into the community looking for a magic pill, or something to "fix them". However the ugly truth is that there is a lot of hard work that goes into getting good at this. That's the bad news. The good news, is that there is no rush to become amazing at this. Instead you want to take your time and build a rock solid foundation of fundamental social skills. This goes for everything from fashion and grooming, to body language, eye contact, and basic conversational skills. I can't tell you how many guys I've met over the last year who couldn't have a 30 second conversation with a woman, but wanted to know about how to get Same Night Lays, or threesomes. You have to build a solid foundation first, or none of the fancy tactics and techniques are ever going to work for you. The problem happens when guys overestimate where they are based on having a lot of knowledge, but not a lot of results. At the end of the day results are the only thing that matter when it comes to evaluating your progress.

DONOVAN: What can guys do right now to get back on the right track?

SINN: The first thing guys can do is figure out what their pattern is. What I mean by that is they need to establish what is usually happening when they are talking to women. Do they see a girl they want to talk to and come up with excuses? Do they approach but leave too quickly? Do they fail to show interest? Do they fail to touch the woman and physically escalate the interaction? This is where asking yourself a few simple questions can shed a lot of light on the situation. The first thing I always have my coaching clients do is describe a "typical" night out. Meaning how many approaches do they do, what are they opening with, what do they do after the opener, where does the interaction usually end, etc... By establishing what's happening now, we get a better sense of what variables we need to play around with to change the results. Then from there you'll start to see sticking point clusters. These will be a variety of related sticking points. The interesting thing about sticking points is that they usually represent both an inner and outer game problem. They are generally symptoms of larger problems in your life. For example a guy who cannot stand up to a woman's congruence tests, probably has similar problems standing up to his boss at work. So once you establish where the SP clusters are you have to come up with a couple different possible solutions then test them. Game is much closer to a science than an art, so it's important to keep an experimental frame. I go into much greater detail on all of this in The Game Acceleration Doctrine.

DONOVAN: Where can guys get The Game Acceleration Doctrine?

SINN: If you go to my website at you can sign up for The Game Acceleration Doctrine. In addition to that I polled over 100 students I've had in the last year on what their major sticking points were. There ended up being about 5 of them and if you sign up for The Game Acceleration Doctrine you'll get access to audio and video lessons on things from learning how to not run out of things to say, to escalating the interaction. In fact if you're reading this before Oct 15th you can even sign up for a free tele-seminar where I'll be breaking down all of The Game Acceleration Doctrine material in real time for free. There's absolutely nothing we're selling on this call and you can register by going to I'm really disgusted by the quality of teaching in the community right now, so over the next year I'm making it my personal mission to try to establish a new standard of instruction. Game Acceleration is just the first step.

DONOVAN: Thanks for this and getting all this great information out to the community!

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