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3 Annoying Girlfriend Traits

3 Annoying Girlfriend Traits Cover

Annoying girlfriend traits

I've been in enough relationships over the years to figure out which habits women have that will eventually begin to annoy the hell out of me, hence the term annoying girlfriend traits.

Considering we often spend the first few months of dating masking our real opinions about each other and the things we don't love so much, the bothersome little annoying girlfriend traits sometimes morph into huge, pink elephants that make me want to walk away from the whole relationship.

So in order to help you figure out what these "annoying girlfriend traits" are, I've compiled a list of things that most women do in relationships that drive most men crazy.

Hopefully, rather than get angry with me and send me tons of hate mail, you will take the time to reflect upon and try to understand the male point of view and let go of these annoying girlfriend traits once and for all.



Why is it that most women I've dated had a problem with punctuality? Whether it was going out to a movie or preparing for a formal dinner, there I was, sitting in her living for about 45 minutes longer than I should have.

Of course, when she finally enters the room looking gorgeous, all that time spent flipping through channels is long forgotten, but after awhile, waiting around for a woman, no matter how hot, gets old.

Of course, I tried to compromise by lying about the time that we had to be somewhere, but they all still managed to disappoint me. I place a tremendous amount of value on my time, and when I spend a lot of our relationship waiting around for you, it will come to a point where I won't even bother showing up.



It only dawned on me after my fifth relationship that when a woman asks a man to do something, she means ASAP, not tomorrow, not next week, right freakin' now.

That's not the way most guys work. First off, no one likes to be told what to do. Second, if we agree to do it, leave us alone. Give me some time to do it. I remember one girlfriend asked me to do something, and I said ok. After about 20 minutes (it wasn't a time-sensitive task), she burst into the room again yelling about how lazy and unreliable I was. Huh?!?!?

You are not our mothers, nor do we want you to be. The moment you begin to nag us or complain about us, you take on the parent role and we take on the child role. No sexual relationship should work that way.



It's one thing to let me know that you get a little miffed about my checking out other girls, it's a whole other ball game when you react irrationally or attack me for something I haven't done.

A little jealousy is cute when you catch me checking out another woman and ask what I thought of her behind, but when you start interrogating me about whether or not I'd sleep with her, that's when we get into "Crazy Woman" territory, and I'm not interested in that vicinity.

You're beautiful and that's why I'm with you, but if I spot a beautiful woman and look at her, it doesn't mean I'm going to approach her or sleep with her, so get a grip. A casual glance is just that.

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